Magic Mouthwash

Uses of Magic Mouthwash

Magic mouthwash is very necessary for oral hygiene. Oral hygiene is very important because the mouth is the only route through which most of the bacteria can enter your body and not only that, it can also affect your dental health. Oral hygiene doesn’t only mean cleaning your teeth bit it men’s the cleanliness of whole oral cavity.

You may need to know that the oral cavity is such a place where a lot of harmful bacteria can harbour and when you are having your meal these bacteria other harmful microorganisms can enter your body through the food and it is the really concerning the situation. Even when you clean your teeth properly you never know where else more microorganisms are present and this can be the cause of a number of diseases.

Having a mouthwash is important for the very same reason so you can clean your whole oral cavity and so that it can kill any of the bacteria present inside your mouth. Teeth problem usually arise because of the very same reason when you clean your teeth well but does pay much attention to the rest of the oral cavity and thus the way the bacteria can find its way back to your teeth thus causing damage to them.

Magic mouthwash some of the famous mouthwash that you can use n daily basis.

Magic Mouthwash

It is one of the important mouthwash that is very important and good for daily use. Daily dental ad oral hygiene is important and that is why the Magic mouthwash is also important for daily use. Magic Mouthwash also goes by other names like the miracle Mouthwash, Mary’s Magic Mouthwash, and Duke’s Magic Mouthwash.

Basically, the Magic mouthwash is a mix of ingredients and similarly, all the other such mouthwashes that are available in the market by any of these or similar names serve the same purpose and the only difference between them apart from the name is some of the ingredients may vary from one another.

There are mouthwashes that are for one specific condition only but there are also some of the mouthwashes that can serve multiple purposes and no matter what the simple oral health condition you are going through using these mouthwashes can resolve all such problems.

Not only that it seems perfect for daily use because even if a small oral health issue starts to arise it will be soon faded away by the use of mouthwash.

Use of Magic Mouthwash

Magic mouthwash as we know consists of a number of ingredients which means that it can treat a lot of the mouth conditions and some of them are mentioned below

  • Muscotitis means mouth infection and it usually occurs in older people and children.  It is also observed a lot in the patients of chemotherapy as well as the radiations because during these procedures mucous lining shed a lot of cells and due to that possible infections may be caused.
  • Thrush is basically a yeast infection and its indication is that white patches that are formed in different surfaces of the mouth and this can be controlled by the Magic mouthwash
  • Stomatitis is basically the infection in the stomach but due to that sores or blisters are caused on the lips and inside the mouth too and they may also be caused by the herpes virus. And to avoid that you must use the Magic Mouthwash
  • Not only that the hand, foot and mouth diseases of any virus can cause sores in your mouth or your lips and that needs to be remedied by the help of the oral hygiene mouthwash that is known as Magic Mouthwash.

So, these are all the possible conditions in which the Magic mouthwash can help. Having one of these at your home is very important just like all the other components of the first aid kit and some necessary painkillers the Magic mouthwash should be a part of your bathroom cabinet.

Components of Magic Mouthwash

Magic Mouthwash is a mix of a lot of the components and this is no news to us as already been mentioned in the article before so you need to know about these components in detail to understand the function of Magic Mouthwash and following are some of the general components that may be the part of the mouthwashes like this one and are definitely the part of Magic Mouthwash:

  • The antibacterial drug is present to fight against the common bacteria that can find the oral environment suitable for the growth.
  • Antiviral drug to kill or fight against the virus causing sores and blisters.
  • A local anaesthetic drug that can numb the mouth and thus helps with soothing any pain you are getting from the mouth sores.
  • Anti-inflammatory drug can help reduce the swelling within the mouth that may result due to some infection.
  • The steroid may be present for the same reasons which are to reduce the inflammation.
  • An antacid is also present in it because it helps the mouthwash to coat your mouth properly so the infected area can have direct contact with the mouthwash.

So, these are some of the components that are present in the Magic Mouthwash and must also be present in other mouthwashes of similar nature.

