Can you take Ibuprofen with Bactrim?

Ibuprofen and Bactrim are two different kinds of medications, however many people wonder if they can take ibuprofen with Bactrim or not. Simply when you are using two different medications, you should know if there are possible adverse effects of using both these drugs together or not. Then there are also drug interactions that you should watch out for as they can increase or decrease the absorption of the other drug.

Bactrim Oral

Bactrim is the combination of two antibacterial drugs known as trimethoprim and sulfamethoxazole. Both of them are generic antibiotics. Both these drugs act together to stop and prevent intestinal, urinary, respiratory, and middle ear infections. Even though this drug is used for these infections, you should only b taking it on the advice of your doctor. These drugs are prescription-only because misuse of such medications can lead to resistance in the patients. When the Bactrim DS is prescribed to you should take it regularly for the prescribed period, and the prescribed dose should be taken as well to avoid any complications.


Ibuprofen is an over-the-counter medicine. Due to this reason, this question about whether can you take ibuprofen with Bactrim or not is acknowledged. The ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory drug, and it also controls the pain in your body by activating certain enzymes. This is the most commonly used painkiller, and it is also used in fever.

Can you take Ibuprofen with Bactrim together

The Bactrim and ibuprofen can be taken together when your doctor prescribes you. he does it because he has your best interest in mind. Usually, both are given together because patients can experience fever and pain in an infection. When two drugs are taken together, they may alter the effect of each other. This causes a change in the expected result of the drug.

Usually, if the drug interaction is too severe, then the pharmacist will advise you against using these medications together. If anything, you can take a gap between each of the medications as well. When it comes to Bactrim and ibuprofen, there is only one minor drug interaction between these two. The drug interaction that is caused is because of the ibuprofen. This drug will increase the effect and absorption of Bactrim. This effect is not bothersome at all, but you can use it as per the instructions of your doctor and pharmacist.

Avoiding the adverse effect after taking Ibuprofen with Bactrim

Now your question of whether can you take ibuprofen with Bactrim or not has been answered. You should know how you can avoid this interaction from happening completely. If the drugs have been prescribed by your doctor, then you can continue taking them together; the interaction is minor. But otherwise, you can give some gap between these two medications.

Since it is the metabolism of the Bactrim that will be altered, you can take almost an hour gap between these two medications. If you have to take them together, then you can do that as well. Make sure to show compliance with your doctor’s prescription. You can also go for other drugs like acetaminophen with Bactrim instead of ibuprofen.

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