Nasonex vs Flonase – Which One is Better

Before we go into the details of Nasonex vs Flonase we should know all about the Nasonex and Flonase. Both Nasonex and Flonase are the medications that are used in the treatment of allergy. These medications help in the treatment of allergy by reducing the inflammation.

The allergy usually results in the inflammation and this happens when the allergen enters the body and then it binds with antibodies to release histamine and histamine and other such chemicals cause all the allergic reactions. The allergy could be of different types and the reason behind the allergy is also different like some people suffer from the seasonal allergy and some of them suffer from the dust allergy etc. Nasonex and Flonase are few of the many anti-allergy drugs that are being used by people.

Almost most of the people suffer from the allergic reactions once in their life so they come in contact with the anti-allergy drugs too and this is why the knowledge of these drugs is important for everyone and this Nasonex vs Flonase comparison will help you understand which one to go for in case of allergic reaction. Most of the anti-allergy drugs are available over the counter which means you don’t have to get a prescription to buy them but the ones that have the potential to be misused are the prescription-only drugs.

Nasonex and Flonase

Nasonex and Flonase are the anti-allergy medications that are used to reduce the symptoms of the allergic rhinitis. These symptoms can be relieved but these medications don’t completely treat the allergy. In allergic rhinitis, the inner lining of the nose gets inflamed producing influenza or cold-like symptoms.

The inflammation of the inner lining results in the itchy, stuffy and runny nose and these symptoms can be either seasonal or perennial and by perennial, it means throughout the year. Rhinitis is of two types allergic rhinitis or the non-allergic rhinitis and the non-allergic rhinitis is also known as the vasomotor rhinitis.

Nasonex is the brand name of the of the drug mometasone which is the medium strength corticosteroid that helps in the reduction of the inflammation and used for the treatment of other symptoms of allergy. Flonase, on the other hand, is the brand name of the anti-allergy drug known as the fluticasone propionate and it also treats in the treatment of the allergic rhinitis and it reduces the inflammation by inhibition of the substances that cause inflammation upon release.

Nasonex vs Flonase

Nasonex vs. Flonase comparison helps people understand which one is better for them based on their condition and the type of the allergic reactions they are going through. As we know what allergic rhinitis is and also there is another type known as non-allergic rhinitis so the first point that helps us understand the Nasonex vs Flonase comparison is that Flonase helps to relieve the symptoms of the allergic and non-allergic rhinitis while on the other hand the Nasonex is used to relieve the symptoms of the allergic rhinitis only.

So according to this thing, the Flonase is a better anti-allergy drug than the Nasonex. Another reason that how Flonase is the better drug versus the Nasonex is that it also helps to relieve the eye symptoms like the itchy or watery eye or any other type of the allergic reactions in the eye. But the plus point for Nasonex is that it can be used in the treatment of the seasonal rhinitis and nasal polyps.

Nasal polyps are basically the outgrowth of the internal lining of the nose and they are the result of the inflammation or allergic reactions. So based upon the type of allergic reaction occurring you discuss it with the doctor that will confirm if you need switching to these medications. Both of these drugs are used for the allergy but there is the difference between the additional symptoms they relieve.

Dose and dosage form

The dose, dosage form and other such aspects also support the argument of Nasonex vs Flonase. First and the most important difference between these two medications is that one of them is OTC and the other one is the prescription only. Nasonex is the prescription only which means you cannot buy it without a prescription while on the other hand, the Flonase is available over the counter easily. Both of them are available in the form of a nasal spray and the strength of both of these drugs is 50 mcg.

Nasonex vs Flonase can be used as prescribed by the doctor while the Flonase can be used for 6 months by the adults and the 2 months if being used by the kids but they should be used in the kids over 4 years only. Storage conditions of Nasonex vs Flonase are also different like Nasonex can be stored from 1 to 30 degree Celsius while Flonase can be stored at 5 to 30 degree Celsius.

The cost difference supports the Nasonex vs Flonase argument in such a way that Nasonex being a prescription drug, its cost can be covered by the insurance company while in the other hand Flonase is OTC so it won’t be covered by the insurance company but it can also be prescribed by a doctor.

Side effects

Side effects are what that will help you choose the drug for you. Following are the side effects that are common in both of these drugs

  • A headache
  • A sore throat
  • A cough
  • Bloody nose and itch
  • Cataracts
  • Glaucoma
  • Worsening of infections

Now coming towards the side effects of Nasonex vs Flonase we must know Nasonex can be responsible for the viral infection and nose sores while Flonase can be responsible for asthma-like symptoms and nausea. Side effects and some of the interactions also help us decide from the Nasonex vs Flonase.

So by considering all the points, you can decide which drug will be able to relieve you allergic symptoms better even though all the anti-allergic drugs work almost the same way but you should discuss it with a doctor instead of changing your own medication.

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