So, by the components, we can comprehend that Magic Mouthwash solves almost all of your mouth problems very easily.

Directions about Magic Mouthwash

Following are some of the directions that you need to consider before using the Magic Mouthwash

  • By using the measuring cap take the recommended amount of mouthwash and swirl the liquid around in your mouth for like a minute or two and then spit it out.
  • Try not swallowing it and for the same reason, the Magic Mouthwash for children is available that is less harmful if ingested accidentally.
  • The frequency of use of Magic Mouthwash depends on the type of infection you have but having it at least twice a day in normal routine is good.
  • Don’t take food of any kind 30 minutes after using Magic Mouthwash.

Side Effects of Magic Mouthwash

There are also some of the side effects of Magic Mouthwash like there are side effects of every other medicine and following are some of the side effects that you might observe with the continuous use of the magic mouthwash

  • Dryness
  • Burning
  • Stinging
  • Tingling
  • Loss or change in the taste (but this is short term due to the presence of a local anaesthetic as it numbs your mouth for a while)
  • Soreness or irritation

All these side effects are short term and you may experience them only for a few minutes after the use of the Magic Mouthwash. So if you are not uncomfortable with experiencing any of the above for a few minutes then you can go for the other options. And this may be very uncomfortable for your children so if they are complaining about it then you can switch to the Magic Mouthwash for children. Even if you don’t want to go for this one there are some other alternatives with the same results for you. This was all you should know about Magic Mouthwash before you buy it.

Clobetasol Propionate Cream

Clobetasol Propionate Cream and its use in Skin Problems

Clobetasol Propionate cream is used in the treatment of several skin disorders. A perfect skin is what every one of us wants but due you some unfortunate reasons the skin also get certain disorders an diseases that make our skin all itchy and irritating and it can also be painful sometimes and not only that some of the diseases also leave their marks behind after or during the time of the disease if you don’t treat it on time or don’t pay attention to it.

The health condition of any kind needs proper medical attention towards it but the skin condition is like the most important that needs the instant medical aid because skin problems are something that you can notice right away. Topical creams and ointments are usually the types of medications given to the patients that are suffering from skin problems because of medication at the side of the disease effects well and better.

So, when it comes to the skin issues it is very often that doctor recommend a systemic medicine otherwise they stick to the topical ones. Using topical medications is better because they are less harmful and only harm they can cause is that the patient might be allergic to a certain drug in the formulation.

While talking about the topical medications Clobetasol propionate cream is one of the medications that come in the use a lot and you must identify it right away if you have had any of the skin diseases.

Clobetasol propionate

Clobetasol Propionate is a drug that is a corticosteroid and among that, it belongs to the class of glucocorticoid. A glucocorticoid is a class of the corticosteroid hormones that binds directly to the glucocorticoid receptors. Most of the agents from this class are used as topical medicines for the treatment of various skin conditions.

Clobetasol Propionate is a drug that is available in various topical medication forms like in the form of a lotion, shampoos, ointments, creams, solutions, and even gels. This medicine is available under different brand names Topifort, Clobeta plus, topical and Temovate.

These are only a few of the brand names but there are a lot more of the brand names that you can find this medicine under the name of all the brand names mentioned above it is pretty clear just by the name that the drug is used topically.

Mechanism of action of Clobetasol Propionate cream

The mechanism of action of Clobetasol Propionate cream is very simple. As we know that Clobetasol acts on the glucocorticoid receptor and as a result the glucocorticoid-mediated gene expression gets active. This gene expression then plays a role in the formation or production of anti-inflammatory proteins.

By the name, it is pretty obvious what these proteins do but to understand in detail these proteins actually stops the production of inflammatory mediator and this, as a result, inhibit the inflammation.

