Dark Inner Thighs

How to treat Dark Inner Thighs?

Usually, Dark Inner Thighs can occur to anyone, and it does not matter that if that person has dark skin or lighter one. Now you might be wondering why this does actually occur to anyone, and the answer for this one is really simple. Usually, a person experiences Dark Inner Thighs due to Melanin which is a colourant, and then this colourant is often named as Hyper-pigmentation.

And while you are wearing undergarments, then there is also a possibility that this pigment discoloured onto bikini or other skin as well. But the real question still persists that how exactly this Dark Inner thigh occurs? Well, there are several reasons for this Dark Inner Thighs as well. First of all, when a woman is pregnant or if she is in periods when there is a possibility for Dark Thighs.


Further when you are exercising like jogging or running then this is another cause for Dark Inner Thighs as well. There are several types of clothes as well which are really tight for you when you are walking, and during that Dark Inner Thighs may occur. Moreover, while you are lying on the beach for a sunbath, then too much direct sunlight exposure might also cause Dark Inner Thighs, or during winter dry skin is another reason as well.

Further, there are some more reasons as well as if you are on a certain type of medications including diabetic medications in which you sweat a lot, then this might also cause Dark Thighs. If you are thinking that these are just normal black spots that would come and go easy on your legs. But you must know that these Dark thighs might be a symptom to a certain hormone disorder as well or any other health problem.

So, in other words, you must take it as a warning as an indication of a serious illness.

Remedies for Dark Inner Thighs

Once you have found out that you have Dark Inner Thighs, then next step would be sure for lightening them, because you do not want all your clothes to be stained. And if you want to know how to get rid of Dark Inner Thighs. Then there is nothing to worry about because there are several home remedies which actually works for it.

If you have Dark Inner Thighs during winter season then no doubt it must have been caused by dry skin, so for this purpose, you are going to need a scrub made from sugar. First of all, take some lime juice, one tablespoon honey, and one teaspoon sugar, and mix all these ingredients really well. Once the thick paste is formed then apply it over the part where you are having Dark Inner Thighs. And after a few minutes rinse that area.

Winter Season Remedies for Dark Inner Thighs

Then there is another home remedy as well for the winter season, and this one is for sure an effective one because it not just helps you to lighten Dark Thighs, but also helps to keep your skin moist just to prevent Dark Inner Thighs in future. For this scrub, you are going to need lemon juice of half lime, and 2 or 3 tablespoons of coconut oil.

Once the mixture is ready then apply it over the Dark Inner Thighs, and keep rubbing that area for more than 9 minutes. After that wash that place. Then next would be the paste made from Baking soda. Baking soda is no doubt really effective for Dark Inner Thighs, but there is a problem as well.

Baking Soda and Yoghurt for Dark Inner Thighs

There are several people who are allergic to Baking soda, so before you use this scrub it would be better for you to make sure that what kind of allergies you have. Next scrub is made from Yoghurt and Oatmeal. This scrub comes with dual benefits, as yoghurt is really best for skin in several ways due to Lactic acid in it. Whereas Oatmeal can discolour Inner Thighs.

Now, first of all, what you need to do is to take a half bowl of Oatmeal and the same quantity of yoghurt as well. Now mix these ingredients till they form a thick paste, and then apply it over the effective parts, and rub it for a few minutes. At last, just wash it off.

Ingrown Hair on Penis

What to do If You Have Ingrown Hair on Penis?

No doubt there is nothing painful more than Ingrown Hair on Penis. No doubt that if you have hairs on your body then there will be ingrown hairs as well. Usually, people have a wrong concept about ingrown hair, that these are the hairs that grow on the inner side of skin instead of above. Well, that is not the truth, but actually ingrown hairs are those whose head turns around, and when it grows further then it goes inside the skin.

As this hair keep on growing the more painful it gets. And soon after that, you will see a noticeable blister over that area because now it is full of pus. This pus might be colourless, green or yellow in colour. Now penis is no doubt really a sensitive part of your body, and when you get Ingrown Hair on Penis, then it will make really miserable due to pain.

What is Ingrown Hair on Penis?

If you want to find out how exactly does Ingrown Hair on Penis look like then it is basically a small bump which is either red or purple in colour depending on the time it has remained. And it will always be itchy, but on the other side, it will be painful as well. But the only indication would be that if you notice that blister then you will see a hair in the middle.

Now it depends that Ingrown Hair on Penis is on the shaft or at the dick. Usually, this Ingrown Hair on Penis will go on its own. But if it does not go away itself, then, of course, you have to remove Ingrown Hair on Penis yourself. For this purpose, first of all, you have to wash the area of Ingrown Hair on Penis really well. Now what you need to do is to bring the hair of Ingrown Hair on the Penis at the surface.

So, either you can try to press the blister from both ends until you see the hair clearly. Or you can use any of the Anti-acne creams because this cream will soften the whole portion and lessen the swollen portion as well.

How to Remove Those Hair on Penis?

Once the whole portion is soft then the next step is to clear the blister and take out all the pus from it. For this purpose, you need to use a pin and push it lightly into the blister so that pus starts to flow out, and now gently press it so that pus will completely be drained out of Ingrown Hair on Penis. Once the whole area is cleared then you can easily see Ingrown Hair on Penis.

So, take the curved side out of your, but make sure that you do not pull that Ingrown Hair on Penis completely from its roots. Now wash it again, and apply some antibacterial cream or gel over it.

