Clitoromegaly and When Should You Take it Serious

Clitoromegaly is the condition when the clitoris gets oversized. Being shy about any medical issues related to the private parts like the genitals and any other part of the body is the common practice among people and that is why they fail to seek the medical attention on time. In such circumstances, people direct themselves towards the world of internet so that they can get their answers there. Getting proper information from the internet is not bad because then you will realize if the condition is worth the medical attention. Clitoris definitely vary in the size and size is different from woman to a woman.

Some women think having a big clitoris is not a normal sign but it is not true and having a clitoris that is bigger than normal size is completely alright. But if your clitoris size has increased a bit that may indicate some kind of the problem and that is only when it is accompanied by the irritation or pain that part of the body. Taking proper care of hygienic and examining yourself every once in a while is something that doctors usually suggest and you should do it definitely when you are feeling any kind of complication or unease in any part of your body especially the private parts which we don’t usually examine.


Clitoromegaly, as already been told is the increased size of the clitoris and it is only a condition of medical attention when it is causing discomfort and if the size keeps on increasing. There can be a lot of the reason behind this new change and you should be aware of them so that you must know how dire the situation is. Basically, the increase in the clitoris size may also be because of the sexual arousal and that is completely normal but if the clitoris remains enlarged for the longer period then it is something you should talk to your gynaecologist about. There can be a number of the reasons behind the clitoromegaly and following are reasons based on the duration it stays enlarged for.

For a few days

Increase in the size of the clitoris due to the sexual tension is for a very small amount of the time and that is majorly because of that sexual tension and as soon as you orgasm the sexual tension leaves the body thus reducing the size of the clitoris. But if the whole vulva is inflamed, vulva includes the clitoris and labia, then this may be because of the

  • Allergic reaction triggered by any piece of clothing, creams, and even condoms.
  • An infectious clitoris is inflamed on too. Bacterial yeast or other such infections may be the cause of that
  • Prolonged penetration during the sex and also the masturbation
  • Any skin condition like eczema and dermatitis

Same reasons may also be the cause of the swelling in glans in men.

Prolonged enlargement

Prolonged enlargement includes a few weeks and even months in few conditions and that may happen because of the following reason

  • Ovarian tumor and more especially the Sterile-Leydig Cell Tumor and Steroid Cell tumor are the common causes of enlarging in clit size. It is the situation of urgent medical attention. This is one of the symptoms among the other symptoms of the prolonged enlargement of the clitoris
  • Hormonal irregularities is another reason behind the clitoromegaly. This may be because of increases testosterone levels in the body. These increased levels of testosterone may be because of the anabolic steroids that a person is taking. That may also be because of the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and other disorders of the endocrine system. CAH (Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia) is another reason for the increased testosterone levels. The increased androgen production starts in some fetuses and to prevent that doctors usually perform the surgeries and some medication during the pregnancy. 

When to see a doctor

If the increase in the size of the clitoris from the normal size has been prolonged and it won’t go away then you can mention it to your doctor and let it get checked. You should definitely book an appointment with a doctor if you feel pain, discomfort and it feels sore too. Increased size alone without all these other signs is okay and may not even be something that needs urgent medical attention. But if it is affecting your sex life then you should get it checked soon.

Treatment methods

The treatment methods for the clitoromegaly are different based on the reasons behind it. Following are some of the treatment methods based on the causes

  • If the reason belongs the clitoromegaly is the allergic reaction then you should use the counter corticosteroid cream for this. Moreover if you go see a doctor some may suggest you take a Sitz bath. Some may also even recommend an estrogen cream to apply on it.
  • For an infection you need to use the antibacterial and antimicrobial creams that are available over the counter. But if the infection is severe you should let your doctor prescribe you an appropriate anti-microbial cream.
  • Now if the clitoromegaly is the cause of the hormone irregularities then you can go for the hormone treatment. There are also some of the surgeries that will help you reduce the size of the clitoris.
  • Cancer treatment like the chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone therapy is a common practice. In the case of the tumor that has become the cause of the clitoromegaly, these treatment methods can be used.
  • Kids that are born with CAH have to undergo by the clitoroplasty. This means removal or reduction of the size of the clitoris by the surgery. This treatment is very controversial. It is observed that the women who go through this may face pain or discomfort during the sex later in life.

Complications due to Clitoromegaly

In some patients the clitoromegaly does not come along with the pain and discomfort. It is easy for the people with this to live with it and they don’t face any other medical issues because of it. However some women may experience pain and discomfort and may also be red.

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