Avocado Allergy – Symptoms and Treatment

We might have heard that many of our friends or family members are suffering from Avocado Allergy, Dust Allergy, Pollen Allergy, Cat Allergy etc. Well, there is nothing to be amazed about Avocado Allergy, as there are people who are also allergic to some fruits and vegetables. So if you also have Avocado Allergy then there might be a slight possibility that you are not directly allergic to it, because people with latex allergy can also be allergic to Avocados as well. As for direct, or oral allergy when you eat an avocado then instead of accepting this food your body starts to react back as an alarm for this food.

Symptoms of Avocado Allergy

And as a result spots and red skin starts to appear in your different parts of the body which becomes itchy. And not just this, but your throat also starts to dry up which makes it difficult for you to breathe properly. Another reason for Avocado Allergy is Latex Allergy which is caused by latex. And patients especially babies who are suffering from latex allergy are also allergic to some other fruits as well except avocado.

As this is not some normal type of allergy because this allergy shows some really serious and deadly symptoms that you have to reach hospital as soon as possible. Some of the initial symptoms are stomach problems which include vomit as well, itching in the eyes other parts of the body, baby rash, swelling and sneezing as well. And patients with latex allergy can get these symptoms by eating avocados. So if you have by chance eaten a piece of avocado then the best option is to get to the hospital as soon as possible before you feel difficulty in breathing.

Organic Avocados

There are also sometimes that you get all of these symptoms due to the coating of chemicals which are sprayed on to them like pesticides or insecticides, as these poisons will surely leave some bad effects on your health as well. So, in that case, you need to wash everything which is possible before you eat them so that all the chemicals on its surface gets washed up.

But still they will not be completely cleaned out, and remedy for this problem is to get organic avocados, because these are the ones which are sprayed on, and grown up completely in natural without any help of pesticides, and with organic fertilizer. Now coming to the remedy for Avocado Allergy, and for that, you must know it is not possible to test direct avocado allergy, but as for latex allergy, it can be detected.

Once this Avocado Allergy or its related allergy is detected then its solution is suggested which should be a cream. But as we all know that the best way to prevent Avocado Allergy is by trying to stop eating avocado. It does not matter that if you take avocados directly, but actually when you go out to eat then there are many food items where avocado is a major ingredient like California Roll and guacamole.

Avoid Avocado Products

While there are other food items where avocado is a secondary ingredient, and it is not easy to find out if there are avocados in that recipe. AS for those people who are on dieting, then for them, dairy products with high fats are not allowed. And as a replacement avocado is being used in the recipes, plus they are also used in some recipes for brownies or chocolate chip cookies.

And it is not necessary to get Avocado Allergy is by eating it, but it can also be caused the cosmetics and similar products as well which includes avocado extracts in them. SO before you purchase any such cosmetics, then try to read all the ingredients. Now all you need to do is to follow these simple steps in order to stay safe and healthy, but still, if you have a craze for avocados then there is nothing to worry about that as well. And that substitute is Chayote squash, and in order to get the same taste as avocados, this Chayote Squash is being mixed with many other ingredients as well as tomato, lemon, garlic, and onion.

Once all of these ingredients are mixed they will form a thick paste which will turn in to green colour after you will also add up peas in it. This thick paste is similar in taste as avocado, and it can be used in different recipes to be cooked where it will be mixed with vegetables like broccoli.

Vitamins and Benefits

And with so many ingredients mixed together, it will give you a real taste of salty avocados in your meal. Plus this healthy spread can also be used in your sandwiches to make them tastier. And if you just want that cream all alone then it is completely safe and healthy for you without any fear of Avocado Allergy. Moreover, there are several vitamins which are surely going to help you out with Avocado Allergy.

For example, Vitamin C is known to be a natural nutrient which protects our body from any outside infections, plus it also strengthens our immune system. While Vitamin A is a natural antioxidant which helps to recover our body from any outside or inside damage. And due to Vitamin A, this process speeds up, but before you go for it, better is to consult any doctor.

As only he can prescribe with a safe limit of its dosage. Due to an infection, the very first thing that gets affected is our lungs, so in order to protect our lungs, we require Vitamin E, as its only purpose to keep lungs safe and enhance the immune system around it. Many people do not care about Avocado Allergy, but it can get serious beyond your expectations. So before you go for your own home remedies, try to consult a good doctor, so that he can get you to the safe limit. And after that, you can feel free to get yourself normal with your own home remedies.

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