Keep Ingrown Hair dry and clear

It will take some days for itching and pain to completely go away from that Ingrown Hair on Penis. No doubt that Ingrown Hair on Penis is really itchy, but you have to try hard to avoid scratching that area, because the more you scratch the more it swells. Now you must avoid tight clothes or stretchable undergarments, because they are going to stick through your body, and could worsen Ingrown Hair on Penis.

Usually, people take these blisters as the normal which can be popped by squeezing, but they are wrong because Ingrown Hair on Penis blister is totally a different thing. Squeezing it would help the hair to go deeper inside your body, and it can form a severe infection as well.

Always you have to press the Ingrown Hair on Penis blister from the ends so that not just the pus drains out but Ingrown Hair on Penis also comes out of the skin. Further while running it is obvious you are going to sweat which would moist that area and could form infection. And not just sweat, but you have to keep Ingrown Hair on Penis dry all the time. Even after the bath, you have to dry that portion as soon as possible. You have to make sure that once Ingrown Hair on Penis blister is being cleared it does not get infected by any means.

Dry Skin on Penis

Dry Skin on Penis Reasons and Cure

Dry Skin on Penis is no doubt something that requires some attention. Because Dry Skin on Penis is not something normal, and that Dry Skin on Penis makes it look really disgusting. But first of all, you need to know that Dry Skin on Penis is not any kind of Sexually Transmitted Diseases or any kind of warts. Before this Dry Skin on Penis even starts to get visible there will be some symptoms which you might experience.

First of all, there will be extreme itching, and due to that your skin starts to peel off, then there is also rashes and red spots around the penis.

Reasons for Dry Skin on Penis

And soon after that cracks would start to appear which will, later on, bleed upon scratching and it gets all crusty. But you should know that all these symptoms do not appear on their own, instead, there are some reasons which you are not even aware of. First of all, there are allergies, and as the penile area is one of the most sensitive parts of a male body.

So, the products causing that allergy could be one of the main reasons for Dry Skin on Penis. Usually, men are allergic to deodorants or any other latex, and if somehow, they have used it over the penile area then that will start the allergic reaction, which later could cause Dry Skin on Penis. And not just this but there are some latex condoms as well, so it would be better for you to avoid them, especially in the cold weather when the air is usually dry.

Chemical Products Causing Dry Skin on Penis

And due to the sensitive penis skin, it is not suitable for you to use any soap which would dry out all the moisture from your skin. Especially for this whole area around the penis, you should try to use some moisturized soap, or even a baby shampoo would be perfect too.

Due to this, all the skin around this area remains soft and moisturized. Then while washing clothes many people just use some tough detergents in order to remove all the stains from it, but they do not realize that detergent will take away all the softness of your clothes. So, make sure you should also use fabric softener to keep them perfect for you to wear and to protect your penile area.

Then some people just want to be done with sex or masturbation, and they do not even realize that doing it with a dry penis will surely cause Dry Skin on Penis. So best for you is to keep it lubricated while you are having an intercourse or if even if you want to do masturbation.

Clothes Causing Dry Skin on Penis

Then the question would arise that what type of lubricant should be used, as there are natural and chemical lubricants available in the market. So, the best for you is to avoid those chemical lubricants which could damage your penis skin, and soon will leave you with Dry Skin on Penis. Then you need to make sure that you are wearing loose clothes, because tight clothes may give you good looks, but actually they are not good for your penis.

While you are wearing tight clothes, your penis will constantly be chafing with them which is also another reason for causing Dry Skin on Penis. Also, avoid wearing underwear, instead you must wear boxers as they are loose and comfortable for your penis as well. Then comes the fabric you are going to wear, so make sure that you must wear soft fabrics like cotton and flexible denim.

Then comes yeast infection which is a fungal infection and leaves white and red spots on your penis. And it also causes itching with peeling skin. And not just this but there is also pain and swelling on your penis as well.

Dry Skin on Penis due to Yeast Infection

And after some time your penis skin starts to bleed which is also the same symptom for Dry Skin on Penis. And Dry Skin on Penis and Yeast Infection it is painful to perform intercourse or even to urinate as well. So, the simple solution to get rid of both of these problems is to keep that area clean and dried out with no moist environment.

Then you must apply some antibacterial ointment all the way from the head of the penis towards the foreskin and till the end. And keep using that ointment for some time every day till all the symptoms of Dry Skin on Penis and Penile Yeast Infection goes away. Usually, the ointment is the best solution for these problems, but if it still keeps getting worst then you need to consult some physician for any other treatment he will prescribe you.

And as these symptoms are painful so it will be better for you to avoid having any sexual activity until you are fully recovered, otherwise as you already know that it is STD.

Dry Skin on Penis due to other Health Problems

Then further there is Eczema which is another reason for Dry Skin on Penis. But this medical problem really gets worst and due to this itching gets intense and not just this but bumps start to appear on the shaft of the penis with dead skin over it. And more you scratch this chapped skin, more it gets worst. So it is better for you to consult some dermatologist, and he will suggest you with the best treatment.

But you need to be really careful while you are using some medicated cream for Dry Skin on Penis. Then comes Psoriasis which is a condition in which your skin starts to build up cells faster than usual, and in this process, your skin starts to get red, and itching starts.

And of course, more you are going to scratch more you will get Dry Skin on Penis. Furthermore, this condition would get intense as well if you will not consult some dermatologist and keeps on rubbing your skin. And only skin specialist is going to cure this condition using ultraviolet rays, so you need not use any kind of medication over your penis.