What exactly is Marie Antoinette Syndrome?

If your hairs start to turn white in a very young age then you probably have Marie Antoinette Syndrome. Now you might be wondering that usually, hairs start to get white or grey as you grow old, and it is all natural. Usually, grey hairs appear when your body starts to lose a pigment which is named as Melanin, and this colourant is basically the one which keeps your hairs to be black, brown, or any other colour.

But as age starts to grow then your body starts to lose this colourant, and as a result, your hairs start to turn grey and then white. But Marie Antoinette Syndrome is something else besides getting white hairs naturally. Basically, the term Marie Antoinette Syndrome was introduced when Queen of France Marie Antoinette had grey hairs all of a sudden.

Myths about Marie Antoinette Syndrome

Even though there are several myths that Queen had grey hairs due to her old age, but that is not the truth at all, because Queen herself just survived just till the age of 38. And her hairs turned White in the same year when she was to be executed.

And it was considered that she also had Marie Antoinette Syndrome because this is the condition in which hairs turn to get grey all of a sudden. But that does not mean that this change will be done overnight, but it will take a few months or maybe a whole year.

There have been many types of research regarding Marie Antoinette Syndrome, and even though there are several tales that hairs of many people turned white all of a sudden, but it is completely opposite to the recent researches for Marie Antoinette Syndrome.

Marie Antoinette Syndrome – A Science Fiction

As far as tales from history are being concerned then there is not just a single example Marie Antoinette Syndrome with such fast results, and most importantly most of the examples are the famous people around the world. And just like Queen of France, there is another famous person Thomas More who got grey hairs in the same way as Marie Antoinette got.

 Then during World War 2, there was another tale came forward regarding Marie Antoinette Syndrome, that the survivors of this war are also experiencing white hairs. And besides there are many other fictional stories and several other kinds of literature also represent a sudden change of hair colours similar to Marie Antoinette Syndrome.

But still there is no scientific evidence of any such event, and it was declared false to turn hairs into grey colour in a single night. Besides, there might be a possibility that those stories are connected to the temporary dye or mask at hairs which were washed off and grey colour became visible.

Possibilities of Marie Antoinette Syndrome

Now coming to the possibilities that how does Marie Antoinette Syndrome could actually occur. So for this purpose, there might be a possibility that your body has stopped forming that pigment, and as a result, all the growing hairs are in grey or white in colour. Then there is also a possibility that someone from your ancestors has similar abnormality just like Marie Antoinette Syndrome, and as a result, it was transferred to you by their genes.

Then there is another condition which is known as Alopecia Areata, and in this condition, your body stops producing that colourant due to some kind of infection, and all your scalp starts to get itchy and red. As a result, every single hair on your body falls away. Now the only way that you can get those hairs back is when you will be able to get treatment, but all new hairs will be masked as white.

Deficiencies that can cause Marie Antoinette Syndrome

Further, if the colour of your hairs is dark then even slightest change in your hair colours will be noticed, which people misunderstood as Marie Antoinette Syndrome. Many people nowadays have hormonal abnormalities as well due to which you have to go to such medication which could affect your hair colour as well.

In a similar way if your body is not getting enough nutrients like Calcium or Vitamins then for sure this might also result in Marie Antoinette Syndrome. Well, all these are certain medical conditions which might be related to Marie Antoinette Syndrome. But it is still not even confirmed that which one of these conditions would 100% match the abnormality of Marie Antoinette Syndrome.

Well even if those tales are being accepted as true then there might be a possibility as well that could result in Marie Antoinette Syndrome.

Marie Antoinette Syndrome due to Stress

And that possibility is stress. As in the case of Queen and Thomas More, they both were in extreme stress of being executed. And no doubt it might be true as well because even we can see that normally that people who take more stress are related to more hair fall and change in hair colour.

But even there is an objection to this point as well. And that objection is that stress might cause Marie Antoinette Syndrome, but there is no way that due to stress their hairs turned into white colour all of a sudden. This process might take several years with stress.

No doubt that you must visit a doctor for even a minor change in your body, but with this change even doctors cannot do much, because it is not harmful to your health.

Consult your doctor for Marie Antoinette Syndrome

But still, it is better for you to let your doctor find out if you have Marie Antoinette Syndrome because there might be the possibility of other medical abnormalities as well as infections or rashes.

No doubt most people still believe in those tales of Queen Marie Antoinette, and till today it is a mystery that how could anyone turn their hairs into grey colour overnight.

So instead of believing in those myths it is best for you to go with today’s medical research, and believe that there are no such things as changing hair colour overnight or Marie Antoinette Syndrome.  Visit your doctor, and tell him everything in detail, and completely follow his instructions.

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