Lexapro Vs Zoloft

Lexapro Vs Zoloft – A True Comparison

Before discussing Lexapro vs Zoloft, let’s talk about health. Health is a very important aspect of our life and without health, there is no fun in the life. There shouldn’t be any compromise with the health either physical or mental health. To stay healthy we should take part in the healthy activities and stay around the people that are good for the mental health.

But in the today’s world, every person suffering from the health problem wither physical or the mental. The ratio of mental illness is increasing day by day because our attitude towards a healthy life is so negligent and most of the people in the underdeveloped countries don’t even consider the mental health at all and that is why most of such medical problems stay unresolved throughput there life. So this is why there should be more awareness about the mental health so people who are undergoing such sicknesses can seek help.

There are a lot of mental health problems that are found in the society these days land the most common among all of them is the depression. Most of the people in our society due to the burdens of life are going through depression and this ratio is increasing day by day.


Depression is a mental disorder in which our central nervous system becomes depressed and this mental disorder is occurring in a lot of people and the reasons behind this disorder a lot and mostly the current state of our society where everyone is busy doing their own thing and no one have time for each other and in this mad race of being better most of the people are suffering from depression. The symptoms of depression can help us realize the problem in the very early stage but the problem is that most people pay no attention to these signs and symptoms and some of them even don’t know the signs and symptoms. Following are the symptoms of the depression.

  • Anger
  • Sleep changes
  • Loss of energy
  • Loss of interest
  • Concentration problem
  • Weight loss
  • Self-loathing etc.

concentration Problems

So these were some of the symptoms that are found in the people that are suffering from the depression. Depression must be diagnosed because in most of the people depression leads to that stage where they start considering suicide and most of the people even opt for the suicide. The studies have shown that depression is more common among the teenagers as compared to the adults and gender-wise it is more common among the women as compared to the men.

Treatment of depression

A lot of drugs are suggested for the treatment of depression by now and Lexapro and Zoloft are among those drugs. Both of the drugs are used for the treatment of depression which is why we will further discuss the Lexapro vs Zoloft comparison to help you understand which one is best for you in the case of depression. Lexapro is an antidepressant that contains the drug escitalopram and Zoloft is the anti-depressant that contains the drug known as sertraline.

The Lexapro vs Zoloft comparison will help us understand the difference between these two drugs and will help us make the better decision. The escitalopram is a serotonin reuptake inhibitor and the sertraline is same too and the fact they both are the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor they are considered the exact same but it’s not the way it is.

The SSRI drugs act in such a way that they inhibit the reuptake of serotonin thus increasing the amount of serotonin in the brain and serotonin is the chemical that lightens the mood of a person and this help with the treatment of depression. In depression, the level of serotonin gets unbalances and these two drugs help in the balancing of this chemical in the brain. These drugs are similar too but there are also some differences that support the Lexapro vs Zoloft argument.

Lexapro vs Zoloft

The first thing that we should know in the Lexapro vs Zoloft comparison is that both of the drugs not only are used in the treatment of depression but several other disorders too and in that respect, they are quite different. Zoloft is used in the treatment of depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder, on the other hand, Lexapro vs Zoloft is used in the treatment of the depression and the generalized anxiety disorder.

Zoloft is also used for the treatment of panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, social anxiety disorder and premenstrual dysphoric disorder. The other differences that also supports the Lexapro vs. Zoloft argument is that the strength of the Zoloft tablets is 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg while in oral solution the strength is 25mg/ml and on the other hand the strength of Lexapro tablets are 5, 10 and 20 mg while the oral solution is 1mg/ml. Lexapro versus Zoloft can be used in people that are above 12 years of age while the Zoloft can be used in patients that are above 18 in age.


The cost difference also helps us with the Lexapro vs Zoloft comparison. The cost of the monthly supply of the Zoloft is $201 while on the other hand the cost of the Lexapro is $180 per month and this shows that cost wise Lexapro is better than the Zoloft but since the cost of these anti-depressant medications is covered by the insurance companies so both are equal cost wise but now you know your priorities even if you don’t have the insurance.

Side effects

The side effects also help us with the Lexapro vs Zoloft comparison and according to it the both of them have same side effects like



Sexual problems

Sleeping troubles




Serotonin syndrome

Dizziness etc.

And the only symptom different is constipation that occurs by the use of Lexapro. We should only use one of these two antidepressants at a time because this may lead to interaction like the elevated level of serotonin thus leading to serotonin syndrome.

So this was just an overview of these two drug features and the difference between these two medications will help you understand it better and you should discuss it in detail with your doctor before you start the treatment.

