Metronidazole and Alcohol – Taking together Side Effects

Metronidazole and Alcohol are often taken together mistakenly. Well if you are thinking that what exactly Metronidazole is, well this is also retailed as Flagyl. Usually, Metronidazole is taken in the form of a tablet, but that is not the single form available for it.

You can also see Metronidazole in the form of a cream or as a suppository. Well, in fact, Metronidazole is one of the best-known antibacterial salt you will ever see. But the real deal is that combination of Metronidazole and Alcohol is as bad as you can think, as it comes with comes serious side effects.

And if you accidentally take Metronidazole and Alcohol together then you have to face change in colour of urine, mouth gets dried out, feet and hands start to get a little itchy, and above all, it can also cause diarrhoea.

Metronidazole and Alcohol Side Effects

Some people even want to try out some medicines with alcohol, and they think that taking them together would make the reaction faster but actually, if you just mix up Metronidazole and Alcohol then results could get disastrous like your heartbeat suddenly drops down, it can also cause liver failure and very low blood pressure.

In short, you cannot even think of taking a mixture of Metronidazole and Alcohol. You should at least give a break of more 4 to 5 days between Metronidazole and Alcohol. Even If you take it in the duration of 3 days after consumption of alcohol still it can cause you a severe headache, stomach cramps, vomiting and other such health problems.

Even though a mixture of Metronidazole and alcohol could get worst, but still Metronidazole is known to the best antibacterial medicine for any kind of infection which could infect your vagina, stomach, reproductive system, and skin infections. But once you have started taking Metronidazole then there is no way you can mix it up or take alcohol near those days.

Proper use of Metronidazole and Alcohol

As the reactions after taking Metronidazole and alcohol are already discussed above. Now obviously a question would arise in your mind that how you can consume Metronidazole in a safe way to avoid any of the medical problems.

Well, the answer is really simple that you have to drop your drinking habit long before you want to get yourself treated using Metronidazole. Now doctors usually suggest taking Metronidazole for at least 10 days, and for each day you have to take 3 doses of Flagyl. Now what people usually do is that they just take it for a certain amount of time. Like when they feel like they do not have any more of that infection, then they stop consuming Metronidazole which is totally not good for their health.

Because sometimes infection stop showing symptoms, but it is yet to be wiped off. So it is really necessary for you to take a dose of antibacterial medicines for the prescribed amount of time. And sometimes there is another reason as well that people feel the urge to drink again, so they would stop taking Metronidazole, which is for sure not a positive step towards their health.

Avoid taking Metronidazole and Alcohol

Even though you have stopped taking dose still it would be like you are taking Metronidazole and Alcohol together, because you have to wait for some days before you can start drinking once again. And it might be possible that during that wait, all those symptoms of infection reappear once again which was not totally recovered.

Besides, you need to tell all of your medical histories to your doctor because liquor is not the only way to get alcohol, but there are several medications which use alcohol. So, it’s best to let your doctor know about all of your medications, just to make sure that Metronidazole and Alcohol do not mix up. Furthermore, if you are already suffering from some kind of Heart or liver problems then for sure Flagyl is not for you, because this medicine directly effects both of these body organs directly.

And no doubt condition might get serious after using Metronidazole. And not just that you also need to keep yourself safe from excess exposure of sunlight, because Metronidazole makes your skin really sensitive.

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