Asymmetrical Face and its Causes

Looking yourself in the mirror and seeing that you have an asymmetrical face is something that most people can’t help themselves with. But the truth is that everyone has a little bit of asymmetry in their face. Having an asymmetrical face is nothing that is medically concerning, but If anyone ever gets it fixed, it is for esthetic purposes. Every very slight difference in each side of your face can bother some people, and that is why they get this fixed with the help of a cosmetic surgeon or an esthetician. Usually, a person may not have an asymmetrical face, but some of the habits in the person can cause the asymmetry of their face.

There is no way you can reverse what has happened, so the best thing to do at this point is to get some treatment procedures done. Some of the serious reasons that can majorly cause the asymmetry of the face is the condition known as Bell’s palsy.

What causes the asymmetrical face?

There are many things like some of the diseases and your habits that can lead to asymmetrical faces. Following are some of the things that can cause facial asymmetry


Genetics is the main cause of causing the asymmetry in the patient. If you have this thing in your genes, there is nothing that you can do to avoid having an asymmetrical face. Some of the people have prominent asymmetry in their lips, and that is because of their genetics. Cleft lip and palate and some vascular disorders also happen because of genetics. So, all in all, genetics play a great role in causing asymmetry.


As you age, your skin will start to sag and will lose its elasticity, and this will cause asymmetry in your face as well. Even though you stop growing, the cartilages of your body will continue to grow, including your nose and ears as well. So, they will get bigger and will cause asymmetry in your face.

Sun damage

As you know that UV rays are responsible for causing the going process to start faster in your skin. Your loose skin, collagen, etc., usually, the damage to both parts of your face is the same, but sometimes it may affect one part more than the others and can cause asymmetry In your face.

Bell’s palsy

Bell palsy is a serious condition ad even though it is a temporary one, but it is an extreme form of the asymmetrical face. This usually happens in a person after pregnancy or in viral disease. Thin this condition, a person may lose one side of their nerves in their face causing a severe asymmetry.


Torticollis is a condition in which your neck is a little twisted, causing asymmetry in your face. To some people, this can happen in a womb, or when they have difficult eyesight, so they twist their neck to see properly.


Stroke is also a condition in which one side of your brain gets damaged, causing paralysis in the opposite side of your body; when this happens, you will feel numbness in one side of your face. This will also become the reason behind the asymmetrical face.

How to check if have a asymmetrical face

Checking if your face is asymmetrical or not is very easy. The easiest way to do this is to print a picture of you where you are staring straight ahead. Another way is to do it in front of a mirror with a marker that can be easily removed from the mirror. To check the symmetry of your face, you need to match the point from each side of the face to the other side. Try see if the line goes straight or not. Following are the points you need to match for this test

  • The only vertical line that you have to make is to mark the highest point of your forehead to your chin.
  • Next up, you need to join the outer corner of your eyes.
  • Now join the inner corner of your eyes with a line.
  • Join the highest point of your lips and the outer corner of your lips as well.
  • The widest parts of your nostrils need to be joined as well.
  • Join the widest point of your face, which is either cheekbones or the point where your jawline starts.

If any of these lines don’t go straight, that indicated an asymmetrical face. If you don’t know how to do it yourself, you can visit a facial esthetician, and they will tell you if your face is asymmetrical or not. You can also know that with the help of several face applications. They will rate the symmetry of your face for free. This way, you can know if your face is symmetrical or asymmetrical and will tell you how to fix it.

How to get rid of asymmetrical face

If you have an asymmetrical face and it bothers you a lot, then there are a few cosmetic procedures that you can go for. Following is what needs to be done when you want to have asymmetry in your face.


Usually, it bothers people the most in the asymmetrical face is their nose. You can get that fixed with rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is done for a broken nose or can also be done as correction surgery. The shape of your nose is altered as you desire in this surgical procedure.


Fillers are the other way to get symmetry in your face. You can have some of the saggy areas filled to make it equal to the other side if you face. Usually, one side of the face is wider, and it bothers people a lot. So, to fix that, you can get filers in your face.

Facial implants

Now, if your face is asymmetrical because your skeletal structure isn’t correct, then that is when you need to go for implants. They are added to your face by a surgical procedure. There are different types of implants available like silicone, plastic, protein, and even metals are used in some cases. They stay in your face forever, and you can have them removed whenever you want.

Some types of asymmetries that are from more fat on one side of your face can be treated with facial exercises as well to make you look attractive.

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