Lexapro and Alcohol

Lexapro and Alcohol – Effects of Using Them Together

Depression is a very important topic in today’s world because it is increasing among people with every passing day and that’s the reason we are going to discuss Lexapro and Alcohol. And gladly more people are talking about it and addressing it so the awareness can be spread about it. Use of anti-depressants has also been increased a lot due to increased depression but not all the people have the knowledge about how to take their anti-depressants and what things they should do an avoid while taking those medications.

Lexapro is one of the anti-depressants and the use of Lexapro and alcohol will be discussed here so people should know why they should avoid alcohol while they are on the anti-depressants. Anti-depressants are of different types and doctors prescribe it according to the condition of the patients and their other medical history. There is this one class of the anti-depressants that are known a serotonin reuptake inhibitors and they act in such way that they block the uptake of the serotonin which leads to the higher serotonin level.

Serotonin is a chemical that produces the feeling of wellbeing and in an increased level of serotonin, they feeling of wellbeing produces and in this way these medications help with the treatment of depression.


Lexapro is basically the brand name of the drug known as the escitalopram and that drug being the serotonin reuptake inhibitor anti-depressants and they act by balancing the amount of serotonin in the brain that was unbalanced in the state of depression and it is one of the reasons people suffer from depression. Lexapro is also used by adults that are going through anxiety and it is also used for the treatment of some other mental issues.

Most of the people have a fear of taking the medications and for them, it is the safest choice because the SSRI is one of the safest class among the antidepressants which is why they are the first class doctor’s consider while prescribing a patient going through the depression.

Lexapro and Alcohol

Even though the SSRI is the safest class of the anti-depressant drugs but still there are some risks like Lexapro and alcohol because it is probably not the best combination for a person who is going through the major depressive disorder because the drug will be ineffective for the patient and the depression instead of being treated will just get worse and that can lead to the worst consequences and even the life of the patient can be at risk because the number of suicidal attempts due to depression is increasing day by day.

There are some of the drugs that cannot be used together because of their similar effect and the Lexapro and alcohol have the exact same relation to the patient remains untreated even after he is being put on the anti-depressants by the health practitioner or sometimes the condition worsens.

Why alcohol shouldn’t be used with Lexapro

Alcohol with or without in combination of the Lexapro shouldn’t be used in excess and shouldn’t be used in excess at all by the patients with depression. The reason why alcohol shouldn’t be used by the patient if depression is that alcohol depresses the central nervous system and since the patient is already in the depressed state during depression disorder the use of alcohol can worsen the condition of the patient this leading to suicidal thoughts.

The clinical trials show that the Lexapro and alcohol produce almost the same effect and the difference between them is quite low so even if it is to be used by the patient then make sure they don’t drink it in excess or you can be in the danger of some of the serious side effects that you don’t want to deal with in the state of depression.

There is no such way by which treatment can work by switching the antidepressant because almost all the anti-depressants are not suitable to be used with alcohol so you should discuss it thoroughly with the doctor and the best choice is that matter is for how long you are taking anti-depressants you should avoid drinking alcohol.

Effects of using Lexapro and alcohol

Since so far we have developed that Lexapro and alcohol are not the best choices of drugs to be used together and the results of using these drugs together will help you understand the severity of the situation in a better way. To get to better results you should make a comparison of the symptoms that will result from using Lexapro and alcohol versus the healthy, depression-free life. Following are some of the side effects that result from the combined use of the Lexapro and alcohol.

  • Decreased efficacy of the Lexapro
  • Alcoholism
  • Liver problem
  • Drowsiness
  • Anxiety
  • Worsening of depression
  • Increased intensity of the drug’s side effects like nausea, insomnia, diarrhoea, dry mouth etc.

So this tells us how we should be more concerned about our health and try our best to get out of depression by avoiding completely and if not completely then at least not drinking heavily. The patients who are on the high dose of the anti-depressants like Lexapro should be more careful than those who are still at the initial dosing stages and if you want to get out of depression even faster you should take care of things like this even more. The more you get careless about your depression the closer you are at the risk of suicide so we should try to value our life by taking care of little things like this.

If you think you don’t want to completely quit drinking alcohol then you can discuss your doctor about it. You can drink alcohol from time to time but the heavy drinking can lead to above-mentioned symptoms of the Lexapro and alcohol combined use. But sometimes doctors stop you from alcohol altogether so you must discuss it again with your doctor before having a drink. So this was all you needed to know about the combined use of Lexapro and alcohol and why you shouldn’t take them together.

