Dark Inner Thighs

How to treat Dark Inner Thighs?

Usually, Dark Inner Thighs can occur to anyone, and it does not matter that if that person has dark skin or lighter one. Now you might be wondering why this does actually occur to anyone, and the answer for this one is really simple. Usually, a person experiences Dark Inner Thighs due to Melanin which is a colourant, and then this colourant is often named as Hyper-pigmentation.

And while you are wearing undergarments, then there is also a possibility that this pigment discoloured onto bikini or other skin as well. But the real question still persists that how exactly this Dark Inner thigh occurs? Well, there are several reasons for this Dark Inner Thighs as well. First of all, when a woman is pregnant or if she is in periods when there is a possibility for Dark Thighs.


Further when you are exercising like jogging or running then this is another cause for Dark Inner Thighs as well. There are several types of clothes as well which are really tight for you when you are walking, and during that Dark Inner Thighs may occur. Moreover, while you are lying on the beach for a sunbath, then too much direct sunlight exposure might also cause Dark Inner Thighs, or during winter dry skin is another reason as well.

Further, there are some more reasons as well as if you are on a certain type of medications including diabetic medications in which you sweat a lot, then this might also cause Dark Thighs. If you are thinking that these are just normal black spots that would come and go easy on your legs. But you must know that these Dark thighs might be a symptom to a certain hormone disorder as well or any other health problem.

So, in other words, you must take it as a warning as an indication of a serious illness.

Remedies for Dark Inner Thighs

Once you have found out that you have Dark Inner Thighs, then next step would be sure for lightening them, because you do not want all your clothes to be stained. And if you want to know how to get rid of Dark Inner Thighs. Then there is nothing to worry about because there are several home remedies which actually works for it.

If you have Dark Inner Thighs during winter season then no doubt it must have been caused by dry skin, so for this purpose, you are going to need a scrub made from sugar. First of all, take some lime juice, one tablespoon honey, and one teaspoon sugar, and mix all these ingredients really well. Once the thick paste is formed then apply it over the part where you are having Dark Inner Thighs. And after a few minutes rinse that area.

Winter Season Remedies for Dark Inner Thighs

Then there is another home remedy as well for the winter season, and this one is for sure an effective one because it not just helps you to lighten Dark Thighs, but also helps to keep your skin moist just to prevent Dark Inner Thighs in future. For this scrub, you are going to need lemon juice of half lime, and 2 or 3 tablespoons of coconut oil.

Once the mixture is ready then apply it over the Dark Inner Thighs, and keep rubbing that area for more than 9 minutes. After that wash that place. Then next would be the paste made from Baking soda. Baking soda is no doubt really effective for Dark Inner Thighs, but there is a problem as well.

Baking Soda and Yoghurt for Dark Inner Thighs

There are several people who are allergic to Baking soda, so before you use this scrub it would be better for you to make sure that what kind of allergies you have. Next scrub is made from Yoghurt and Oatmeal. This scrub comes with dual benefits, as yoghurt is really best for skin in several ways due to Lactic acid in it. Whereas Oatmeal can discolour Inner Thighs.

Now, first of all, what you need to do is to take a half bowl of Oatmeal and the same quantity of yoghurt as well. Now mix these ingredients till they form a thick paste, and then apply it over the effective parts, and rub it for a few minutes. At last, just wash it off.

Hard Nipples

Hard Nipples – Possible Reasons Behind Consistent

Being a woman is kind of a really tough job like going through periods and then mood swings, getting Hard Nipples in winters due to the cold are some things that are hard to deal with. The hard nipple is a problem in winter and it is very uncomfortable too but in winter we are able to hide them with the sweaters and all the layer we wear beneath and above our clothes.

So, nipples don’t show much and are covered properly but some women face with the worst because they get Hard Nipples even during the summer or any other time of the year because that enjoys due to the cold. and for these women wearing a bra becomes a must otherwise they would have their nipples showing through every dress or shirt they wear and some of them have that even with their bra on.

Since in summer covering yourself up with more than one layer of clothes is too much already considering to add another one of that is really out of question. Some women have the problem of Hard Nipples throughput the time or some of them have them in certain conditions only.

Are Hard Nipples normal?

Having consistent Hard Nipples are completely normal because it is just the way it is when it comes to some women. Normally the women get the Hard Nipples when they react to some stimulus and the stimuli can be physiological or psychological and in some of the women the nipples get hard because of a lot of the other reasons and that is normal too.

Following are some of the conditions in which nipples get hard and you will know on your own if you should see a doctor about this problem or not but most of the times it is nothing to seek doctor’s help for.

  • Ovulation

Hormonal change is one of the main reasons mostly why women face a Hard Nipples problem. For some women when they are ovulating a lot of the body changes happen and one of that change is Hard Nipples and the reasons why your nipples get erect is because of the breasts while ovulation becomes tender and this may lead to the nipple erection. So to know that Hard Nipples are the result of the ovulation you can determine it by following other signs of ovulation

  • Bloating
  • Increased libido
  • Changes in cervical fluid
  • Cramping
  • Arousal

Arousal is another reason why the nipples get erect. The nipples are one of the erogenous zones as we all know so the muscles in that area contract and they get erect and that is why the Hard Nipples can result when a girl feels sexually aroused.

