Breakthrough Bleeding

First of all the question arise is that what actually is Breakthrough Bleeding and how it is separate from normal bleeding? Well, Breakthrough Bleeding is basically which you are going to experience during your menstrual period, or even you can experience it at the time of pregnancy as well. And if this answer does not satisfy you then you will surely realize that if it is normal or Breakthrough bleeding, because it is a bit change as compared to normal bleedings.

And mostly Breakthrough Bleeding occurs in the women who smoke a lot. So if you are already experiencing any such consequences then below you are going to find out that how you can recognize it, or for how long these Breakthrough bleedings are going to last etc.

Hormonal Problem

If you are having continuous bleeding throughout your menstrual periods, then, of course, there might be a chance that you are having some hormonal problems. Besides this, it can also be caused by several problems in your pregnancy. Well even though there are several cases in which patients have recovered on their own without any assistance by the doctors, but no one is lucky enough to have such a fate.

So the best thing to do is to consult a good doctor as soon as you experience any such problem. The menstrual process is a natural thing and is experienced by every girl or woman except for the pregnancy time period. Generally, a common menstrual time period may last up to five to seven days, and this cycle will keep going on after every 28 to 30 days.


As this is a common time period for any girl to experience menstrual periods, but there are some cases where this cycle is continued for 35 days which is just a maximum time period for this cycle. Once this menstrual process stops, then hormones start to get stable, which as a result forms an egg. This egg can get fertilized during the ovulation period which starts on the 14th day after menstruation. Well if that gets fertilized during ovulation then, of course, it will end up in pregnancy, while on another hand if the egg fails to gets fertilized then hormones will once again start to get unstable, and after another 15 days, it will result in periods. Usually, the blood that flows out during menstruation is from 2 – 3 tablespoons, and it does not matter that for how long the periods are going to extend, as this is the normal limit.


Breakthrough Bleeding

While on the other hand if the blood flows out more than this range then it will be known as Breakthrough Bleeding. And it is really easy to get aware of Breakthrough Bleeding because it will leave large stains, or even wet your pads.  Next comes the reasons which can cause Breakthrough Bleeding. And the most common reason for having this problem is by STI or Sexually Transmitted Infections. These infections are usually gets transferred between partners when no protection is being used while having sex.

And not just this, Breakthrough Bleeding can cause you several other health issues as well. And some of the common problems are a bad odour, urinal problems, vaginal abnormalities etc. Of course there might be many among you who do not pay much attention to such problems, but in fact, these problems are worth considering, and to be sorted out on time.

Reasons for Breakthrough Bleeding

Another common reason for Breakthrough Bleeding is when you try different methods of birth control like birth control pills, or IUD which is also another contraceptive. Well even for the doctors it’s just a tough job to find out the actual reason for Breakthrough Bleeding. And Breakthrough Bleeding will get worst if you try to skip contraceptive pills for any, or if you experience constant diarrhoea or vomiting.

Besides this if you try to start any new medications during you are on pills, then there is a possibility of an increase of Breakthrough Bleeding. At the start of the medication of pills that controls birth, you will surely experience this problem at the start of some month, and that is due to the hormonal disturbance in your body. And while you are on birth control medication, there might be a possibility that during menstruation the colour of blood would be dark, which indicates it is old blood.

Birth Control

And no doubt during you are on after you will be experiencing unusual menstruation flow. This happens due to hormones as well, as it takes time for the hormones to adjust new changes in your body. So if Breakthrough Bleeding start, then let your doctor know about it as soon as possible. To starting this bleeding will come often, but as the time passes there will be a clear decrease in this problem.

But as soon as your starts to feel the symptoms like severe back pain, blurry vision, chest pain, abdominal pain, legs pain etc. And there might be very few who knows that this Breakthrough Bleeding also occurs due to endometritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, cervicitis, and vaginitis.

Cervix and Miscarriage

Another condition of breakthrough bleeding is your cervix getting very sensitive, as it is part of your uterus. During pregnancy, this part gest really soft, and this could be a reason for bleeding at that time, but otherwise, if it still bleeds then that is a time when you should get worried about. Furthermore during pregnancy, if a woman bleeds sometimes, then it is considered as a good signal for a healthy baby, but sometimes this could be a signal of miscarriage.

If you are experiencing extreme pain much before time, or if there is unusual bleeding, then that is time for you to consult a doctor in order to find out the actual reasons. And if it detected for a miscarriage, then your uterus will still bleed for some weeks till it gets empty.  Well, in short, you have no control over the flow of bleeding, and the only thing you can do is take some extra protections like a good quality pad or tampon if the flow of blood is more than expected.

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