Avocado Allergy

Avocado Allergy – Symptoms and Treatment

We might have heard that many of our friends or family members are suffering from Avocado Allergy, Dust Allergy, Pollen Allergy, Cat Allergy etc. Well, there is nothing to be amazed about Avocado Allergy, as there are people who are also allergic to some fruits and vegetables. So if you also have Avocado Allergy then there might be a slight possibility that you are not directly allergic to it, because people with latex allergy can also be allergic to Avocados as well. As for direct, or oral allergy when you eat an avocado then instead of accepting this food your body starts to react back as an alarm for this food.

Symptoms of Avocado Allergy

And as a result spots and red skin starts to appear in your different parts of the body which becomes itchy. And not just this, but your throat also starts to dry up which makes it difficult for you to breathe properly. Another reason for Avocado Allergy is Latex Allergy which is caused by latex. And patients especially babies who are suffering from latex allergy are also allergic to some other fruits as well except avocado.

As this is not some normal type of allergy because this allergy shows some really serious and deadly symptoms that you have to reach hospital as soon as possible. Some of the initial symptoms are stomach problems which include vomit as well, itching in the eyes other parts of the body, baby rash, swelling and sneezing as well. And patients with latex allergy can get these symptoms by eating avocados. So if you have by chance eaten a piece of avocado then the best option is to get to the hospital as soon as possible before you feel difficulty in breathing.

Organic Avocados

There are also sometimes that you get all of these symptoms due to the coating of chemicals which are sprayed on to them like pesticides or insecticides, as these poisons will surely leave some bad effects on your health as well. So, in that case, you need to wash everything which is possible before you eat them so that all the chemicals on its surface gets washed up.

But still they will not be completely cleaned out, and remedy for this problem is to get organic avocados, because these are the ones which are sprayed on, and grown up completely in natural without any help of pesticides, and with organic fertilizer. Now coming to the remedy for Avocado Allergy, and for that, you must know it is not possible to test direct avocado allergy, but as for latex allergy, it can be detected.

Once this Avocado Allergy or its related allergy is detected then its solution is suggested which should be a cream. But as we all know that the best way to prevent Avocado Allergy is by trying to stop eating avocado. It does not matter that if you take avocados directly, but actually when you go out to eat then there are many food items where avocado is a major ingredient like California Roll and guacamole.

Avoid Avocado Products

While there are other food items where avocado is a secondary ingredient, and it is not easy to find out if there are avocados in that recipe. AS for those people who are on dieting, then for them, dairy products with high fats are not allowed. And as a replacement avocado is being used in the recipes, plus they are also used in some recipes for brownies or chocolate chip cookies.

And it is not necessary to get Avocado Allergy is by eating it, but it can also be caused the cosmetics and similar products as well which includes avocado extracts in them. SO before you purchase any such cosmetics, then try to read all the ingredients. Now all you need to do is to follow these simple steps in order to stay safe and healthy, but still, if you have a craze for avocados then there is nothing to worry about that as well. And that substitute is Chayote squash, and in order to get the same taste as avocados, this Chayote Squash is being mixed with many other ingredients as well as tomato, lemon, garlic, and onion.

Once all of these ingredients are mixed they will form a thick paste which will turn in to green colour after you will also add up peas in it. This thick paste is similar in taste as avocado, and it can be used in different recipes to be cooked where it will be mixed with vegetables like broccoli.

Vitamins and Benefits

And with so many ingredients mixed together, it will give you a real taste of salty avocados in your meal. Plus this healthy spread can also be used in your sandwiches to make them tastier. And if you just want that cream all alone then it is completely safe and healthy for you without any fear of Avocado Allergy. Moreover, there are several vitamins which are surely going to help you out with Avocado Allergy.

For example, Vitamin C is known to be a natural nutrient which protects our body from any outside infections, plus it also strengthens our immune system. While Vitamin A is a natural antioxidant which helps to recover our body from any outside or inside damage. And due to Vitamin A, this process speeds up, but before you go for it, better is to consult any doctor.

As only he can prescribe with a safe limit of its dosage. Due to an infection, the very first thing that gets affected is our lungs, so in order to protect our lungs, we require Vitamin E, as its only purpose to keep lungs safe and enhance the immune system around it. Many people do not care about Avocado Allergy, but it can get serious beyond your expectations. So before you go for your own home remedies, try to consult a good doctor, so that he can get you to the safe limit. And after that, you can feel free to get yourself normal with your own home remedies.

