Do You Know About Proper Tongue Posture?

A proper tongue posture is very crucial for a person. Inappropriate tongue posture can cause many issues and health damage. We must make the tongue posture at its perfect position as it can give relief to issues like:

  • Improvement in Breathing
  • Improvement in Sleeping
  • Decreasing the Headache
  • Decreasing the Neck Pain

there are many other benefits of a proper tongue poster as well. The main aspect is that a proper tongue poster can provide the best oral support.

What is tongue posture?

When it comes to proper tongue posture, so it means how your tongue is placed inside of your mouth. Either it is placed left or right or somehow sloppy to your teeth. It is touching to the upper jaw or lower jaw. The best and appropriate posture can be proved as a symptom of well-being for.

the best tongue posture involves the following:

  • the tongue should be flat adjacent to the palate side.
  • The tip of the tongue should be touching to the flesh, which is behind the upper teeth.

The tongue must be in such a position for the whole day. In the day and night all the time. There is an exception only which applies to the speaking and eating time. It will help many masses to improve their tongue positioning. Some people can do it quickly, and some needed more time.

Facial Structure:

Facial structure is an important aspect, and the first influencer of anyone’s personality, the structure of the face is based upon the bone structure of the skull. The anatomical variation in the bones of Vicerocranium and Neurocranium makes the difference in face positions and structures. Usually, the bones like mandible, zygomatic bones, maxilla, and nasal bones define what a face is look alike and its concerned structure.

The face has the following features:

  • Teeth
  • Nose
  • Ears
  • Chin
  • Hair
  • Mouth
  • Eyes

Any difference or issue in the above-mentioned features is responsible for making a face different. Therefore, these features of the face should be sounding and perfect. The tongue posture or perfect tongue posture influences the cheekbones and thus resultant in a good facial structure.

It is considered a preventive measure, therefore. If the palate is very strong and narrow, it results very negatively on the face. The support for the jaw and cheekbones gets disturbed or decreased if the tongue posture is not proper. The tongue posture and the size of the palate are very much interconnected. The wrong positioning in one can hurt others.

Correct Tongue Posture

Correct tongue posture is important for the health of a person. It can make certain issues if not placed properly. According to some studies, the correct tongue posture is that when the tongue is touching the roof of the mouth. The place should be before the front teeth. In some studies, the real aspect is that the tongue should not be placed on the downside of the mouth.

The position of the tongue is variable. It changes concerning the task it is performing. For instance, during the speech, the position of the tongue is as follows:

  • During the sound of the alphabets like “a”, the tongue should be lower than the normal position.
  • For pronouncing the alphabet like the “u’’, “g,” and “I,” the tongue is placed above than the normal position.
  • For the alphabet” o,” the tongue starts retracting.

When it comes to eating, then the tongue is held against the roof of the mouth, especially in swallowing. Suppose we look at the thing that how the children eat and position their tongue, so there is a lesson. The children push their tongue ahead or forward when they try to swallow the food. This is also a good exercise.

Best Tongue Exercises:

if the tongue posture is not proper, then there is no need to be tensed. There are some tongue exercises which can be used to position the tongue in the right position. have a look below:

To perform the exercise, open the mouth to a wider position. Then touch to the tip of your tongue by the upper teeth. Or else the front of the palate. It should be repeated for at least ten times and the time requires for every set is 5 seconds

The next comes to repeat the processes by opening the mouth and touching the back of the roof of your mouth. It should be repeated ten times, and it should be opened for 5 seconds.

The next comes the opening of the mouth and extracting the tongue out of the mouth. This stretching should be done as much as possible. It should be stayed out of the mouth for at least 10 seconds.

Another exercise is that the tongue should be placed at the back of the roof of the mouth for at least 10 seconds. Ten repetitions of this exercise are advised.

The tip of the tongue can be moved from the upper teeth to the very last at the palate. This should be done at least ten times.

A great exercise is that the tip of the tongue should be pressed inside each side of the cheek. It should be repeated ten times.

The tongue should be out and stick outside. The tip should be pressed by any object like the spoon or any other for about 5 seconds. This should be done with ten repetitions.

Tongue Palate

The palate of the mouth is a blessing, indeed. It usually performs two types of functions; the first function is that it doesn’t allow the ear to goes to the nose. It also helps us during the time of eating. It serves as Borderline when we swallow the food or drink anything. Otherwise, the chances of air and food going back to the nose are present.

Tongue Palate serves in the very great manner to the mouth. Simply it is easier to say that the palate is the roof for the mouth. It is like a barrier between the mouth and the nose. Furthermore, it also helps with the taste. One can taste by using the palate. It is an assumption that the palate involves receptors, the upper oesophagus, epiglottis, and soft palate.

When it comes to the proper posture of the tongue, then it should be touching to the roof of the mouth. The tongue should not be touching to the downside of the mouth. Proper posture of the tongue involves a positioning that is almost 1 inch above the front teeth.


  • what is proper tongue posture

Ans: The proper tongue posture means that the tongue should be placed about 1 inch higher than the front teeth.

  • what is the correct tongue position?

Ans: Correct tongue position is that when the tongue is neither placed at the lower side of mouth nori the upper side.

  • how do you stop pressing your tongue against your teeth?

Ans: By using the orthodontic rubber and placing at the tip of the tongue and upper side of the roof this issue can be resolved.

  • how do you keep the tongue on the roof of your mouth?

Ans: First of all, bring the tongue out of the mouth against the palate. The other part of the tongue should be stretched flat. This can correct tongue issues.

  • why is my tongue pressed against my teeth?

Ans: This happens when a person has a person who has a habit of pressing the tongue against teeth while chewing. Due to this visible space is formed between teeth.

  • why do I always hold my tongue to the roof of my mouth?

Ans: Tongue is the part of Autonomic nervous system, so due to this whenever you are stressed, tongues will automatically touch the roof of your mouth, without even you being realized.

  • right position to stay with your teeth?

Ans: Right position is when the back of the tongue is touching the roof of your mouth, and tipis touching the front teeth.

  • should my teeth touch when my mouth is closed?

Ans: Teeth should not touch while the mouth is closed, and the tongue should be slightly in between your uppers and lower jaws.

  • are your teeth supposed to touch when resting?

Ans: For a proper jaw position, teeth should never meet each other even when your mouth is closed unless you are chewing.

  • should teeth touch when the mouth is closed?

Ans: No, they should not touch while the mouth is closed

  • why does my tongue rest on the top of my mouth?

Ans: It happens due to tension in the tongue, and it happens unintentionally.

  • how do you stop pushing your tongue against your teeth?

Ans: There are several exercises and mechanisms for this purpose like prongs, oral rest posture, ortho spikes, and several other such apparatuses.

  • should my teeth be touching when my mouth is closed?

Ans: No, they should set apart

  • what does it mean if your tongue can touch your nose?

Ans: This may happen when there is tissue disorder genetically, otherwise it is not possible.

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