How to Make Yourself Sneeze to Get Relief?

Sneezing is no doubt one of the reliefs for the brain, but the question is how to make yourself sneeze when you are unable to do it. A sneeze is basically the feeling of itching inside your nostrils. And this itching will not stop unless you blow huge pressure of air from nasal which in result provides relief to your nose and your brain. And whenever such irritations occur in the nose, then sneeze is the only solution. Sometimes sneeze comes on its own, and sometimes you have to force it. So the real question is how to make yourself sneeze?

Sneezing by Tissue Paper

First of all, you must go with the easy way, and try to shove a tissue paper inside your nostrils. First of all, take a tissue paper, and start to roll it while keeping the corner at the tip. Now keep rolling this paper in the form of a very small layer. Now put it inside the nostrils, and try to rotate it softly. And if you want to sneeze even harder than you can even add the sound of humming as well. This tissue paper will create a ticklish feeling inside your nose, and as a result, you can sneeze.

Furthermore, there are a few people who are allergic to bright lights, like the sunlight in the afternoon, and light of huge bulbs. Now you must be thinking that how to make yourself Sneeze just by the light. Well, when people get in contact with the light then all of a sudden they just start sneezing, and this illness is known as a hereditary trait. So if you also have a similar problem, and if you are unaware of it, then try to close your eyes, and face the light directly. Then all of a sudden open your eyes, and if you have any such illness then for sure you will start to sneeze as well.

How to make yourself sneeze by Light Irritation

But if you are all healthy then for sure the answer to this question How to make yourself Sneeze still persists. And for this purpose, you can try several different other tricks as well by which you can force yourself to sneeze. First of all, there are spices, and for this type of sneeze, it is not necessary that you are allergic to it or not. Well, it does not matter that which spice is being sniffed for sneezing, but peppers are known for the nasal irritations. And when you have to smell then all you need to do is to take a little pint of spices and mix with a few other ingredients. No doubt you will instantly start to sneeze.

Sneezing by Plucking Hairs

Moreover, as you already have an idea that nasal hair are really strong, and it is not easy to cut them. So instead people use tweezers for plucking them. This process may seem to be really simple, but it is even more painful than those wax strips .So if you are a novice then upon plucking hair from nose you will go through extreme pain, and itching with watery eyes. And if you are thinking that how to make yourself sneeze by this method, then you must know that it will result in one strong sneeze all at once. Similarly, there is a vein near your eyebrows which is connected to your nostrils, and brain. So if you need to sneeze urgently then simply pluck few or even one hair from your eyebrows, and due to this, that nerve will get excited causing you to sneeze.

How to make yourself sneeze by Rubbing Nose

Besides if you want to find out how to make yourself sneeze by different methods, and also keep your nose healthy then all you need to do is to massage it. If you will massage the tip of the nose then it will cause tickling sensation inside the nose which causes you to sneeze. Also if you massage the sides of the nose then it will stimulate the flow of nose. Furthermore, there is something else as well that most of you are unaware of. You must consume many glasses of soft drinks intentionally or unintentionally, but what you do not know is that carbon dioxide cause irritation inside the nose. And if you consume a lot of carbonated drinks then it will surely result in sneezing.

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