  • Pregnancy

Pregnancy is what changes hormones a lot and this changes the breasts of the women a lot like the nipples stay hard most of the times and the areola becomes big and same is the as when a woman is breastfeeding.

  • Piercing

If you have a piercing or have had them in the past then you may go through this phase too because nipples react more to the stimuli and they may get rock hard because of even minor stimuli. If they stay continuously hard and you also experience; ain with it then you must see a doctor to see if there has been any infection due to the piercing. Not only the pain but also if you feel swelling or redness or tenderness at the spot.

  • Breast Abscess

An abscess is basically known as infection and if you have had a piercing or so due to some other reasons the pus gets in the nipple or near nipple area that can be the reason for the Hard Nipples. This is a very painful situation and you will know instantly why are your nipples being so hard and painful.

  • Postmenstrual Syndrome

Postmenstrual syndrome is something that almost all the women experiences and this occurs due to hormonal imbalance after the periods and this is why women get mood swings as well as the other body changes like the tenderness of breasts and the Hard Nipples. Other symptoms include the bloating and the muscle pain and some other such symptoms.

  • Menopause or Perimenopause

Perimenopause or menopause is the stage when the periods stop completely in a woman. The estrogen levels on the body declines and the other hormonal changes occur too and this is why your body faces different conditions like the nipples get hard.

How to Hide Hard Nipples

There are a lot of ways you can hide your Hard Nipples and there is no hard if they even show and there is nothing you should be embarrassed about but if you yourself feel uncomfortable about it then you can get the padded bras or can also get the band-aids for the nipples which are made for this purpose and this way you won’t have to wear many layers to hide your perky nipples. You can also wear the loose shirts if you don’t feel like wearing a bra and nipple band-aids because in loose shirts there is no way one can see your Hard Nipples.

Consulting Doctor About These Hard Nipples

There is no reason to visit a doctor for these Hard Nipples because most of the time they happen for the natural reasons and if there is something wrong you will know when to visit a doctor. But if still, you need confirmation you should visit a doctor if there is some kind of discharge from them and also some soreness in them or you feel any itching on or near your nipples. When the hardness of the nipples is because of the allergy or because of the infection or some other medical conditions which need to be treated and can get better on its own and will help you feel comfortable.

So this was all you needed to know about why nipples get hard and how can you deal with them in such a situation. So you should give it a thorough read if you have a similar situation too.

Do women have prostates

Do women have prostates?

Prostate cancer in the women is a big question mark because people don’t know yet if women have prostates or not. So do women have prostates? And the answer to this question in a matter is yes. The anatomy of the men and women is different in a lot of ways but since the origin of a human being is same then all these structures even though don’t look alike are alike in their basic anatomy or histology.

At first, the development of the baby in the womb is same and then after later development, the embryo becomes a male or female baby. Same is the case here where the question do women have prostates too, is the matter of controversy. To understand this in detail we must know that women don’t exactly have the prostate glands like male prostates instead they have the similar gland that is named as the Skene’s glands and these glands are named after the scientist who described them in detail in the 1880s.

These glands are located in the front of the vagina. Nowadays research has been going on about these glands being similar to the male prostate glands and that is why they are called female prostates these days and that is exactly why they can be considered as the female prostates and the occurrence of the prostate cancer in the females.

Similarities between female prostate and male prostate

According to the research that has been going on about do women have prostates, there are few similarities in the male prostate gland and female Skene’s glands and this is why these skene’s glands can be known as the female prostate. The major similarity is the presence of the prostate-specific antigen in the prostate glands of male and in the Skene’s glands of the female.

Another reason is the presence if the prostate-specific antigen phosphatase in the both of these glands. Apart from the presence of the PSA and PSAP, there is yet another similarity which is the opening of these glands ducts in the urethra. The ducts of the prostate glands open in the urethra while the ducts of the Skene’s glands in the women also open in the urethra near the region of G spot. So these findings somehow answer our question of do women have prostates or not?

Prostate cancer in women

Now that the question of do women have prostates? Have been answered a little bit we will discuss the prostate cancer in detail. Just because the Skene’s glands are referred these days as the prostate glands so the cancer of these skene’s glands is also known as the prostate cancer. 0.003% of the female urinary tract cancers are found out to be the prostate or Skene’s glands cancer women. This cancer can develop either on its own or by cancer in some nearby gland or organ. Following are some of the symptoms of the prostate cancer in women

  • Blood in urine and this may not be painful
  • Painful urination
  • Sexual intercourse can be painful
  • Pressure behind pubic bones
  • Abnormal menstrual cycle

So these are the symptoms that can be the warning sign of the prostate cancer in the women. In case if you have these symptoms you must get it diagnosed immediately because this cancer can be easily treated when it’s in the early stage. Radiations and surgery can be used against cancer.

Prostate cancer in women

What happens in the prostate cancer?