Flonase vs Nasacort

Flonase vs Nasacort

Looking for Flonase vs Nasacort? Well, Flonase and Nasacort are basically two allergy medications and both of them have almost the same function except for the mechanism of their action and some of the other differences that will be discussed further in the article. We all are aware of the allergic reactions and almost all or few of us at least suffer from the different types of allergies and the worse among them is the seasonal allergy due to which you get the flu-like symptoms like a runny nose and other symptoms of cold and for that purpose we have to take anti-allergy medications like the Flonase and Nasacort.

Flonase and Nasacort are basically the brand names and the generic drugs that are present in them are triamcinolone and fluticasone propionate. Triamcinolone is present in the Nasacort and in Flonase the fluticasone propionate is present. These generic drugs are available in the market in the different brand names and the medicines of discussion Flonase vs Nasacort are the examples of the brand names.

Flonase and Nasacort

Before we go into the detailed discussion of the Flonase vs Nasacort difference we must know in detail about them and their generic drugs triamcinolone and fluticasone propionate. Both o the drugs are the corticosteroids and they help in the reduction of inflammation. In the market, there are a lot of anti-allergy medications available but to select the one that is perfect for your type of allergic reaction seals the deal and Flonase vs Nasacort comparison will help you understand this better so you can know which one you should select according to your condition.

Allergic rhinitis symptoms are the main thing that can be treated by the Flonase and Nasacort. Allergic rhinitis is the condition in which the inner lining of your nose gets inflamed. Sneezing, runny nose etc. are the symptoms that start appearing in the case of the allergic rhinitis. They act as anti-allergy in such a way that they block the receptors on which the allergens attach to stop the release of the histamine which causes allergic reactions and all the symptoms indicated above.

Rhinitis can be allergic and non-allergic too but antihistamines are mostly used for the allergic rhinitis but in Flonase vs Nasacort, the Flonase also helps with the system of non-allergic rhinitis. Another aspect about the treatment abilities of Flonase vs Nasacort is that Flonase can also help with the symptoms of the allergy in eyes like watery and itchy eyes etc. so in Flonase vs Nasacort comparison, the Flonase has been considered better until now.


Other important features that help in the Flonase vs Nasacort comparison are the strength, storage conditions and the duration of treatment. The strength of the Nasacort nasal spray is 55 mcg per spray and while the Flonase has the strength of 50 mcg per spray. The typical length of treatment for Nasacort is less than Flonase the duration of which last for 6 months in the adults and two months for the children.

Nasacort according to the guidelines is recommended to be stored at the 20 to 25 degree Celsius while the Flonase has the wide range of storage like from 4 to 30 degree Celsius. Both of these drugs are available over the counter but still, you should discuss them through with your doctor especially in the case of Nasacort when the symptoms last for more than one week of usage of the medication.

Cost and availability

Cost and availability are two other factors that can help us understand that even being quite same how one of them is quite different than the other one in comparison. While talking about availability both if the drugs have the same availability and can be found in stores all the time but if one that you are looking for is not available based on the preferences of the store you can buy the other one as they both produce the same effect.

And now coming towards the cost we all know that everyone will decide to go for the one that is less expensive because what is the purpose of spending extra money but this doesn’t imply to all the people because some people go for the brands they trust even If it’s expensive and the studies have shown that in comparison of Flonase vs Nasacort the Flonase was less expensive. Since both of these drugs are not the prescription drug and the insurance is only for the prescription drug, but the Flonase can be made a prescription drug and then the expenses of this drug can be covered by the insurance company too.

Side effects

Every drug has its side effects and same is the case here and there are some of the side effects that are same in both of these drugs and some of them are different from each other and these side effects are also one way how we can make preferences in these two drugs. Following is the list of the common side effects of Flonase as well as the Nasacort

  • A headache
  • A sore throat
  • Nosebleed
  • A cough
  • Irritation
  • Cataracts
  • Glaucoma
  • Worsening of infections


Final Words for Flonase vs Nasacort

And now coming to the comparison of the Flonase vs Nasacort the Nasacort is responsible for the pins and needles feeling in your feet and hands, trouble in breathing and sneezing while in Flonase there are only asthma-like symptoms. Interactions can also occur between these two and another medication and the only possible interaction is with the HIV drugs and alcohol and you should inform your doctor about all the previous medications so the future complication can be avoided.

There are also some medical conditions in which these drugs must be avoided completely or given the other alternative so make sure to tell your doctor all the past medication and medical history. So by this discussion and some other reviews you can so easily recognize the right drug for you to relieve the symptoms of allergic rhinitis but by far Flonase has proved itself to be a better choice as compared to the Nasacort

Breakthrough Bleeding

Breakthrough Bleeding

First of all the question arise is that what actually is Breakthrough Bleeding and how it is separate from normal bleeding? Well, Breakthrough Bleeding is basically which you are going to experience during your menstrual period, or even you can experience it at the time of pregnancy as well. And if this answer does not satisfy you then you will surely realize that if it is normal or Breakthrough bleeding, because it is a bit change as compared to normal bleedings.

