Nebupent: Active ingredient, Mechanism of Action, and Indications


What is NebuPent NebuPent contains Pentamidine which is an anti-infective agent. It is a prescription-only drug. NubePent Active Ingredient Pentamidine isethionate How do you take NebuPent? / How do you administer NebuPent? Only for Oral Inhalation For the prevention of Pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia, an adult should take 300 mg of NebuPent once every four weeks … Read more

Pentamidine: Uses, Mechanism of Action, Side Effects, and Contraindications


What is Pentamidine? The drug Pentamidine is broadly classified under anti-protozoal drugs. Several diamidine compounds have trypanocidal action, including pentamidine. In the treatment of visceral leishmaniasis, pentamidine isethionate is utilized instead of sodium stibogluconate. It can also be used to treat early trypanosomiasis. Pentamidine Mechanism of Action The precise mechanism has yet to be discovered. … Read more