Permanent Retainer – Advantages and Disadvantages

Having perfect-looking teeth is very important, and that is what the permanent retainer is for. Taking care of your teeth is very important as it the first thing that people notice about your personality. Having crooked teeth or teeth that are uneven may not be that bad, but some people find it very uncomfortable and don’t feel confident about themselves. Such people are shy t even smile even in front of others. But with the updated dental procedures, you can have all of that fixed in a very little amount of time. As you can see, nowadays, everyone goes through the phase of getting the braces just t has perfectly aligned teeth. Braces are to be worn for a specific period, and after that, your teeth will be free of it, but the only thing that tags along even after the braces have been removed is the retainers. You have to wear your retainers at night time so that your teeth don’t lose their alignment later on.

Permanent retainer

Usually, people forget to wear their retainers, and that is why they have to go through the pain and discomfort of the braces again in their life. So, to avoid that, permanent retainers have been introduced that will keep your teeth perfectly in shape. The permanent retainers are for those who forget to wear their retainers regularly or lose their retainer every few days they buy a new one. So, for such people, a permanent retainer has been introducing that you won’t have to put on or remove.

Permanent retainers are the smooth or braided wire that is glued to your teeth. This wire is glued to the inner side of your teeth and will stop the teeth from moving. These types of retainers are advised to you when you are unable to follow the guidelines if your orthodontist is related to your removable retainers. Your orthodontist may also go for the combination of removable and permanent retainer, but for tardy people, the permanent ones alone remain the most popular ones. You can know more about it by the pros and cons of permanent retainers.

Advantage of permanent retainer over removable retainer

Permanent retainer and removable retainer compete nowadays, but it depends on the person wearing them to judge which one is the better, following ae some of the advantages of permanent ones over the moveable ones.

  • The main benefit is that you don’t have to remove them and can leave them on.
  • You can keep these retainers a secret, and no one will ever know that you have retainers on.
  • Wearing such a retainer is extremely normal and won’t affect your speech at all.
  • The teeth will stay perfectly in their normal state since the retainer will always be there.
  • You can’t lose it since you dint has to remove these retainers.
  • There is no chance that these retainers can get damaged.

Benefits of removable retainer over permanent retainer

Following are some of the benefits that removable retainers have over permanent ones.

  • If you feel uncomfortable with it, you can remove them any time you want.
  • When you have the removable retainers, it will be easier for your flossing.
  • Removable retainers are easier to make and can be made faster.
  • Cleaning your removable retainers is no big deal and can be done very easily.
  • When you have irrational upper teeth, the removable retainers may be the perfect choice for them.

Every type of retainer has some limitations, and it is based on your choice.

Disadvantages of permanent retainer

Along with the benefits, there are also some of the disadvantages that come with the permanent retainers. Following are some of the disadvantages of permanent retainer.

  1. The process of getting your retainer attached is a long one. It may take more than an hour to get your retainer attaches to your teeth, while the removable ones can be made based on the mould of your teeth.
  2. If the wire breaks, you have to go through the whole process again or will have to get the wire fixed.
  3. Eating hard foods can cause the wire to bend, thus ruining the purpose of this permanent retainer. So, this whole process is very cautious.
  4. Getting used to a new thing in your mouth is very weird and uncomfortable. So, most of the people just end up getting this permanent wire removed.
  5. They are only better for bottom teeth.
  6. You can’t also floss your teeth with these kinds of retainers. This is another one of the problems

What to do when your retainer is bent

When your retainer is bent, you shouldn’t try to fix it on your own. When you are trying to fix it, you may even bend it even more or may also break it w, damaging your teeth in doing so. You must contact your orthodontist as soon as possible; getting it fixed at the right time is very important, and if you are unable to do that, your teeth shape will change and will leave all your efforts with braces to zero. You will be given an emergency contact number when you get your permanent retainer done, and you must contact that number because that is how urgent this whole situation is. You may also have to go for removal, and the cost of it can be a bit expensive.

How to clean your teeth

You will be able to clean your teeth better with the permanent retainer using a toothbrush, but you can’t do that all the time. So, what you need to do is to learn a method of using floss when you have permanent retainers. You must take a 6-inch thread, and then with the help of a threader, you must pass the floss between two teeth, and while doing it, make sure you are careful, so you don’t damage your gums. When finishing with each set, you can move on to the other set for the flossing. This way, you will be able to floss your whole teeth when you have the permanent retainer on. This can be a little difficult at the start, but later on, you will get a hand at it.

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