And mostly Breakthrough Bleeding occurs in the women who smoke a lot. So if you are already experiencing any such consequences then below you are going to find out that how you can recognize it, or for how long these Breakthrough bleedings are going to last etc.

Hormonal Problem

If you are having continuous bleeding throughout your menstrual periods, then, of course, there might be a chance that you are having some hormonal problems. Besides this, it can also be caused by several problems in your pregnancy. Well even though there are several cases in which patients have recovered on their own without any assistance by the doctors, but no one is lucky enough to have such a fate.

So the best thing to do is to consult a good doctor as soon as you experience any such problem. The menstrual process is a natural thing and is experienced by every girl or woman except for the pregnancy time period. Generally, a common menstrual time period may last up to five to seven days, and this cycle will keep going on after every 28 to 30 days.


As this is a common time period for any girl to experience menstrual periods, but there are some cases where this cycle is continued for 35 days which is just a maximum time period for this cycle. Once this menstrual process stops, then hormones start to get stable, which as a result forms an egg. This egg can get fertilized during the ovulation period which starts on the 14th day after menstruation. Well if that gets fertilized during ovulation then, of course, it will end up in pregnancy, while on another hand if the egg fails to gets fertilized then hormones will once again start to get unstable, and after another 15 days, it will result in periods. Usually, the blood that flows out during menstruation is from 2 – 3 tablespoons, and it does not matter that for how long the periods are going to extend, as this is the normal limit.


Breakthrough Bleeding

While on the other hand if the blood flows out more than this range then it will be known as Breakthrough Bleeding. And it is really easy to get aware of Breakthrough Bleeding because it will leave large stains, or even wet your pads.  Next comes the reasons which can cause Breakthrough Bleeding. And the most common reason for having this problem is by STI or Sexually Transmitted Infections. These infections are usually gets transferred between partners when no protection is being used while having sex.

And not just this, Breakthrough Bleeding can cause you several other health issues as well. And some of the common problems are a bad odour, urinal problems, vaginal abnormalities etc. Of course there might be many among you who do not pay much attention to such problems, but in fact, these problems are worth considering, and to be sorted out on time.

Reasons for Breakthrough Bleeding

Another common reason for Breakthrough Bleeding is when you try different methods of birth control like birth control pills, or IUD which is also another contraceptive. Well even for the doctors it’s just a tough job to find out the actual reason for Breakthrough Bleeding. And Breakthrough Bleeding will get worst if you try to skip contraceptive pills for any, or if you experience constant diarrhoea or vomiting.

Besides this if you try to start any new medications during you are on pills, then there is a possibility of an increase of Breakthrough Bleeding. At the start of the medication of pills that controls birth, you will surely experience this problem at the start of some month, and that is due to the hormonal disturbance in your body. And while you are on birth control medication, there might be a possibility that during menstruation the colour of blood would be dark, which indicates it is old blood.

Birth Control

And no doubt during you are on after you will be experiencing unusual menstruation flow. This happens due to hormones as well, as it takes time for the hormones to adjust new changes in your body. So if Breakthrough Bleeding start, then let your doctor know about it as soon as possible. To starting this bleeding will come often, but as the time passes there will be a clear decrease in this problem.

But as soon as your starts to feel the symptoms like severe back pain, blurry vision, chest pain, abdominal pain, legs pain etc. And there might be very few who knows that this Breakthrough Bleeding also occurs due to endometritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, cervicitis, and vaginitis.

Cervix and Miscarriage

Another condition of breakthrough bleeding is your cervix getting very sensitive, as it is part of your uterus. During pregnancy, this part gest really soft, and this could be a reason for bleeding at that time, but otherwise, if it still bleeds then that is a time when you should get worried about. Furthermore during pregnancy, if a woman bleeds sometimes, then it is considered as a good signal for a healthy baby, but sometimes this could be a signal of miscarriage.

If you are experiencing extreme pain much before time, or if there is unusual bleeding, then that is time for you to consult a doctor in order to find out the actual reasons. And if it detected for a miscarriage, then your uterus will still bleed for some weeks till it gets empty.  Well, in short, you have no control over the flow of bleeding, and the only thing you can do is take some extra protections like a good quality pad or tampon if the flow of blood is more than expected.