Radial Artery – What is it?

Let’s know something about the Radial Artery oh Healtlinear? Our whole body consists of arteries, and these arteries are spread to each and every part of our bodies, as their sole purpose is to carry the blood which is pumped out by heart. And of course, among all those arteries in our bodies, the primary one is known as the Radial Artery. As for Location, this artery is present in your arm, and it maps from your shoulder to the very end of fingers. As Radial Artery is known to be the largest artery in the human body, so that is the reason doctors usually hold your arms to check your pulse. And of course the whole arm is covered with muscles and flesh, and the only part of your arm where there is less flesh is wrist.

Clinical Importance

So that is the portion where the pulse is being checked due to the clear visibility of the Radial Artery.  Besides this, the Radial Artery helps to pump fresh blood straight from the lungs to the whole arm. And not just this there are basically three main purposes of this Radial Artery. First of all, this is really important artery in your body, and as this is most exposed and visible artery in your body, so there are more chances that this will be the very first part of you to exhale blood out of your body In case of any damage.

But the reason this Radial Artery is important is that as fast as it gets damaged, with the same ratio it gets repaired as well. Furthermore, you must know that Radial Artery is the only way to supply oxygenated blood in your whole arm, but due to damage in the Radial Artery, the blood flow does not stop because now ulnar artery is now replaced for the blood flow.

Three Main Branches of Radial Artery

And last but not least it is easy to access Radial Artery due to its size and visibility, and that is the reason that injections are usually injected into the Radial Artery. This Radial Artery is divided into three different branches which are in hand, wrist and forearm. Radial Artery divides into several branches like in the hand there is Deep Palmar Arch which is in the palm and known as its terminal part. Besides this, there are further two more branches in hand which are known as Radialis Indices and Princeps Pollicis, and these both branches are also directly connected to main Radial Artery. After hand comes wrist where you can easily observe almost every artery in your arm.


Here Radial Artery is divided into further two branches which are named as Dorsal Metacarpal, and Dorsal Carpal. These branches will further divide into further small branches which are responsible to carry blood to index finger and thumb. Now the final branch system of Radial Artery is in the forearm, which is now divided into three main branches that are further divided into several sub-branches. And those branches are known as Superficial Palmar, Palmar Carpal, and Radial Recurrent. These branches are responsible to carry blood in deep parts of forearm towards the wrist.

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