Akineton: Uses, Dosage, Indications, and Side Effects


Dosage form: Oral tablets (Prolonged-release) 4mg, 2mg Active ingredient: Biperiden hydrochloride What is Akineton used for? A prescription-only drug Akineton; is primarily used to treat all forms of Parkinson’s disease. Other therapeutic indications include Drug-induced extrapyramidal symptoms Excito-motor phenomena Akinesia Rigidity Akathisia Acute dystonia Akineton is also available in 5mg/ml ampules. Contraindications Hypersensitivity Narrow-angle glaucoma … Read more

Sulfasalazine and Folic Acid Concomitant Use: When and Why?

sulfasalazine and folic acid

What is Sulfasalazine? Sulfasalazine/sulphasalazine is a sulphonamide (amino salicylic acid molecule) that is approved for the treatment of active Crohn’s disease and rheumatoid arthritis, as well as the induction and management of remission in ulcerative colitis. What is Folic Acid? Folic Acid is also sometimes named Vitamin B9. It is man-made folate. It is considered one of … Read more

Can you take Ibuprofen with Bactrim?

Ibuprofen & Bactrim

Ibuprofen and Bactrim are two different kinds of medications, however many people wonder if they can take ibuprofen with Bactrim or not. Simply when you are using two different medications, you should know if there are possible adverse effects of using both these drugs together or not. Then there are also drug interactions that you … Read more

Metoidioplasty – Single Stage Reassignment Surgery


Synopsis: Metoidioplasty is a genital-affirming lower body surgery for female-to-male transgenders. The main purpose of the surgery is to create male-like genitalia that has the capability to urinate while standing and has a satisfactory aesthetic appearance. This masculinizing surgery creates a male penis by lengthening and straightening the clitoris which has been hormonally enlarged. The … Read more

Cricoid Cartilage, its Function, and Importance in the Human Body

cricoid cartilage

Just like every part in the human body; cricoid cartilage has its own importance and functionality. Without this cartilage, there will be noting to support your windpipe. It also helps with the production of speech by opening and closing. Every bone in our body has great importance, and they each lay a different role that … Read more

Butt Massage and its Benefits

butt massage

Butt massage is one of the most soothing therapy and the butt massage involves basically massaging of the gluteal muscles. Gluteal muscles are present in the butt area and mainly but consists of these muscles and some fat. There are three types of the gluteal muscles, the gluteus maximus, the gluteus medius and the gluteus … Read more