Zoloft and Alcohol Combination

Zoloft and Alcohol combination is never a good idea and this whole article is the explanation of all the reasons why these two drugs should not be taken together. Zoloft, as you all know, is a medicine that is prescribed by the health practitioners to the people suffering from depression. Depression is a psychological disorder that has been seeming to be increasing a lot since the past few years and it is most likely to be found among teenager.

Depression is something that keeps eating a person emotionally and most of the people going through it choose to end their life when the depression stays unaddressed so this is why it is important to address the needs of the people around us and in the whole society. Zoloft and other such medications are prescribed by the doctors in the depression but in some situations, even these medications fail to help the person and those such situations include mixing of Zoloft and alcohol.

Symptoms of depression

Depression is a very important issue in today’s society and the more we talk about it the less it is and we as an active member of our society should take part in spreading awareness about depression. Depression is one of the reasons the suicidal ratio increasing day by day.

When you are depressed you lose all the hope in your life and then you see no purpose of your life so you just decide the world is better off without you and this is exactly why we need to fight depression. Depression is most likely to occur in teens as compared to the adults and in females as compared to the males. Following are some of the symptoms of the depression

  • Helplessness or hopelessness
  • Changes in appetite and weight
  • Anger or irritability
  • Self-loathing and self-destructive attitude
  • Short attention span
  • Sleep changes and loss of interest in activities of life.

Side Effects of Depression

So these were some of the symptoms and if you see them in yourself then you should definitely visit a doctor.

What is the impact of alcohol and Zoloft in the depression?

Zoloft and Alcohol are two opposite drugs. Alcohol itself is a drug and it is one of those drugs that depress our central nervous system. Even though it activates our nervous system for a little while but then it starts depressing it and if the person is already suffering from the depression you can imagine what the intake of Alcohol can do to them. Zoloft versus Zahra is used as an antidepressant which shows that it has opposite of action.

Zoloft is basically the brand name of the generic drug known as the sertraline. Sertraline is the serotonin reuptake inhibitor and serotonin being a chemical that helps in elevation of your mood upon being blocked from the reuptake can help you get over your depression. So this is how the generic drug sertraline works in the form of capsule Zoloft.

Zoloft and alcohol

Zoloft and Alcohol should not be taken together because both of these drugs are the antagonist of each other. By antagonist to means that action of one drug will be the exact opposite of what other drug is doing and in such way, none of the drugs will be able to produce their action.

Since the situation, we are dealing here is depression we should definitely opt for the drug that helps to recover depression which in this case is Zoloft and not the one that further pulls you in the depression that in this case is the alcohol. The difference between both of these drugs is huge and this is exactly why they are not a perfect combination to be used together.

Drinking while you are in depression will pull you further into it so instead of doing that you should try to get yourself recovered from depression which has the potential to eat up your whole life and your career. If the person is already in a depression and the doctor has prescribed him with the Zoloft then according to U.S Food and Drug Administration guidelines you should not be taking Alcohol at all because then the purpose if your therapy will be futile otherwise.

So due to this type of interaction you should avoid the use of Alcohol at all, in fact, you shouldn’t even look at Alcohol when you already are in the depressed stage because the side effects in such cases are endless and the risk to the life is even greater then.


You must have heard of drug-drug interactions. There are two types of drug-drug interaction and that are synergistic or antagonist. Antagonist means the complete opposite of each other and Zoloft and alcohol has that kind of interaction with each other. Alcohol makes the potential side effects of the Zoloft even worse and they are as follows.

  • Dizziness,
  • A headache
  • Depression
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Diarrhea etc.

So these symptoms can get elevated upon the combined use of Zoloft and Alcohol. So while you are on the medications like Zoloft you should avoid drinking beer or any other alcoholic beverages and this isn’t only because alcohol affects the activity of Zoloft it is also because Zoloft makes the effects of Alcohol like drowsiness even worse so you should never consider mixing Zoloft and Alcohol together.

What to do?

What you should do is that you should never mix Zoloft and alcohol as they will alleviate the side effects of each other and if you think you have no control over your drinking then you should probably discuss it through with the doctors so they can suggest you better alternatives and also they can help you with your drinking problem if it’s going out of hand. So now you know how dangerous it is to use the combination of the Zoloft and alcohol and you know how side effects can go even worse and you will then put your own life at the risk and before you know you will be the most depressed person.

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