Subclavian Artery Stenosis

Subclavian Artery is one of the arteries and it is a major Artery in the human body. The veins, arteries and the heart collectively make the cardiovascular system. The main function of this is to supply the blood to all the organs in the body and the blood is the carrier of oxygen, nutrients and other blood gases and all the other things that need to be transported. The whole cardiovascular system is a really complex system in the body.

The Subclavian Artery is present just below the clavicle and just in the thorax and is paired with some of the other arteries. The location of the Subclavian Artery is very prominent and it is present in such a position that it receives the blood from the aortic arch. One of the pairs of the Artery supplies, the blood to the left arm and e right one provides the blood to the right arm.

The arteries supply blood to the body and that is exactly what the Subclavian Artery do for both the arms. The Subclavian arteries further branch to the arteries that supply blood to the brain and they are really very important.

Importance and Function of the Subclavian Artery

It is the third major vessel that emerges from the aortic arch. The aortic arch is connected directly to the heart and the blood is pumped from the heart to the aortic arch and then to the Subclavian Artery too from where it is supplied to the arms as well as the brain and this means that Subclavian Artery supplies to most of the upper part of the body. Basically, the Subclavian Artery is divided into three parts following are the parts

  • One part of the Subclavian Artery goes to the medial border of the scalenus anterior muscle.
  • The second part of it is located behind the scalenus anterior muscle.
  • The third part of it goes to the very first rib.

So, these were all the locations that the here part of the Subclavian arteries are present and on there they go to the arms, neck and the head region. The Subclavian Artery is known a Subclavian for a reason because it is present with the clavicle.

Health Problems Related to the Subclavian Artery

Stenosis is a condition in which the arteries constrict causing the blockage and this may effects the organ to which the blood is being supplied to through hat in case of the Subclavian Artery stenosis the blood supply cuts off from the head and the neck region, as well as the arms and this, may lead to some serious problems.

The Subclavian Artery stenosis is also known as the peripheral Artery disease or the Subclavian Artery disease. It is a chronic condition and can lead o he death if ignored for long. The resulting condition from it is hand claudication, cerebral hyperperfusion and other such medical problems.

On hand claudication, your hand will feel colder because of the lac of the blood supply and with brain or other major organ problems you can find out until the condition has reached too far.

Risk factors

The risk factors are the factors that promote this kind of health problems and the risk factors that we are discussing the risk factors of the Subclavian Artery Stenosis. The Subclavian Artery stenosis basically is a chronic disorder which means that the disorder progress slowly and this get treated slow loo. Fooling are the risk factors of the Subclavian Artery stenosis

  • Old Age
  • Smoking
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension

So, these are the risk factors that can be the also or that’s when you have a greater chance of having the Subclavian Artery Stenosis.

What is the Treatment

Prevention is always better than the treatment so, in this case, you should take proper care of your health and for that, you need to get regular medical exams. The treatment of this condition is the angioplasty in which the install cardiac stats and ICD can also be done but the major surgery is the bypass.

So, these are all the treatment procedures that you need to go through if the condition is worse otherwise the medications are enough too and based on your condition your doctor may prescribe different medicines that you will be taking for the rest of your life.

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