Hindu Squats and How Does it Benefit You

If you are done with the regular or sumo squats, then you must try out these new Hindu squats; a little change in your workout routine will do you much good, and if you are looking forward to strengthening your body, then Hindu squats are exactly what you should do. These Hindu squats are done by the wrestlers and gymnasts in India, and they strengthen them up for any fight and moves.

What are Hindu squats

Hindu squat is a lot different and difficult than any regular squat. These squats involve you pushing yourself in a sitting position and then pushing yourself off the ground with your heels. This position will help you strengthen, balance, and coordinate your body muscles. These squats are different and may seem difficult to some people as they involve you to maintain a balance and coordination between different parts of your body.

The history behind Hindu squats

Hindu squats are being used among Indian gymnastics for fight training for centuries. They are along with the specific types of pushups are used in the training of wrestlers in India. The other training methods that are used to strengthen your body, like digging a pit and grappling along with push-ups, are used to train the wrestlers in India and have been for centuries. The Hindu squats are also used in yoga, so that tells us how far before it is from.

Hindu Squats benefits

In a Hindu squat, there will be three things that your body will learn to do, and some of the Hindu Squats benefits are as follows.

  • You will see that in a Hindu squat, your body will be trained to maintain balance. You remain in that position n for long, so balance is the first thing your body learns to do.
  • One other thing is stability. Your center of gravity moves towards your heels since it is your heels you are balancing your body in.
  • Coordination is learned when you are doing a few things at the same time. With Hindu squats
  • Your different body parts will be in motion, so they will learn to do things in coordination.
  • This will also help with weight loss.

So, these are some of the Hindu Squats Benefits you will experience.

Muscles that are strengthened

Since like every squat, the Hindu squats will strengthen your body too. following are some of the muscles that this squat will help strengthening

  • Core
  • Glutes
  • Quadriceps
  • Ankles
  • Hip flexors
  • Calves
  • Hamstring

These Hindu squats will not only help strengthen these muscles but will also be improving the hypertrophy of the muscle. Along with that, your flexibility, posture, and endurance will increase too. You will see an improvement in your heart rate and your ability to do every day exercises.

How to do a Hindu squat

Hindu squat is quite like the normal squat but with a little difference. Following is what you need to do to do a Hindu squat

  • First of all, stand with your feet directly under your shoulders
  • Extend your arms straight under your chest
  • While inhaling, lower your hips towards the ground by bending your knees
  • After that, raise your feet on your toes and move your arms backward.
  • Try to straighten your spine and reach your hands to your heels. If they can’t touch them, then strain your hands a bit in that direction.
  • Wait for a second in this position.
  • While exhaling, push your body standing position.
  • In standing motion, you can place your heels to the ground as well.
  • While doing the squats, start with a few first, then as time passes, you will be able to do more.

How to easily do Hindu squats

To do Hindu squats, there are a few tips that you need to follow that will make your squats easier

  • Try to keep your body relaxed and strain only when it is required.
  • To increase the difficulty in these squats, you need to wear resistance bands or a vest and carry the weights.
  • If you have pain in the shoulder, you can eliminate the arm movement
  • Maintain a good posture by keeping your spine straight while doing this exercise.
  • Avoid looking down; it can interfere with your balance. Make sure to breathe smoothly and evenly throughout your workout.

This is all you needed to know about Hindu squats and how you can add them to your workout routine every day. Moreover there are other different leg press alternative exercises.

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