How To Use Truweo Posture Correctors

More than 80% of Americans will suffer from the negative efforts of poor posture at some point in their lives, such as headaches, back pain, and slouching. If left unchecked, these negative effects can become more detrimental over time and develop into chronic conditions. If you’re experiencing pain from poor posture, you might need a Trueweo posture corrector.

What Is a Truweo Posture Corrector?

The Truweo posture corrector is one of the most popular postures correcting products on Amazon. With a staggering 7,000 positive reviews and counting, it is arguably one of the market’s best posture trainers. What’s more, due to its unisex design, it’s not only the best posture brace for women. Men can also use it!

The Truweo is lightweight and made from a breathable and flexible material. It can be used sitting, standing, or even while you’re moving around. Yes, this means that you can use the Truweo posture corrector during a workout! It is designed to be undetectable under clothes, so you won’t need to feel self-conscious about putting it on and going out.

How Can I Benefit from a Truweo Posture Corrector?

The main benefit of a Truweo posture corrector is that it gently corrects your posture by aligning your spine properly. This best posture trainer’s rigid middle panel will prevent you from slouching and rolling your shoulders forward, which is a typical position that you would have when you’re sitting or standing.

If you use your computer for long periods, you could greatly benefit from a Truweo posture corrector because you won’t need to be mindful of your posture. Many people who work remotely find that they unconsciously slouch and that they need to correct their position repeatedly. With this best posture trainer, you won’t need to keep adjusting your upper back and shoulders.

When you have a good back posture, it releases pressure on your necks and shoulders. It also helps decrease pressure on your lower back.

How to Put on a Trueweo Posture Corrector

The best thing about the Truweo posture corrector is that it’s so easy to use! Here’s how to put on a Truweo posture corrector:

  1. Adjust the straps so that the device will fit snugly against the sides of your chest and your back.
  2. Put on the Truweo posture corrector by placing your arms through the straps. This motion is similar to wearing a backpack. Ensure that the logo is facing out and is located at the top of the device. 
  3. Place the center panel in the middle of your back, in between your shoulder blades. The top of the panel should be where your neck meets the top of your spine.
  4. Slowly tighten the straps until the posture corrector fits snugly against your armpits.
  5. Secure the straps by placing the hook-and-loop portions together.

Your shoulders should be straight and level when you put on the Truweo posture corrector. You can make sure that your shoulders are in the correct position by leaning against a wall while putting on the device.

Is It Safe to Use a Truweo Posture Corrector?

Wearing the Truweo posture corrector can be uncomfortable at first, especially if used to slouching forward. You will probably feel your neck, shoulders, and upper back are tense.

Don’t worry! This is all normal. Since you’re used to incorrect posture, it’s only natural that the correct posture would feel unfamiliar.

Using the Truweo posture corrector is safe. However, it is only recommended that you use it for a maximum of two hours per day because the straps under your armpits can be uncomfortable. If worn for long periods, the strap can rub against your skin and irritate. The back panel can also be uncomfortable because it can get hot and sticky when worn for a long time. 

Always make sure that your Truweo posture corrector is used correctly. If it feels too tight around the shoulders, adjust the straps immediately. You should also avoid overtightening the device as this can cause undue force on your spine in the opposite direction.


All in all, the Truweo posture corrector is an affordable and easy way to correct your posture. With the correct posture, you’ll feel more energetic and relaxed as you go through your day.

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