Ketamine: Uses, Mechanism of Action, Side Effects, and Contraindications


What is Ketamine and what does it feel like? Non-barbiturate general anesthetic ketamine is a short-acting drug that is used to induce a kind of unconsciousness in patients where they feel no pain but appear to be awake. This state is called dissociated state and so does ketamine called dissociative anesthesia. Immobility, amnesia, and sedation … Read more

Forane: Uses, Indications and Dosage


What is Forane? Forane (isoflurane USP liquid for induction of anesthesia) is classified as a general anesthetic. It is a prescription-only medicine. Forane Indications: Forane is used For general anesthesia induction and maintenance. This halogenated general anesthetic can also be used in the intensive therapy unit to sedate patients on a ventilator for up to … Read more

Isoflurane: Mechanism of Action, Uses, and Side Effects


What is Isoflurane? Isoflurane is classified under the category of inhalational general anesthetic used during surgeries. It is a halogen (fluoride) containing a highly stable anesthetic drug that undergoes no significant metabolism. It has little or no toxicity towards body tissues. Another advantage associated with the use of isoflurane is that it does not induce … Read more