5 Baking Hacks for Healthy Lifestyle: Uses of Best Rated Rolling Pins

For a healthy lifestyle, some believe that baking performs a critical part. Baking is a holistic experience where every tool and equipment is important and contributes to the baking process. One tool that every baker has is a rolling pin, which is also a multi-purpose baking tool. So, you should find the best rated rolling pins for an easy baking experience.

A rolling pin can be made of different materials, such as ceramic, glass, marble, steel, and wood. The usual materials that you can see in the market are made of wood. Rolling pins also come in various shapes and sizes depending on the purpose. It can be used in kneading dough for pizza, bread, and so on. You can also use thicker and bigger rolling pins depending on the amount of dough. So, choosing the right rolling pin depending on your needs is very important. Are you interested to know more about the best rated rolling pins? This article might help you.

Types of rolling pins

It is important for you to know the right use of a rolling pin to know the different types of the best rated rolling pins. When you know the rolling pin types, you can easily determine the rolling pin that best works for your needs.

American rolling pin

American rolling pin is designed to roll any amount of dough of any consistency comfortably. These types of best rated rolling pins are perfect for all baking needs. On the other hand, according to experts, the rolling pin handles restrict the control over the dough. You have to move the rolling pin in bigger circles to cover more areas if the dough is big.

French rolling pin

A French rolling pin has a smoother and tapered form. These types of best rated rolling pins are more convenient and less restrictive in controlling the dough. It is perfect to use when the dough needs to be rolled thinly. That is the reason why a french rolling pin is perfect for rolling pasta dough.

Straight rolling pin

If you need dough with uniform thickness without moving it much, then the Straight rolling pin is the best rolling pin to use. The Straight rolling pin works best for sticky dough. You can also use this rolling pin when rolling fondant for cake designing.

Texture rolling pin

If you love baking pies and cookies, the texture rolling pin is the perfect rolling pin for you. These types of best rated rolling pins have various designs engrave into them for cutting or decorative purposes. If you need to roll and cut at the same time, this rolling pin is perfect as it reduces the need for separate cooking cutters.

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5 hacks to clean your best rated rolling pin

Your rolling pin can last for a long period depending on how you clean and take care of it. One vital point to keep in mind when maintaining your rolling pin is to keep it away from the moist area, especially if your rolling pin is made of wood. Here are the five hacks to clean your best rated rolling pin.

  • Use a damp cloth to wipe up the rolling pin and then wipe it off with a dry cloth to keep it dry. This way helps prevent mold formation on your best rated rolling pin, which affects the quality of the food you are preparing.
  • Remove all bits of dough that have been stuck to the rolling pin using a scraper.
  • Avoid using any sharp objects to scrape off the bits of dough on the rolling pin as it can cause some scratches on the rolling pin and may disrupt your rolling pin’s smooth movements.
  • Keep away your rolling pin from extreme heat as it may cause your rolling pin to crack.
  • In case your wooden pin cracks, rub it with olive oil or any cooking oil to save it.

Quick reminders

Aside from the hacks of cleaning the rolling pin, you should also note the following reminders that you should keep in your mind when cleaning your best rated rolling pins.

  • Do not use soap to clean your rolling pin. It might strip the natural oils of the wood, and it might shorten the life of your rolling pin.
  • Do not leave the rolling pin soaked in water; even it got lots of dough stuck on it. It is a better idea to scrape and scrub it off than to soak the rolling pin. Soaking your rolling pin can cause the wood to crack, warp, etc. If your rolling pin is made of metal, soaking it in the water can accumulate rust.


There are various ways of using a rolling pin effectively. There are also different types of rolling pins, depending on their shape, materials, purpose, and flexibility. The best-rated rolling pins indeed are helpful in various ways, so you should understand the purpose of each rolling pin’s type. In case a rolling pin is not available, you can use other objects as a substitute.

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