Uses of Magic Mouthwash

Magic mouthwash is very necessary for oral hygiene. Oral hygiene is very important because the mouth is the only route through which most of the bacteria can enter your body and not only that, it can also affect your dental health. Oral hygiene doesn’t only mean cleaning your teeth bit it men’s the cleanliness of whole oral cavity.

You may need to know that the oral cavity is such a place where a lot of harmful bacteria can harbour and when you are having your meal these bacteria other harmful microorganisms can enter your body through the food and it is the really concerning the situation. Even when you clean your teeth properly you never know where else more microorganisms are present and this can be the cause of a number of diseases.

Having a mouthwash is important for the very same reason so you can clean your whole oral cavity and so that it can kill any of the bacteria present inside your mouth. Teeth problem usually arise because of the very same reason when you clean your teeth well but does pay much attention to the rest of the oral cavity and thus the way the bacteria can find its way back to your teeth thus causing damage to them.

Magic mouthwash some of the famous mouthwash that you can use n daily basis.

Magic Mouthwash

It is one of the important mouthwash that is very important and good for daily use. Daily dental ad oral hygiene is important and that is why the Magic mouthwash is also important for daily use. Magic Mouthwash also goes by other names like the miracle Mouthwash, Mary’s Magic Mouthwash, and Duke’s Magic Mouthwash.

Basically, the Magic mouthwash is a mix of ingredients and similarly, all the other such mouthwashes that are available in the market by any of these or similar names serve the same purpose and the only difference between them apart from the name is some of the ingredients may vary from one another.

There are mouthwashes that are for one specific condition only but there are also some of the mouthwashes that can serve multiple purposes and no matter what the simple oral health condition you are going through using these mouthwashes can resolve all such problems.

Not only that it seems perfect for daily use because even if a small oral health issue starts to arise it will be soon faded away by the use of mouthwash.

Use of Magic Mouthwash

Magic mouthwash as we know consists of a number of ingredients which means that it can treat a lot of the mouth conditions and some of them are mentioned below

  • Muscotitis means mouth infection and it usually occurs in older people and children.  It is also observed a lot in the patients of chemotherapy as well as the radiations because during these procedures mucous lining shed a lot of cells and due to that possible infections may be caused.
  • Thrush is basically a yeast infection and its indication is that white patches that are formed in different surfaces of the mouth and this can be controlled by the Magic mouthwash
  • Stomatitis is basically the infection in the stomach but due to that sores or blisters are caused on the lips and inside the mouth too and they may also be caused by the herpes virus. And to avoid that you must use the Magic Mouthwash
  • Not only that the hand, foot and mouth diseases of any virus can cause sores in your mouth or your lips and that needs to be remedied by the help of the oral hygiene mouthwash that is known as Magic Mouthwash.

So, these are all the possible conditions in which the Magic mouthwash can help. Having one of these at your home is very important just like all the other components of the first aid kit and some necessary painkillers the Magic mouthwash should be a part of your bathroom cabinet.

Components of Magic Mouthwash

Magic Mouthwash is a mix of a lot of the components and this is no news to us as already been mentioned in the article before so you need to know about these components in detail to understand the function of Magic Mouthwash and following are some of the general components that may be the part of the mouthwashes like this one and are definitely the part of Magic Mouthwash:

  • The antibacterial drug is present to fight against the common bacteria that can find the oral environment suitable for the growth.
  • Antiviral drug to kill or fight against the virus causing sores and blisters.
  • A local anaesthetic drug that can numb the mouth and thus helps with soothing any pain you are getting from the mouth sores.
  • Anti-inflammatory drug can help reduce the swelling within the mouth that may result due to some infection.
  • The steroid may be present for the same reasons which are to reduce the inflammation.
  • An antacid is also present in it because it helps the mouthwash to coat your mouth properly so the infected area can have direct contact with the mouthwash.

So, these are some of the components that are present in the Magic Mouthwash and must also be present in other mouthwashes of similar nature.

So, by the components, we can comprehend that Magic Mouthwash solves almost all of your mouth problems very easily.

Directions about Magic Mouthwash

Following are some of the directions that you need to consider before using the Magic Mouthwash

  • By using the measuring cap take the recommended amount of mouthwash and swirl the liquid around in your mouth for like a minute or two and then spit it out.
  • Try not swallowing it and for the same reason, the Magic Mouthwash for children is available that is less harmful if ingested accidentally.
  • The frequency of use of Magic Mouthwash depends on the type of infection you have but having it at least twice a day in normal routine is good.
  • Don’t take food of any kind 30 minutes after using Magic Mouthwash.

Side Effects of Magic Mouthwash

There are also some of the side effects of Magic Mouthwash like there are side effects of every other medicine and following are some of the side effects that you might observe with the continuous use of the magic mouthwash

  • Dryness
  • Burning
  • Stinging
  • Tingling
  • Loss or change in the taste (but this is short term due to the presence of a local anaesthetic as it numbs your mouth for a while)
  • Soreness or irritation

All these side effects are short term and you may experience them only for a few minutes after the use of the Magic Mouthwash. So if you are not uncomfortable with experiencing any of the above for a few minutes then you can go for the other options. And this may be very uncomfortable for your children so if they are complaining about it then you can switch to the Magic Mouthwash for children. Even if you don’t want to go for this one there are some other alternatives with the same results for you. This was all you should know about Magic Mouthwash before you buy it.

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