What to do If You Have Ingrown Hair on Penis?

No doubt there is nothing painful more than Ingrown Hair on Penis. No doubt that if you have hairs on your body then there will be ingrown hairs as well. Usually, people have a wrong concept about ingrown hair, that these are the hairs that grow on the inner side of skin instead of above. Well, that is not the truth, but actually ingrown hairs are those whose head turns around, and when it grows further then it goes inside the skin.

As this hair keep on growing the more painful it gets. And soon after that, you will see a noticeable blister over that area because now it is full of pus. This pus might be colourless, green or yellow in colour. Now penis is no doubt really a sensitive part of your body, and when you get Ingrown Hair on Penis, then it will make really miserable due to pain.

What is Ingrown Hair on Penis?

If you want to find out how exactly does Ingrown Hair on Penis look like then it is basically a small bump which is either red or purple in colour depending on the time it has remained. And it will always be itchy, but on the other side, it will be painful as well. But the only indication would be that if you notice that blister then you will see a hair in the middle.

Now it depends that Ingrown Hair on Penis is on the shaft or at the dick. Usually, this Ingrown Hair on Penis will go on its own. But if it does not go away itself, then, of course, you have to remove Ingrown Hair on Penis yourself. For this purpose, first of all, you have to wash the area of Ingrown Hair on Penis really well. Now what you need to do is to bring the hair of Ingrown Hair on the Penis at the surface.

So, either you can try to press the blister from both ends until you see the hair clearly. Or you can use any of the Anti-acne creams because this cream will soften the whole portion and lessen the swollen portion as well.

How to Remove Those Hair on Penis?

Once the whole portion is soft then the next step is to clear the blister and take out all the pus from it. For this purpose, you need to use a pin and push it lightly into the blister so that pus starts to flow out, and now gently press it so that pus will completely be drained out of Ingrown Hair on Penis. Once the whole area is cleared then you can easily see Ingrown Hair on Penis.

So, take the curved side out of your, but make sure that you do not pull that Ingrown Hair on Penis completely from its roots. Now wash it again, and apply some antibacterial cream or gel over it.

Keep Ingrown Hair dry and clear

It will take some days for itching and pain to completely go away from that Ingrown Hair on Penis. No doubt that Ingrown Hair on Penis is really itchy, but you have to try hard to avoid scratching that area, because the more you scratch the more it swells. Now you must avoid tight clothes or stretchable undergarments, because they are going to stick through your body, and could worsen Ingrown Hair on Penis.

Usually, people take these blisters as the normal which can be popped by squeezing, but they are wrong because Ingrown Hair on Penis blister is totally a different thing. Squeezing it would help the hair to go deeper inside your body, and it can form a severe infection as well.

Always you have to press the Ingrown Hair on Penis blister from the ends so that not just the pus drains out but Ingrown Hair on Penis also comes out of the skin. Further while running it is obvious you are going to sweat which would moist that area and could form infection. And not just sweat, but you have to keep Ingrown Hair on Penis dry all the time. Even after the bath, you have to dry that portion as soon as possible. You have to make sure that once Ingrown Hair on Penis blister is being cleared it does not get infected by any means.

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