Do women have prostates?

Prostate cancer in the women is a big question mark because people don’t know yet if women have prostates or not. So do women have prostates? And the answer to this question in a matter is yes. The anatomy of the men and women is different in a lot of ways but since the origin of a human being is same then all these structures even though don’t look alike are alike in their basic anatomy or histology.

At first, the development of the baby in the womb is same and then after later development, the embryo becomes a male or female baby. Same is the case here where the question do women have prostates too, is the matter of controversy. To understand this in detail we must know that women don’t exactly have the prostate glands like male prostates instead they have the similar gland that is named as the Skene’s glands and these glands are named after the scientist who described them in detail in the 1880s.

These glands are located in the front of the vagina. Nowadays research has been going on about these glands being similar to the male prostate glands and that is why they are called female prostates these days and that is exactly why they can be considered as the female prostates and the occurrence of the prostate cancer in the females.

Similarities between female prostate and male prostate

According to the research that has been going on about do women have prostates, there are few similarities in the male prostate gland and female Skene’s glands and this is why these skene’s glands can be known as the female prostate. The major similarity is the presence of the prostate-specific antigen in the prostate glands of male and in the Skene’s glands of the female.

Another reason is the presence if the prostate-specific antigen phosphatase in the both of these glands. Apart from the presence of the PSA and PSAP, there is yet another similarity which is the opening of these glands ducts in the urethra. The ducts of the prostate glands open in the urethra while the ducts of the Skene’s glands in the women also open in the urethra near the region of G spot. So these findings somehow answer our question of do women have prostates or not?

Prostate cancer in women

Now that the question of do women have prostates? Have been answered a little bit we will discuss the prostate cancer in detail. Just because the Skene’s glands are referred these days as the prostate glands so the cancer of these skene’s glands is also known as the prostate cancer. 0.003% of the female urinary tract cancers are found out to be the prostate or Skene’s glands cancer women. This cancer can develop either on its own or by cancer in some nearby gland or organ. Following are some of the symptoms of the prostate cancer in women

  • Blood in urine and this may not be painful
  • Painful urination
  • Sexual intercourse can be painful
  • Pressure behind pubic bones
  • Abnormal menstrual cycle

So these are the symptoms that can be the warning sign of the prostate cancer in the women. In case if you have these symptoms you must get it diagnosed immediately because this cancer can be easily treated when it’s in the early stage. Radiations and surgery can be used against cancer.

Prostate cancer in women

What happens in the prostate cancer?

You can call it either the prostate cancer or the Skene’s glands cancer based upon if you consider that do women have prostate or not. This cancer can develop in such a way that small lesions are formed and the risk factor for these lesions is the progesterone hormone and moreover if the female has the history of pregnancy that has affected the progesterone hormone can be the reason for the development of cancer.

Purpose of female prostate

Now moving further from the argument of do women have prostates we must know what the function of these prostates in the women is. These PSA due to these prostates can be the indicator of the prostate cancer and can also indicate the presence of breast cancer.

So this was all you needed to know about the women prostates.

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