What is Phenibut High, and What does Phenibut Feel Like?

Phenibut is one of the nootropics drugs. If you are wondering what does phenibut feel like, then you should know it used to improve brain function. These drugs are given in the supplemental form, so there are no specific restrictions for them. These drugs will improve brain function by improving your memory, functioning, and cognitive functions as well. People get high on this drug when the onset of the drug is late. They keep taking the dose to get the effect, and that results in overuse of this medication resulting in phenibut high. Phenibut is used as an anti-anxiety medication in Russia and is even prescribed by doctors. It affects the receptors in our body that will produce a feeling of calm and will control your anxiety.

Phenibut high?

Phenibut high is the euphoric condition of mind when you are using too much of the phenibut. It can also take place if you use it with other similar drugs like kratom etc. They will create a synergistic effect to give that feeling to your mind. There are people who are new to this drug and are trying it to know what does phenibut feel like. These people will also start to feel high at very small doses. Some people may be more responsive to this drug, causing them to feel high at small doses. The phenibut high is similar to the effects that you will feel with the use of alcohol. Many people also consume different other medicines with alcohol. Among these, ritalin and alcohol is one of the most common ones.

All the extreme side effects are short-lived, and these include euphoria and dizziness. You may also pass out along with complete blackouts. This happens because the phenibut is a GABA drug just like alcohol, causing you to relieve yourself from anxiety and will cause sedation.

The pharmacological effect of Phenibut

Phenibut act on the GABA receptors. When it attaches to the GABA-b receptors, it will activate them, and that is why it is known as Beta Phenyl Gaba drug and hence the name Phenibut. The beta phenyl GABA is a tranquillizer or a nootropic drug. To know what are nootropic drugs, you should know that they are close to the benzodiazepines and barbiturates class of drugs. The reason is because of their effect on the GABA receptors. Alcohol also has the same effect on the GABA receptors, and that is, it has the same effect as that of the phenibut.

How to use phenibut drug

 It is better to use this drug when it is prescribed to you, but some people also use it for recreational use. Some people take it with coffee and other such beverages. Some people also take it on an empty stomach to increase the absorption of the drug in GIT. The dosage that is recommended for people to fall asleep is around 500 mg to 750 mg. This dose is enough for a person to fall asleep. The doses should be breaking down into three parts before your meal, if you are using this drug for the very first time.

For people who are taking it to relieve their anxiety or to know what does phenibut feel like, it can be taken in 250 mg to 500 mg dose. Whereas for the people who want to get the phenibut high and want to use this drug for recreational use, sticking to the dose of 500 mg to 750 mg is good.

Control on phenibut

For now, the phenibut is allowed to be taken as a recreational drug in the United States of America. This is the reason why it is used a lot to offer the phenibut high. But still, this drug isn’t approved by the FDA, and that is why there is no regulation. Poisoning units all over have reported that the overdose because of this drug has been increasing in these past few years. The changes in the mood by the use of this drug are because of the increased level of dopamine in your blood.

People who use this drug for recreational and even for medicinal use can feel the withdrawal of this drug when it is not available to them. The dependence and the addiction to this drug can also build up quickly, just like for any other similar drug. There should be more control over the use of this drug. Even if it should be allowed to use for recreational use. The information about the addiction caused by it and the withdrawal symptoms when you become habitual users should be shared with the public to create awareness.

How much of the phenibut is needed for you to get that high?

If you want to get the phenibut high, you should know what amount is needed, so you don’t end up overdosing on this drug. The onset of this drug is a bit slow. You should wait for it to act instead of just taking more to get the desired results. The safe dose of phenibut to get the phenibut high is around 250 to 500 mg. That is the safe dose to start with for people who want to know what does phenibut feel like. This is the dose that is prescribed to you for that help with the anxiety. However if you want to get the phenibut high, you will have to switch to the dose of 500 mg to 750 mg. You should only be take around the 200 to 1000 mg in 24 hours. Any more than that is considered an overuse.

Adverse effects of Phenibut high

When you want to get the phenibut high, you should know that you will also be going through some of the adverse effects, which are as follows.

  • You may experience nausea, vomiting, and bradycardia.
  • You will also feel stomach cramps and may experience a severe hangout of this drug the morning after
  • Your body will be dehydrated, and a rise in blood pressure is quite common with the phenibut high.
  • You can experience blackouts and may pass out with the overdose while trying to achieve the phenibut high
  • After prolonged use, you may get dependent on this drug. That is why you may experience withdrawal symptoms when you have to go without this drug. You can rebound to this drug very easily, even after going to therapy for it.

Nothing is worth your healthy life. Even if you are using phenibut to get the phenibut high, then you should be very careful and watch the amount you are using. Also, don’t make a habit of using this drug.

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