Mucus Threads in Urine

If you want to know more about Mucus Threads in Urine then the best way to find out is by urine tests, because with urine you are now able to find out just by the change in colour or even smell of your urine. And just by this doctors can assume about your illness. Sometimes for the early stage of some illness urine will just change its colour, then slowly its smell also starts to change and gets a string. Afterwards, small particles start to add up like Mucus Threads in Urine.

Mucus is a basically small thread-like particle if they are observed under a microscope, but upon naked it seems to be a thick white coloured fluid that comes with urine. Even Mucus Threads in Urine can change colours as well depending on the condition of illness. Like in initial stages it will be white, then later it will change to off-white.

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And then a stage will come when Mucus Threads in Urine will turn yellow. But still that does not mean that Mucus Threads in Urine is always a sign of some disease, but it is common to see Mucus Threads in Urine. Mucus is really helpful cleaning up the urinary tract. It is formed naturally inside you due to bladder and urethra, and then they travel around urinary tract to clean up any infection or germs on its way.

Mucus Threads in Urine is also helpful to clean up any kidney infections, and even kidney stones. If there is no White Discharge or there is more discharge of mucus in your pee then it is surely uncommon. And this is the time when you need to consult a good doctor. And as there is more hormones disturbance in women than anyone else, so younger females experience more Mucus Threads in Urine than anyone else.


Especially before menstruation, ovulation, pregnancy medications etc. But if this problem is developed in men, which is very often then it means they have STI or Sexually Transmitted Infection or any other infection which are discussed above. Mucus Threads in Urine are normal if they are often visible or just come for a few days. But if there are Mucus Threads in Urine for most of the time, and they remain for several days then for sure you need to get your urine tested so that doctor can diagnose this problem.

There are many infections which are sexually being transmitted in men which becomes a major problem for men having Mucus Threads in Urine. Among those infections, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia are the prominent ones. Due to Gonorrhea you will experience painful urinal discharge, change in colour of urine to bright yellow. And not just this it can also cause pain in Pelvic. Moreover, due to Chlamydia, there will be white discharge which is another symbol of Mucus Threads in Urine in excess. Even your testicles will also start to swell and get painful due to Chlamydia.



Well, these both cannot be cured by healthy diet plans or exercises, but it required a proper doctor prescribed antibiotic for both of these infections. If Mucus Threads in Urine are a symbol of some disease then on the other side they also help to clean up UTI or Urinary Tract Infection. Urinary Tract Infection is often caused by the bacteria in the urethra. And most females are affected by this infection for most. The reason behind this is due to the short Urethra in women or girls, and that is why there is less resistance for bacteria to affect. Due to Urinary Tract Infection, you can face painful urinal discharge, and with this, there will be urged for urinating as well.

First of all Mucus film is a natural cure for Urinary Tract Infection. And due to more urge to urinate there is a problem for hydration. So try to drink as much fluid as you can, and this might be the best solution for this infection. Mucus Threads in Urine are also helpful in removing kidney stones, as these are the real different sized stones inside you. Kidney stones are formed due to minerals inside you, and if you just leave it there then it can be crushed and discharged with the Mucus Threads in Urine.

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