You can call it either the prostate cancer or the Skene’s glands cancer based upon if you consider that do women have prostate or not. This cancer can develop in such a way that small lesions are formed and the risk factor for these lesions is the progesterone hormone and moreover if the female has the history of pregnancy that has affected the progesterone hormone can be the reason for the development of cancer.

Purpose of female prostate

Now moving further from the argument of do women have prostates we must know what the function of these prostates in the women is. These PSA due to these prostates can be the indicator of the prostate cancer and can also indicate the presence of breast cancer.

So this was all you needed to know about the women prostates.

Breakthrough Bleeding

Breakthrough Bleeding

First of all the question arise is that what actually is Breakthrough Bleeding and how it is separate from normal bleeding? Well, Breakthrough Bleeding is basically which you are going to experience during your menstrual period, or even you can experience it at the time of pregnancy as well. And if this answer does not satisfy you then you will surely realize that if it is normal or Breakthrough bleeding, because it is a bit change as compared to normal bleedings.

And mostly Breakthrough Bleeding occurs in the women who smoke a lot. So if you are already experiencing any such consequences then below you are going to find out that how you can recognize it, or for how long these Breakthrough bleedings are going to last etc.

Hormonal Problem

If you are having continuous bleeding throughout your menstrual periods, then, of course, there might be a chance that you are having some hormonal problems. Besides this, it can also be caused by several problems in your pregnancy. Well even though there are several cases in which patients have recovered on their own without any assistance by the doctors, but no one is lucky enough to have such a fate.

So the best thing to do is to consult a good doctor as soon as you experience any such problem. The menstrual process is a natural thing and is experienced by every girl or woman except for the pregnancy time period. Generally, a common menstrual time period may last up to five to seven days, and this cycle will keep going on after every 28 to 30 days.


As this is a common time period for any girl to experience menstrual periods, but there are some cases where this cycle is continued for 35 days which is just a maximum time period for this cycle. Once this menstrual process stops, then hormones start to get stable, which as a result forms an egg. This egg can get fertilized during the ovulation period which starts on the 14th day after menstruation. Well if that gets fertilized during ovulation then, of course, it will end up in pregnancy, while on another hand if the egg fails to gets fertilized then hormones will once again start to get unstable, and after another 15 days, it will result in periods. Usually, the blood that flows out during menstruation is from 2 – 3 tablespoons, and it does not matter that for how long the periods are going to extend, as this is the normal limit.


Breakthrough Bleeding

While on the other hand if the blood flows out more than this range then it will be known as Breakthrough Bleeding. And it is really easy to get aware of Breakthrough Bleeding because it will leave large stains, or even wet your pads.  Next comes the reasons which can cause Breakthrough Bleeding. And the most common reason for having this problem is by STI or Sexually Transmitted Infections. These infections are usually gets transferred between partners when no protection is being used while having sex.

And not just this, Breakthrough Bleeding can cause you several other health issues as well. And some of the common problems are a bad odour, urinal problems, vaginal abnormalities etc. Of course there might be many among you who do not pay much attention to such problems, but in fact, these problems are worth considering, and to be sorted out on time.

Reasons for Breakthrough Bleeding

Another common reason for Breakthrough Bleeding is when you try different methods of birth control like birth control pills, or IUD which is also another contraceptive. Well even for the doctors it’s just a tough job to find out the actual reason for Breakthrough Bleeding. And Breakthrough Bleeding will get worst if you try to skip contraceptive pills for any, or if you experience constant diarrhoea or vomiting.

Besides this if you try to start any new medications during you are on pills, then there is a possibility of an increase of Breakthrough Bleeding. At the start of the medication of pills that controls birth, you will surely experience this problem at the start of some month, and that is due to the hormonal disturbance in your body. And while you are on birth control medication, there might be a possibility that during menstruation the colour of blood would be dark, which indicates it is old blood.

Birth Control

And no doubt during you are on after you will be experiencing unusual menstruation flow. This happens due to hormones as well, as it takes time for the hormones to adjust new changes in your body. So if Breakthrough Bleeding start, then let your doctor know about it as soon as possible. To starting this bleeding will come often, but as the time passes there will be a clear decrease in this problem.

But as soon as your starts to feel the symptoms like severe back pain, blurry vision, chest pain, abdominal pain, legs pain etc. And there might be very few who knows that this Breakthrough Bleeding also occurs due to endometritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, cervicitis, and vaginitis.

Cervix and Miscarriage

Another condition of breakthrough bleeding is your cervix getting very sensitive, as it is part of your uterus. During pregnancy, this part gest really soft, and this could be a reason for bleeding at that time, but otherwise, if it still bleeds then that is a time when you should get worried about. Furthermore during pregnancy, if a woman bleeds sometimes, then it is considered as a good signal for a healthy baby, but sometimes this could be a signal of miscarriage.

If you are experiencing extreme pain much before time, or if there is unusual bleeding, then that is time for you to consult a doctor in order to find out the actual reasons. And if it detected for a miscarriage, then your uterus will still bleed for some weeks till it gets empty.  Well, in short, you have no control over the flow of bleeding, and the only thing you can do is take some extra protections like a good quality pad or tampon if the flow of blood is more than expected.