Use of Clobetasol propionate cream

Clobetasol propionate is used in a number of skin conditions and disorders and following are some of them with the explanation that what these conditions or diseases are

  • Psoriasis: It is an autoimmune disease in which the patches are formed on the skin that is dry, itchy and even scaly and this disease can be treated with the use of Clobetasol Propionate cream
  • Dermatitis: Dermatitis is basically the infection of the skin and in this condition, the skin gets inflamed and along with swelling there is itchiness, rashes etc. on the skin. The infection can be of any type.
  • Rash: Rash is the redness and swelling in the area and the skin area in a rash is very tender and this cause extensive burning too. The rash can occur due to a number of reasons and can be treated easily with the Clobetasol Propionate cream.
  • Allergies: Clobetasol propionate can also help with the inflammation that may occur due to allergies. Different type of allergies present with a different type of symptoms but this medication can resolve almost all of them.

SO these are some of the conditions of the skin that can be easily resolved by the Clobetasol Propionate cream.

Warnings related to the use of Clobetasol propionate cream

With medications there are always some warnings and when it comes to the skin there are medications that can worsen the skin condition so to select a medication for your skin condition is a tricky situation and you must leave that for your doctor. But the following are some of the warnings related to the use of the Clobetasol propionate cream

  • Since this drug is really potent so you cannot use this medication on an open wound or with an occlusive dressing.
  • You can only apply this drug to the affected area and make sure that while applying it doesn’t cover the large area of your skin that isn’t affected.
  • Using this drug for the time that your doctor recommended is what you shall do and not use it for a longer duration
  • Patients with some liver problem or already taking some other steroids must inform their doctors so if it seems appropriate doctor will recommend the medication only then.
  • Also if you feel like with the use of this medication the skin condition is getting worse then you must remove the medication immediately and must seek medical help if it doesn’t stop even after wiping it off.

This warning implies on all the users of this medication and if used with care this medication will be no harm for you.

Side Effects of Clobetasol Propionate Cream

Even though with topical medication the side effects are very less but still following are some of the side effects that may appear with the use of Clobetasol Propionate Cream

  • Burning
  • Irritation
  • Itching
  • Adrenal Insufficiency (Low BP, fainting, dizziness, lethargy)
  • Cushing’s syndrome (increased blood glucose levels, frequent urination, intensified hunger)

Adrenal Insufficiency and the Cushing’s syndrome are the serious side effects of this drug that needs the medical help right away. But if any of the above mentioned side effects appear you must stop the use of Clobetasol Propionate Cream and must contact your doctor or a pharmacist.

Schilling Test

Everything that you needs to know about Schilling Test

You might have heard about the Schilling Test at some point in your life, but as obvious you have no idea about this test. Well, Schilling Test is basically a medical test which is carried out just to find out that how Vitamin B-12 is getting involved with your body.

If you think that this test is just an ordinary one, and it does not require to be carried out then you are all wrong because Vitamin B-12 is really necessary for your body. Because this vitamin is really necessary to form Red blood cells in the human body. As you know that red blood cells are really necessary for your body to carry oxygen around your body, and they have to keep producing continuously, and that is all possible due to Vitamin B-12.

But a time comes when your body stops producing healthy red blood cells which could result in death as well, and that occurs when your body has a deficiency of Vitamin B-12, and that condition is named as Anemia.

Why Schilling Test is required?

So here Schilling Test is being required to find out that if that vitamin is working properly in your body or not. Besides due to this Schilling Test you can also analyze that if there is a deficiency of Vitamin B-12. So for this purpose, there is a stage of the Schilling Test in which samples of urine are being analyzed.

Further there is another protein which helps for your body to absorb Vitamin B-12 from the food or medicine you take, and actually, it is that protein Intrinsic Factor that absorbs Vitamin from food to your body. This protein is produced inside your stomach, and due to the Schilling Test, you can find out if that protein is still being formed or not. And the disease which is discussed above is the result of a deficiency of this protein at the back end.

Further, it is really necessary for you to find out that what you should do before this test is being carried out.

How Schilling Test is carried out?

Usually, people get Vitamins directly with some kind of injections, to fulfil the deficiency. So even if you are having any Vitamin deficiency but still you cannot take any kind of those injections of Intramuscular 3 days prior to before Schilling Test is being carried.

