How and When You Should Make Yourself Throw Up?

How to make yourself throw up is a very simple question and to answer that, there are various ways and methods that a person can induce vomiting. In some of the cases, it becomes necessary for the person to induce the vomit and in some cases, induced vomiting even can be harmful to the person.

Vomiting basically occurs by the Antiperistalsis movement which is opposite if the peristaltic movements. Peristaltic movements are those that help the food to move down the oesophagus and when the anti-peristaltic movement goes in the opposite direction which means it helps you throw up the food.

There are a couple of reasons behind why vomiting may occur and it is sometimes the food that you eat and your stomach refuses to accept it because of some harmful agents in it. Some of the times it’s because of the stomach and it can’t accept any food your intake. Vomiting may also be triggered by headaches like a migraine. Stress and other such situations can also trigger vomiting. Since we are talking about vomiting, we must also understand the gag reflex which in most of the cases trigger the vomiting.

The gag reflex is pharyngeal reflex and laryngeal spasm. It occurs when some object touches the back of your throat, the roof of your mouth or the area around your tonsils. This causes the person to vomit and it is the mechanism that we use in self-induced vomiting mostly.

How to make yourself throw up?

Now coming towards the main question which is how to make yourself throw up well there are a couple of methods that can be used to make a person vomit

  • The best method to make yourself throw up is with the help of your finger. You just have to push it back in your throat that will reduce the gag reflex and will result in vomiting.
  • Another method is drinking warm salt water. When you drink the water in which salt is mixed it will help you vomit.
  • Smelling or thinking about the disgusting things that usually make you vomit, it may also help too even though it doesn’t sound good.
  • Another very disgusting method is gargling with egg whites and just thinking about might make you vomit if you dint like raw eggs.
  • IPECAC syrup is also used to induce vomit.

So these are some of the methods that might answer your question of how to make yourself throw up. But there is one thing you must know that making yourself throw up is not always good and may cause some drastic effects to your health.

The only reason that you can make yourself throw up should be if you had ingested a poisonous chemical or a food that is causing you disturbance in the stomach and even in the poison cases it is recommended that you should not use IPECAC syrup. There are a lot of the complications that may result when you try to induce vomiting.

Why it is harmful to induce vomiting

It has already been told that making yourself throw up can be very dangerous too. It is dangerous especially when people do it so they can’t gain weight because emptying their guts will mean they won’t get fat over the food they just ate.

People who are very conscious of their weight make a habit of it and this may cause some long-lasting damages to their health. Following are some of the negative points about how to make yourself throw up will affect you and this will make you understand better.

Chemical burns when the acidic contents come out of your mouth and this may also cause side effects when the poison pass through the same path again

  • Dehydration can result when you make yourself throw up and this happens when all of the water content that should have been absorbed from the stomach comes out of your mouth and it may get to a dangerous point when you make the habit of it.
  • While you are trying to make yourself vomit it may happen that omit enters your lungs and this can be a life-threatening situation.
  • Not only that excessive vomiting may cause the damage to your mouth and throat and not to mention the disgusting taste that stays behind in your mouth.

Vomiting shall only be an option when you have ingested a harmful chemical and in any other situation except tan that you must not even think about making yourself vomit. This article on how to make yourself throw up shall help you in dire situations.

What to do when you have ingested a harmful chemical

Vomiting is not always the answer to the situation when you have ingested a harmful chemical because if you have ingested an acidic chemical it may already have damaged your throat and by making yourself throw up you will make it pass through that passage again causing even more damage to your mouth and throat. So here it is what you must do when you or someone around you have ingested a poisonous material.

  • The first and foremost thing you must do is that check on the person and see if they are still conscious or may and try to figure out the surroundings to know what chemical he or she must have ingested.
  • Now call the doctor or a poison control centre and explain them the whole situation and tell them all the information about the patient, about their age, weight and what they might have ingested and if you can’t identify the chemical then you must tell the description of that chemical to whomever you are talking to.
  • After that, if they tell you to make the patient induce the vomiting then you can do it by any of the above methods and as fast as you can otherwise there are some other methods that the operator might guide you to do. 

So now you know how to make yourself throw up.

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