Why is Your Cat Losing Weight?

Why is my cat losing weight, It is a normal worry because cat losing weight can sometimes is an indication of some health problems. Just like human beings animals health is important too so that they are neither fat nor super skinny. Maintaining their diet and taking care of them is your responsibility. Even when their diet is under your watch you will see some cats still get health problems. This can be when they eat something outside or eat something from the wastebasket.

There are many things not good for the cats’ health and they won’t know it. You can’t always watch over your cat so they can eat something damaging when you are not watching but watch over signs if your cat is underweight or is suddenly weight throwing. There can be certain diseases too which can become the reason behind your cat losing weight but still eating. Your cat not eating properly can be quite very dangerous for your cat because they are more susceptible to get hepatic lipidosis and that is a condition where liver burns down more fat than normal to provide energy to the body.

Causes of Weight Loss in Cats

There can be different reasons why your cat is suddenly losing weight and the following are some of them.

  • Anorexia is a condition where the appetite of the cat is reduced. Due to that, they are unable to consume food. In some of the cases, it is completely gone. Not eating a lot is not common behaviour so make sure to check if they are acting normal especially if kitten not gaining weight is also a problem.
  • Anxiety or depression can be one of the things when your cat stops eating. Cats and any other pet needs your attention. If you can’t do that all day then at least take some time from your routine to give them your attention. It is more common in an older cat. A lethargic cat with no eating is a clear indication of that.
  • Tooth infection or toothache because of that can be the reason why your cat gets the food down.

Cat Vomiting Bile

Cat vomiting bile is the main reason for them losing weight, there can be several reasons behind cat vomiting bile. Following are some of those reasons

  • Gastrointestinal problems are the big reason why the cats stop eating and grinding teeth is a sign of that. Diarrhoea and food poisoning can be the reason behind that. With that, your cats will vomit a lot as well. Getting them checked by a doctor is very important at this point. Internal parasites may also be a problem. Making them drink lots of water is important so they don’t get dehydrated too.
  • Infestation by ta parasite can also be the reason behind the cats throwing up constantly, they are unable to digest their food and that is why they vomit sometimes too.
  • Kidney problems can be the reason behind your cat constantly throwing up. Just like human beings cats also go through diabetes and it is one of the causes of cats losing weight. When they have diabetes they will also drink more water than they used to and will urinate more. Sometimes kidney infections also become the reason behind it and thus cat vomit more. Look for signs like if they are peeing blood, have sudden lethargy and rapid weight loss.
  • Any endocrine disorder like hyperthyroidism will not decrease but cause increased appetite of your cat and they will be always hungry. So if your cat eats all the time that can be the reason why. The metabolism though works really well and all of the food that your cat consumes will be utilized. It also can happen because of the development of tumors in the thyroid glands. As a result, you will experience fever, vomiting and other such symptoms.
  • Cancer is the biggest fear and a possible cause of your cat getting skinny despite the food they eat and you can feel her bones and can see the cat’s spine. You should get checked regularly by their vet.
  • Feline Infectious peritonitis is a cat disease and it mostly happens in the cats who are raised and trained in the catteries. This is an infectious viral disease and they get it from each other. In this disease, cats develop a fever that doesn’t go down with the use of anti-biotic and they get super skinny as well.

Treatment options depend on the reason for the rapid weight loss. The best way to deal with it by taking your cat to a vet. There can be dietary changes and treatment of other diseases which are the problem behind it. You should also see if your cat has any food allergies and make sure they don’t consume that kind of food. Most people think they have a dramatic cat, so they choose to ignore their eating habits which are carelessness and it’s better to wake up before they die.

Elderly weight loss is so common, and they will be sleeping so much and breathing fast before they die. The death in the emaciated cat is super-fast and sudden death can cause grief in other pets as well. Usually, a fat cat is lazy too but if you fear that is depression you should see a vet sooner.

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