Pepto Bismol use during pregnancy and lactation

Pregnancy is one of the critical stages in the life of a woman in such a period of time you have to avoid a lot of things that you normally take to ensure the safe birth of your child. Anything you do while being pregnant affects your baby in the womb too which is why people are so careful about what they eat and that they should not eat during pregnancy because of their negative effects on the fetus.

Some of the drugs are prohibited to be used in the pregnancy and according to their effect in the pregnant women and the fetus they are categorised into A, B, C, and D and X category the x category is the fatal and must not be used in any case while for the use of others the doctor should be consulted. So, we will here discuss the Pepto Bismol pregnancy.

Pepto Bismol is basically a drug that is used in diarrhoea, nausea, heartburn etc. these conditions may arise when you eat something that can disturb your stomach and results in the gas production and feeling of fullness in the stomach. So, you overcome that Pepto Bismol is used.

Pepto Bismol Pregnancy

To understand the use of Pepto Bismol pregnancy we must know what Pepto Bismol really is and how it affects the body. Pepto Bismol is basically an oral liquid formulation that is available over the counter which means that it can be bought without the doctor’s prescription. But since it is available over the counter it is necessary for us to understand if it is safe to use while pregnancy and lactation.

Pepto Bismol is pink in colour it contains Bismuth sub salicylate in it. It’s better if you talk to your doctor about it before using this.

During Pregnancy

For Pepto Bismol Pregnancy it is advised not to use it while pregnant. The Pepto Bismol is said to cause the bleeding when the delivery is near so to avoid that kind of situation you must not use the Pepto Bismol during the second and the third trimester of the pregnancy but in the first trimester it is safe and still it is advised not to use too much of the Pepto Bismol.

The stomach disturbances are normal during the pregnancy so instead of using it all the time you can ask your doctor to advise you a safe medicine that would not affect you are your baby.

So now we know in which trimester we can use the Pepto Bismol pregnancy. But now we must also know about what effects it has on pregnancy upon the long-term use of the Pepto Bismol. Bleeding is the symptoms that may occur on the use of Pepto Bismol.

But if in some case it does not occur you still must stop the use because according to the research it has been told that salicylates can affect the pregnant women in a harmful way to the long-term use can turn out to be dangerous for the mother and the baby so the use of Pepto Bismol must be limited or not at all.

Pregnancy Category

As already been informed about the FDA approved pregnancy categories we must know about the pregnancy category of Pepto Bismol too. Pepto Bismol is categorised by the trimester and these categories are stated as follows

  • 1st trimester-C category
  • 2nd trimester-C category
  • 3rd trimester-D category

This shows how harmful this Pepto Bismol pregnancy use can be but if you have to use it necessarily then you can discuss it through with the doctor so further complications can be avoided.

Birth Defects

The side effects of the Pepto Bismol pregnancy use might not appear immediately but they can appear upon the birth. Till now no such birth defects have been seen or recorded due to the use of the Pepto Bismol but still, it can happen so you must ask your doctor before any drug use to your doctor.

Use During Lactation

After the discussion of Pepto Bismol pregnancy, we will discuss the use of Pepto Bismol during the lactation. The lactation phase is the phase after the birth of the baby in which a woman breastfeed her baby and this process is breastfeeding. It’s still not sure if it’s harmful to lactation but salicylates pass in the baby by breast milk and may produce harmful effects.

So, this was all you needed to know about Pepto Bismol pregnancy.

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