Cottage Cheese Diet – Let’s see what it is

Have you ever heard about cottage cheese diet? Before the diet part, let’s understand what cottage cheese is. Cottage cheese is a mildly flavoured fresh cheese curd. This cheese originated when back in times some of the milk was leftover after making butter in cottages so this cheese was made from it. The acidity of the cheese is removed to give a sweet taste to the cheese and that is why it is flavoured. This cheese is liked among a lot of people.

The cottage cheese is of different type based on the fat level of the milk it is made from. This type of cheese is a very low-calorie diet and that is why it is usually made a part of the diet plan by the people who are looking to lose some weight. It is a very low calorie and a low carbohydrate diet too. Being a cheese lover if you are not able to lose any weight the cottage cheese diet can be a good news for you and it will make your diet plan not so boring too.

This cottage cheese diet involves eating cottage cheese for three days and some people also add some other things like fruits and vegetables in it and this diet involve avoiding alcohol, beverages, and sweetened food items.

Following are some of the pros and cons of the cottage cheese diet

Pros of the cottage cheese diet

Following are some of the advantages of cottage cheese diet and these would be the reasons why you should go for it.

·         Weight loss

Weight loss is the first thing why people go for the cottage cheese diet and this is the first benefit of this diet plan. And the greatest benefit of this s that the weight loss is the fastest and who could have imagined losing weight with by having cheese because usually, cheese is the first thing we start avoiding when we are planning to lose some weight but this is not the case with the cottage cheese. And in some diets, they start restricting calories at all and thus you start losing your body water weight instead of the body fat which should be your priority.

·         Easy to follow

If you are done having the boring diet plans that involve just vegetables and fruits then cottage cheese diet is exactly what you should have because who doesn’t love cheese. When the diet consist of such delicious ingredient who wouldn’t want to follow the diet plan and this diet plan is really convenient because the cottage cheese is easily available as compared to most of the things that are present in the other diet charts of yours. Another reason for why this diet plan is so easy is that it’s really simple to eat too because it doesn’t involve any complicated recipes and it is so easy to use it with any of your meal and can easily pack it with your lunch. Another reason why cottage cheese diet is easy to follow is that it is completely inexpensive and anyone can easily buy it by being in the budget.

·         High in protein

Another reason why cottage cheese diet is beneficial is that it is very rich in protein. One cup of the low fat cottage cheese contains almost 28 gram of the protein. And since we know that protein can be easily digested this tells us that how good this cottage cheese diet is if you are looking to lose some weight. How much a high protein diet is good you can only imagine. A high protein diet is very good for health because it doesn’t make you hungry for a long time and that is why you don’t overeat and thus it helps losing weight. High protein diet also maintains the blood glucose levels and it also helps in the development of muscles. So you lose fat and develop muscles instead and this is why the cottage cheese diet is good for a good body.

Cons of cottage cheese diet

With some advantages, there are also some of the disadvantages and similarly the cottage cheese diet also has some of the disadvantages and following are some of them.

·         No fibre

Cottage cheese diet is all protein and no fibre which is not a good sign because in a good diet plan there should be a little bit of everything so your body doesn’t go deficient in anything. The daily recommended intake of the fibre is 25 grams for women in age between 19 to 50 and 38 grams in men in age between 19 to 50 and for the people above 50 less fibre is recommended. But with the cottage cheese diet, you don’t get enough fibre and this may cause constipation. Low fibre also disturbs your blood sugar levels and it fails to lower your cholesterol level as well. So consider it well before starting this cottage cheese diet.

·         Calorie restrictive

This cottage cheese diet is really calorie restrictive and the calorie restrictive diet can trigger the cravings for the unhealthy food and this can lead to the binge eating and thus finally increase the body weight. So, in the end, the purpose of your diet plan will remain unfulfilled. Another disadvantage of this calorie restrictive diet is that it puts you into the starvation mode and you won’t feel like you have enough energy.

·         Boring

This cottage cheese diet can be really boring and you won’t be able to meet your nutrient needs. The cottage cheese diet doesn’t have much of the choice which is why most of the people will get tired of this diet and won’t be able to complete this diet plan and in the end, your whole diet plan will be ruined.

So considering these pros and cons you can decide if you should go for the cottage cheese diet or not and you should go for it if you think you can complete this diet plan and also you must include some fibre containing food in your plan so your body isn’t deficient of any important thing.

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