Further, you can have any kind of fluid, but you have to avoid any solid food for more than 10 hours before Schilling Test is being carried out. Once you are done with the test then you are free to have any kind of medicine or food. Next comes the real method by which Schilling Test is being carried out. This whole Schilling Test is being divided into 4 different stages, and the result of each stage depends if it is necessary to carry out the next stage.

This Schilling Test is not something that is going to get over in a single day, it might take a few days. So you really need to have patience.

Stages of the Schilling Test

During the first stage Radiolabeled dye is being injected in your body mixed with Vitamin B-12 supplements. Radiolabeled dye basically includes a minute amount of radioactive material in it which is harmless for your body. And due to this Radiolabel doctors can easily keep the track if the amount of vitamin B-12 is being dissolved in your body in a proper way or not.

After 1 or 2 hours another supplement of Vitamin is being injected inside your body, and this time this does is going to help doctors to analyze the capacity of your body to absorb an amount of Vitamin B-12. After that, you can go back to your home, and you have to get back to the doctor’s clinic after 24 hours with your urine sample.

And on the basis of this sample doctor is going to declare if your body has a usual or irregular Vitamin absorption rate.

2nd Stage of Schilling Test

If the result is not satisfactory then the doctor will move to the next stage of the Schilling Test. In this stage, this time radiolabeled dye is injected with the combination of that protein intrinsic factor. And on the behalf of test results of stage 2, the doctor is going to declare if you need to move on to further stage or if you have anaemia.

In order to find the test results, you have to deliver a urine sample once again after 24 hours. After that stage 3 of the Schilling, Test is being carried out. During this stage, it is being diagnosed if there are any harmful bacteria inside your digestive system due to which there is a deficiency of Vitamin inside your body, and here the same method is being used once again. But just to keep you safe from an excess of radioactive material there will be a break of at least more than 14 days.

And during his time, you have to take antibiotics as well.

Final Stage of Schilling Test

Then comes forth and the last stage of Schilling Test. During this stage, it will be the final reason to find out the cause of deficiency of Vitamin B-12 inside your body. And the final reason would be the problem in your pancreases, and for this stage, another break of more than 72 hours is being taken, and during this time to have to take Enzymes for your pancreas, and after that course is being completed then you have to further take another dose of Radiolabeled dye.

And the same procedure goes for sampling as well. Now you need to understand how doctors are going to identify that if the Schilling Test is normal or abnormal. Well in your urine sample if there are traces of Radiolabel for at least 40% then it will be considered as normal otherwise it will be abnormal. And the result of abnormal condition could anaemia which is already discussed above, liver damage, hypothyroidism, biliary or celiac diseases, bacterial infection, or due to your pancreas. Now you have to make sure that you go through every instruction given by a doctor, and act on it accordingly.

Sweet Oil

Benefits of Sweet Oil for the Human Body

There are more than thousands of different types of oils in the world, and Sweet Oil is also one of them. You must remember that each and every single type of oil in this world has its own benefits and uses. Some of them are being used as a lubricant for the machines, while there are others which are best for your body and hairs, and provide necessary moisture to your hairs and body.

But there is one kind which is not just applied on the body, but it is also mixed with food and eaten as well in its raw form. Usually, this oil is known as Olive oil, but it is also named as Sweet Oil, and this oil is obtained from a very small fruit which is known as Olives.

Benefits of Sweet Oil

Sweet Oil is really beneficial for your body in several different ways, like when you add it to your food then it will surely keep your heart fit. Besides it also contains several different types of anti-oxidants as well. As Anti-oxidants are really necessary for your body to keep you safe from several different kinds of dangerous diseases like Cancer.

Even though Sweet Oil is basically a term used for Olive Oil, but sometimes this Sweet Oil is also named to the mixture of Almond Oil, and several other different types of body oil mixed together with Olive oil. And then this Sweet Oil is being applied over body and hairs to provide moisture and keeps your body healthy and soft. While for hairs Sweet Oil is really amazing, as it helps your hairs to stay healthy and keep your scalp moisturized as well.

