How Colloidal Copper Affects Your Skin?

If you are looking for a supplement to keep yourself healthy then colloidal copper is one of them. It is possible that you might have heard about colloidal silver, colloidal copper is just similar to that one. Colloidal copper is basically a mixture of pure water, and molecules of copper are added in that water. Usually, when you will buy this colloidal copper it will already be in a form of the liquefied mixture and in a bottle. Copper molecules are being used in several other medications as well. However, according to recent research, it has been proved that molecules in it are easily digestible. And as far as its use is concerned then it is up to you that if you want to drink it directly, or if you want to use it with something else.

Effects of Colloidal Copper

Further, you must now that what exactly does this colloidal copper do to your body. Several types of research have been performed on this supplement, and it has been claimed that it is being used in several different treatments like normal skin infections, simple wounds, and little skin burns. It is also helpful to stop osteoporosis. Moreover if you have cardiovascular problems then it is best for that as well. Moreover, it also supports your immune system and makes your body resistant to several different diseases. Further, it also decreases several ageing effects as well. Several types of research have been on copper in these recent years to find out all about its benefits for human skin. And no doubt most of the results that were found are positive.

Different Products of Colloidal Copper

Basically colloidal copper comes in several different forms which include bottled liquid, bottled spray and combined with other medications. So its use depends on that which form your purchase it in. Now there are two major methods of using colloidal copper. They are by drinking it directly or applying the mixture on your skin depending on the prescription. People usually ignore to read the label for the usage of medicines, but actually, it is really necessary.

So whenever you purchase any product of colloidal copper then make sure that you read the complete directions provided with it. Because using such supplements in a proper method is really necessary, otherwise, you have to face its side effects which could get worse as well. There is no doubt that it is a safe product as it comes with pre-water. The risk factor for using this supplement is also very low. But there is no known instruction that how much quantity should be consumed for which type of health problem.


You must know that consumption of something excessively is really dangerous for health. First of all, you have to make sure that this colloidal copper is just for the use of adults. It should not be applied to children or even pregnant women. And even for other adults, you have limited the daily dosage of colloidal copper. This can be almost 10 mg for a single day. And if are feeling that you are going through any of the illnesses after you have started using it like vomiting, nausea, fever, pain in the stomach, low or high blood pressure, heart problems, or diarrhea then without any further notice you should instantly stop using it. There is no doubt that consumption of copper is good for health. However as it is discussed above that excess usage of anything is harmful to health.

Harmful Effects

If you get an overdose of colloidal copper then it will affect directly to your lungs and kidney. Since colloidal copper has been considered as the supplement, drug authorities have separated supplements from the category of drugs and medications. Due to that, they have not done any kind of quality test on supplements.

So now it is up to you that if you choose products of some renowned American company or some low-quality products of a local company. Besides whenever you purchase any product of colloidal copper then you should read all the instructions written on to it. You should also go through all the ingredients added to it. The reason behind this is that few ingredients may seem to be allergic to your body.

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