Sliding Genioplasty and How is it Done

Before we can go into detail about sliding genioplasty, we should know what genioplasty is. It is the alteration of a person’s chin with the help of surgery. Such kind of procedure is getting very typical nowadays since people want a perfect look on their faces. Having face augmentation is so common and can be done either with surgery or fillers’ help. This will help you change your facial features entirely, and you can battle problems like facial asymmetry, etc., with the help of them.

Most people break their noses as a result of childhood accidents, and some are often born with not a perfect nose; they can have it fixed by a surgeon or esthetician. The same goes for a chin. You can have your perfect chin with the help of a genioplasty. The chin can alter your whole face. It can make your face look longer, shorter, etc., and just adding more to it or reducing it will help you a lot. Similarly for chubbier cheeks, people tend to have buccal fat removal surgery.


 Genioplasty is a surgery done by both cosmetic surgeons and maxillofacial surgeons. This surgery is done for the following reasons

  • Moving your chin backward
  • Moving your chin a little forward
  • Vertical changes like making the chin longer or shorter
  • Changes in the sides to add symmetry to the face.
  • Usually, genioplasty is done for the [people who want to look good and have their faces look esthetically pleasing by it being symmetrical. In sporadic cases, it is done as surgery after an accident. There are two different types of genioplasty
  • Sliding genioplasty
  • Chin implants

Sliding genioplasty

Sliding genioplasty is a procedure done by a cosmetic surgeon where the surgeon removes the bone’s chin bone. This way, the chin bone is placed in a desirable position. In this type of surgery, the bone can be pushed back for people whose chin is too forward and can be moved forwards when it’s too far back. This type of genioplasty can also be referred to as osseous genioplasty because here, the bone is cut and placed in the desired state. Severe Retrogenia is a situation where the chin is too far back, and this may give your face a very odd shape and correct that this type of surgery is often performed.

Chin implants

Chin implants are added when your chin a bit forward. They may also be added when you want to make slight changes in the structure of your chin. Different forms of chin implants can be added to this procedure. This is a surgical procedure as well, where the implants are attached to your bones. Alloplastic implants are the ones that are made from synthetic materials are the most common types of chin implants rather than plastic implants.

Non-surgical chin augmentation

Non-surgical chin augmentation is the process where the slight changes in your chin are made by injecting some fat or some other dermal fillers in that area. This will change your chin’s appearance for a specific period, and after that, you can get it done again. Chin genioplasty vs. non-surgical chin augmentation is long-lasting

Sliding genioplasty cost

Genioplasty is a permanent or more extended solution. When you want your chin augmented, it will probably cost you a lot more than your regular facial fillers. The sliding genioplasty cost will differ for different people am that depends on many things; the following are some of the things that will determine the cost of genioplasty

  • What type of implant is being used
  • How far are you moving your chin?
  • What surgeon have you chosen to do this procedure on you?
  • Place where you live
  • What your insurance will cover

All these things will matter a lot in defining the sliding genioplasty cost. The average price of genioplasty is around $8,000.

Sliding genioplasty procedure

Sliding genioplasty is an invasive procedure where the bone is cut and reattached to the jaw bone. Knowing about this will help you a lot mentally prepare for such kind of surgery. You can be assured that it won’t leave a scar where the incision made to reach the bone is made from the inside of your mouth. So whatever scar will be left behind will be on the inside of your mouth. Basically, after cutting your flesh, the surgeon will make a vertical incision in your chin bone and then make a horizontal incision later on. This will help your chin move forward and backward.

When your chin is to be pushed backward, the surgeon will take out the wedge of bone and attach the chin bine to the jaw bone, making your face look smaller. Both of these bones are attached with the help of a metal plate for the time being until they’re both attach themselves.

Now when you need to move your chin forwards, the cut is made between jawbone and chin bone, and they are separated at a distance in the desired face shape. This will cause the bones to attach by growing together, moving your chin forward. The same happens when you need to get your chin length or shorter. A wedge is cut out of your chin bone when you have to get it shorter, and space is made when you have to make it longer in the extension surgeries. The gap might be seen easily.

This gap can be seen clearly in women, and in men, it can be covered up by their beards. To avoid this step, the bine is often shaved down by the surgeon, and that will make your chin appear normal. A brace is placed around your chin to ensure proper healing after surgery. In few weeks, the results would be before you.

Aftercare of sliding genioplasty

  • Aftercare of the sliding genioplasty is very easy. All you need to do is to intake painkillers and antibiotics for two days, and after that, the stitches will be dissolving on their own, too, so you don’t have to make a visit to the hospital for that anytime soon.
  • You are allowed to take liquid food at first, and after that, you can move on to solid food intake. You will have to rinse you with an antiseptic wash every day so that your stitches will stay disinfected.
  • The only complication that you might face after your sliding genioplasty is that there can be swelling or redness in your chin area for a few days. If you experience anything more than that, you should consult your doctor soon.
  • You will be able to remove your dressing after a week and can continue your everyday routine. After that, you will be restricted from severe spot activities for a few days and also from the gym.

Overall, this procedure goes well for most people. Some people face slight risks but nothing that can’t be dealt with. Having it done will be the permanent solution for you, so it is worth all the effort, pain, and money for you. You won’t have to get your implants fixed, and your filler retouched after a few years. The recovery period is not a lot for this type of surgery, so it is nothing bad, and you will be back to your routine life in few weeks.

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