Apetamin Syrup to Gain Weight

Gaining weight s even harder than losing weight, and to help that, you can use Apetamin medicine. To lose weight, you can try different things like dieting and working out more, but for people who are struggling to gain weight, it gets very difficult them. You can even use Lipozene for weight loss. People with a fast metabolism usually are the ones to face this problem or the ones who don’t have any appetite at all. For the people who have an active metabolism, it is a good thing, but for those with less appetite, it can be very dangerous for them and can also cause them a lot of other health problems. Apetamin syrup, in that case, is used.

Apetamin syrup

It is used for people who don’t have any healthy appetite. This syrup was first marketed by an Indian pharmaceutical company known as TIL Healthcare PVT. According to the information labeled on the packaging of Apetamin syrup, it contains the following ingredients

  • L-lysine hydrochloride
  • cyproheptadine hydrochloride
  • Dexpanthenol
  • Thiamine (B1) Hydrochloride
  • Pyroxidine (B6) Hydrochloride
  • Nicotinamide (B3)

All these ingredients, including lysine, cyproheptadine, and vitamins, are present in this formulation work together to increase the person’s appetite. An increase in appetite is the side effect of an ingredient known as Dexpanthenol, and that is why it is present in the formulation. This ingredient is an alternative to Vitamin B5. Cyproheptadine is the ingredient that acts as an antihistamine, reducing the symptoms of allergy and cold. Since the Apetamin syrup and pills are available as well. The difference between them is that the Apetamin tablets contain only cyproheptadine, while the syrup contains all these ingredients. The Apetamin syrup is not FDA approved, which is why it is illegal to sell this medicine in America.  But still, this medication is sold on many online websites.


The main ingredient present in Apetamin syrup is cyproheptadine. An increase in appetite is the side effect of this ingredient. The main mechanism of action of this is still unknown. But it is believed that this active ingredient increases an insulin-growth like factor IGF-1 in your body, thus causing more appetite in a person. This and some other hormone alteration will act to produce more appetite in a person. Another way this medication might be helping you is by stimulating the part of the hypothalamus that increases the appetite. This way, when you start eating more, you will gain more weight.

There are still not a lot of studies done that can make it clears how exactly this works in the human body to increase appetite. The L-lysine in this formulation is known to increase the appetite inside the animals, but there have been no human studies, so the efficacy inside human beings is still unknown.

Efficacy of Apetamin

The efficacy of the Apetamin in people who have lost weight due to malnutrition and the loss of appetite can be recovered according to the studies done. Studies have been done on this medication and, more specifically, cyproheptadine. One of the studies done on the 16 children going through cystic fibrosis in 12 weeks trial phase showed that it increases the appetite in those children as compared to the placebo group. The before and after results were quite prominent. It showed in different studies and reviews that this medication does help with weight gain by increasing their appetite.

The only patients this medication didn’t act as are the patients with progressive diseases like HIV and Cancer. Since this medication just helps increase the appetite in the person so when it is used by people who already have a healthy weight can lead to obesity. So, if you are someone who averages bodyweight, you should refrain from using this medication.

Side Effects

Side effects are common with all kinds of drugs, and the one that isn’t even FDA approved, we can expect many of them. Following are some of the side effects that are possible with the use of Apetamin syrup.

  • Nausea and diarrhea
  • Liver failure
  • Tremors
  • Irritability
  • Dizziness

So, these are all the side effects that you might have to face with the use of this medication. Since this medication is not FDA approved in America, so it is not regulated. Therefore the ingredients present within the syrup might not be what is labeled on the packaging material. So, this increases the risk of serious side effects. The better way to deal with all of it is to get the opinion of your healthcare provider on what you should use to get a healthy appetite. Usually, the loss of appetite is because of some other underlying reason like some disease or some sort of deficiency. Handling that situation will help you gain a healthy appetite without any medication.

The legality of Apetamin syrup

Apetamin syrup is considered illegal in many different countries, including America. The ingredient cyproheptadine percent within this formulation is prescription-only in the united states of America. That is why the regulatory authorities have banned the importance and use of this medication. If any person tries to import this medicine, the medicine is seized, and the person is given a warning. Any other vitamin syrup that contains this antihistamine in the formulation is completely used without a prescription and shouldn’t be used. The reason why this is prohibited is that it causes liver failure and even death in some of the patients.

So, this is all you needed to know about Apetamin syrup and how to take it. This syrup may be used in many different countries, but where it is not approved by the FDA, it is strictly banned from use. The reason behind this is because of the potential side effects of this medicine. There are many other ways you can gain weight and increase your appetite instead of going on this path, no matter the price of treatment. You can consult a nutritionist or any other health care provider regarding this problem. Also, if you have proper health but are unable to gain weight, then this may not even be considered a problem unless you are malnourished. If you are still wondering where to buy it from, it would be impossible for you to live in a country where it is considered illegal.

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