So, there will be no chance for dandruff in your head. And when it comes to dry parts of your body, most neglected part of the body that usually remains dry is inner side of ears.

Sweet Oil for Earwax

And if ears are not cleaned from time to time then several layers of wax will cover your eardrum, and a time will come when you cannot listen anymore. To remove wax normally is quite difficult, but with Sweet Oil, it becomes really easy, and the best thing about Sweet Oil is that it is not even harmful to your eardrums.

Usually, earwax is being considered as beneficial for your ears, because when earwax will cover all the inner of your ears then there will be no way that water could enter in your ears. Besides it also helps to protect your ears from bacterial infection.

Though at certain age earwax is not a problem for you, because an excessive amount of earwax would automatically come out on its own. But once you have crossed that age then of course earwax starts to get stacked inside your ears.

How to remove Earwax by using Sweet Oil?

Although there is nothing serious, still it may affect your ears in several different ways like you can feel pain in your ears, you will start to hear the constant tone or buzzing, your hearing will get weak, and your ears will always get itchy. And that means it is the time for you to get that earwax removed from your ears.

So, for this purpose, you can either do it yourself or get it done by a doctor. If you have decided to do it yourself then, first of all, you have to use Sweet Oil, and let earwax to get soft. Then take a cotton bud, and try to remove earwax.

If you have decided to get it done by a doctor then same Sweet Oil is being used at first, then either doctor is going to use a suction device to remove earwax, or he will use kind of spray, and spray water inside your ear so that with the pressure of water all the wax comes out. According to several types of research it has been stated that Sweet Oil is just the best oil to remove wax from your ear.

Sweet Oil as Best Remedy

Usually, doctors use several different kinds of solutions as well to remove wax, but not even a single one of them is as effective as Sweet Oil. Now there is something that even most of you do not know about Sweet Oil, and that is Sweet Oil is being used in eardrops, or they use a portion of Sweet Oil as well.

Then comes an earache, which is for sure really painful, because it will affect your whole face, head, shoulder, and arm. Now if you have an earache then there are multiple reasons for that depending on the kind of situation you are currently in. First of all, there are bacterial infections which affect eardrum, or if your eardrum has been damaged or ruptured due to cotton bud or any other such pointed object.

Or if you have a sore throat and you are constantly coughing due to that. And another noticeable reason is when you are listening to loud music which is unbearable for your ears.

Finally, it is obvious if your inner ear is stacked with ear wax.

Sweet Oil for Earache

Now the best way to get relieved from an earache is by using Sweet Oil. First of all what you need to do is to warm up Sweet Oil in an oven or stove (choice is yours). Then lay on that side where the infected ear comes upside. After that pour that warm oil in an ear dropper. And pour enough drops so that Sweet Oil reaches till the end of the canal.

Now cover your ear with cotton, and keep it covered for a few minutes. After that remove that cotton, and clear your ear with a cotton bud. No doubt you will get relieved from an earache. But if the problem still persists then the only option left is to consult a doctor. Although Sweet Oil is beneficial for several ear problems, that does not mean it can cure every single ear problem. No doubt Sweet Oil is the best remedy for minor ear issues, but for major ones, you must avoid using Sweet Oil, or anything else on your own. Instead just consult some doctor, so that he can examine your ear, and could diagnose the real problem.

Marie Antoinette Syndrome

What exactly is Marie Antoinette Syndrome?

If your hairs start to turn white in a very young age then you probably have Marie Antoinette Syndrome. Now you might be wondering that usually, hairs start to get white or grey as you grow old, and it is all natural. Usually, grey hairs appear when your body starts to lose a pigment which is named as Melanin, and this colourant is basically the one which keeps your hairs to be black, brown, or any other colour.

But as age starts to grow then your body starts to lose this colourant, and as a result, your hairs start to turn grey and then white. But Marie Antoinette Syndrome is something else besides getting white hairs naturally. Basically, the term Marie Antoinette Syndrome was introduced when Queen of France Marie Antoinette had grey hairs all of a sudden.

