What is Metoidioplasty and its Types?

Many among you might think what exactly Metoidioplasty, well it’s a surgery which reforms your genitals and makes it better. Now as there are transgender and other non-binary people, or in other words such people who were born to be male, but on their birth, they were declared to be female gets lower surgery which is named as Metoidioplasty.

And this surgery is really necessary for those who are planning to go on Testosterones. Now usually doctors suggest their patients go for Testosterones for a few years before they are planning to have Metoidioplasty surgery. Furthermore, usually, people get confused with Metoidioplasty and Phalloplasty.

Well, first of all, you must know what the different types of Metoidioplasty are, and they are as follows:

Centurion Metoidioplasty

It is really a simple surgery as compared to other types. And no doubt this one is considered to be the best one on account of pain, complications, and thickness. The next best thing about this type of Metoidioplasty is that this surgery does not require to increase the thickness of the penis by using the vaginal wall. All it requires just to take labia, and simply cover the penis from it, as it is in the form of round muscles.

Ring Metoidioplasty

The process of Ring Metoidioplasty and full Metoidioplasty is kind of similar in process. In this process, the skin is not being taken from the mouth, but it is actually being used from the vaginal wall, and after that, it is being combined with labia, and after that, it is joined with Neophallus and Urethra.

The reasons that among Full Metoidioplasty vs Ring Metoidioplasty, why Ring Metoidioplasty is being preferred because in this process the inside of mouth does not require time to heal or to gets damaged. Otherwise, it is obvious that you have to wait for a while before you can start eating properly once again.

Full Metoidioplasty

Then next comes Full Metoidioplasty, and as it is discussed above that this procedure is quite related to the Ring Metoidioplasty. And in this surgery usually surgeons’ takes a part of the skin from inside your mouth at the cheek, and then these tissues are used to attach Neophallus and Urethra.

Further, if the patient wishes to completely remove the vagina from their body, then that is also a part of this surgery, and instead of the vagina, they add up testicles over there.

Simple Metoidioplasty

This is a simple process, and in this procedure, no such removal of tissues or organs occur. And instead, all that a surgeon does is that he frees up the Clitoris from the tissues around it, and as a result penis gets exposed with its better strength.

Difference between Phalloplasty and Metoidioplasty

Now next comes Phalloplasty, well it is one of the most usual methods of lower surgery, and this surgery is specific or just he Non-binary people or transgender. But as far as Metoidioplasty is being this process is totally opposite than Phalloplasty.

In Metoidioplasty usually skin from several parts of the body is taken, and then from those tissues, a penis is being created. And no doubt Metoidioplasty comes with several benefits.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Metoidioplasty

First of all, if you choose Metoidioplasty, then this surgery would get very few damages to your body. And here the term damage is being used for the tissues used for making a penis. Further the procedure for surgery is really simple and less complicated as compared to Phalloplasty. Then the penis that is created due to Metoidioplasty is just like a real one, even it gets erected naturally.

Moreover, the skin that has been taken from mouth or arm is really less and is able to recover real soon. If you already have medical insurance then it will be really beneficial for you because normal medical insurance can cover Metoidioplasty surgery, but as for Phalloplasty, it is not categorized under Medical insurance. And if you are not satisfied with Metoidioplasty then there is also a possibility that you can go for Phalloplasty later on if you want.

But once you had Phalloplasty then there is no chance for you to get Metoidioplasty surgery. Well if there are benefits of something then for sure there are some disadvantages as well. Even though the penis from Metoidioplasty is able to erect, but there is no guarantee that it will always erect during sexual intercourse. And further as like any other male you can urinate while standing in any public toilets, and you always have to use the toilet seat.

And as compared to a normal penis this one might not be that much longer and thicker as compared to the natural one. And even the hormones inside this Metoidioplasty surgery created penis requires to be replaced once in a while.

The process of Metoidioplasty and Scrotoplasty

Now coming to the actual process of Metoidioplasty surgery. And it is really necessary for every one of you to be aware that how does this Metoidioplasty surgery actually work. So that you can make yourself ready before you go through this surgery.

Normally a Metoidioplasty surgery might take just 3 to 5 hours in total. The difference in this time depends on that what type of Metoidioplasty surgery you are going to have, and on the surgeon that how much experienced he is. Further is the selection for the limit of anaesthesia. And this also depends that what type of Metoidioplasty is being carried out.

For example, if you are going for the simple one then the amount will be really less, and you will stay awake throughout the surgery but you won’t feel anything at all. But if you are going through Centurion then you will be under complete anaesthesia. Then there is Scrotoplasty as well, which is the surgery that results in implant testicles in your body.

And the best thing about Metoidioplasty is that you can get discharged from hospital on the very same day as well, and you will only be requested to stay if there are some complications in the surgery. If you want any further knowledge regarding this topic, feel free to contact us.

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