Myths about Marie Antoinette Syndrome

Even though there are several myths that Queen had grey hairs due to her old age, but that is not the truth at all, because Queen herself just survived just till the age of 38. And her hairs turned White in the same year when she was to be executed.

And it was considered that she also had Marie Antoinette Syndrome because this is the condition in which hairs turn to get grey all of a sudden. But that does not mean that this change will be done overnight, but it will take a few months or maybe a whole year.

There have been many types of research regarding Marie Antoinette Syndrome, and even though there are several tales that hairs of many people turned white all of a sudden, but it is completely opposite to the recent researches for Marie Antoinette Syndrome.

Marie Antoinette Syndrome – A Science Fiction

As far as tales from history are being concerned then there is not just a single example Marie Antoinette Syndrome with such fast results, and most importantly most of the examples are the famous people around the world. And just like Queen of France, there is another famous person Thomas More who got grey hairs in the same way as Marie Antoinette got.

 Then during World War 2, there was another tale came forward regarding Marie Antoinette Syndrome, that the survivors of this war are also experiencing white hairs. And besides there are many other fictional stories and several other kinds of literature also represent a sudden change of hair colours similar to Marie Antoinette Syndrome.

But still there is no scientific evidence of any such event, and it was declared false to turn hairs into grey colour in a single night. Besides, there might be a possibility that those stories are connected to the temporary dye or mask at hairs which were washed off and grey colour became visible.

Possibilities of Marie Antoinette Syndrome

Now coming to the possibilities that how does Marie Antoinette Syndrome could actually occur. So for this purpose, there might be a possibility that your body has stopped forming that pigment, and as a result, all the growing hairs are in grey or white in colour. Then there is also a possibility that someone from your ancestors has similar abnormality just like Marie Antoinette Syndrome, and as a result, it was transferred to you by their genes.

Then there is another condition which is known as Alopecia Areata, and in this condition, your body stops producing that colourant due to some kind of infection, and all your scalp starts to get itchy and red. As a result, every single hair on your body falls away. Now the only way that you can get those hairs back is when you will be able to get treatment, but all new hairs will be masked as white.

Deficiencies that can cause Marie Antoinette Syndrome

Further, if the colour of your hairs is dark then even slightest change in your hair colours will be noticed, which people misunderstood as Marie Antoinette Syndrome. Many people nowadays have hormonal abnormalities as well due to which you have to go to such medication which could affect your hair colour as well.

In a similar way if your body is not getting enough nutrients like Calcium or Vitamins then for sure this might also result in Marie Antoinette Syndrome. Well, all these are certain medical conditions which might be related to Marie Antoinette Syndrome. But it is still not even confirmed that which one of these conditions would 100% match the abnormality of Marie Antoinette Syndrome.

Well even if those tales are being accepted as true then there might be a possibility as well that could result in Marie Antoinette Syndrome.

Marie Antoinette Syndrome due to Stress

And that possibility is stress. As in the case of Queen and Thomas More, they both were in extreme stress of being executed. And no doubt it might be true as well because even we can see that normally that people who take more stress are related to more hair fall and change in hair colour.

But even there is an objection to this point as well. And that objection is that stress might cause Marie Antoinette Syndrome, but there is no way that due to stress their hairs turned into white colour all of a sudden. This process might take several years with stress.

No doubt that you must visit a doctor for even a minor change in your body, but with this change even doctors cannot do much, because it is not harmful to your health.

Consult your doctor for Marie Antoinette Syndrome

But still, it is better for you to let your doctor find out if you have Marie Antoinette Syndrome because there might be the possibility of other medical abnormalities as well as infections or rashes.

No doubt most people still believe in those tales of Queen Marie Antoinette, and till today it is a mystery that how could anyone turn their hairs into grey colour overnight.

So instead of believing in those myths it is best for you to go with today’s medical research, and believe that there are no such things as changing hair colour overnight or Marie Antoinette Syndrome.  Visit your doctor, and tell him everything in detail, and completely follow his instructions.