Flonase vs Nasacort

Looking for Flonase vs Nasacort? Well, Flonase and Nasacort are basically two allergy medications and both of them have almost the same function except for the mechanism of their action and some of the other differences that will be discussed further in the article. We all are aware of the allergic reactions and almost all or few of us at least suffer from the different types of allergies and the worse among them is the seasonal allergy due to which you get the flu-like symptoms like a runny nose and other symptoms of cold and for that purpose we have to take anti-allergy medications like the Flonase and Nasacort.

Flonase and Nasacort are basically the brand names and the generic drugs that are present in them are triamcinolone and fluticasone propionate. Triamcinolone is present in the Nasacort and in Flonase the fluticasone propionate is present. These generic drugs are available in the market in the different brand names and the medicines of discussion Flonase vs Nasacort are the examples of the brand names.

Flonase and Nasacort

Before we go into the detailed discussion of the Flonase vs Nasacort difference we must know in detail about them and their generic drugs triamcinolone and fluticasone propionate. Both o the drugs are the corticosteroids and they help in the reduction of inflammation. In the market, there are a lot of anti-allergy medications available but to select the one that is perfect for your type of allergic reaction seals the deal and Flonase vs Nasacort comparison will help you understand this better so you can know which one you should select according to your condition.

Allergic rhinitis symptoms are the main thing that can be treated by the Flonase and Nasacort. Allergic rhinitis is the condition in which the inner lining of your nose gets inflamed. Sneezing, runny nose etc. are the symptoms that start appearing in the case of the allergic rhinitis. They act as anti-allergy in such a way that they block the receptors on which the allergens attach to stop the release of the histamine which causes allergic reactions and all the symptoms indicated above.

Rhinitis can be allergic and non-allergic too but antihistamines are mostly used for the allergic rhinitis but in Flonase vs Nasacort, the Flonase also helps with the system of non-allergic rhinitis. Another aspect about the treatment abilities of Flonase vs Nasacort is that Flonase can also help with the symptoms of the allergy in eyes like watery and itchy eyes etc. so in Flonase vs Nasacort comparison, the Flonase has been considered better until now.


Other important features that help in the Flonase vs Nasacort comparison are the strength, storage conditions and the duration of treatment. The strength of the Nasacort nasal spray is 55 mcg per spray and while the Flonase has the strength of 50 mcg per spray. The typical length of treatment for Nasacort is less than Flonase the duration of which last for 6 months in the adults and two months for the children.

Nasacort according to the guidelines is recommended to be stored at the 20 to 25 degree Celsius while the Flonase has the wide range of storage like from 4 to 30 degree Celsius. Both of these drugs are available over the counter but still, you should discuss them through with your doctor especially in the case of Nasacort when the symptoms last for more than one week of usage of the medication.

Cost and availability

Cost and availability are two other factors that can help us understand that even being quite same how one of them is quite different than the other one in comparison. While talking about availability both if the drugs have the same availability and can be found in stores all the time but if one that you are looking for is not available based on the preferences of the store you can buy the other one as they both produce the same effect.

And now coming towards the cost we all know that everyone will decide to go for the one that is less expensive because what is the purpose of spending extra money but this doesn’t imply to all the people because some people go for the brands they trust even If it’s expensive and the studies have shown that in comparison of Flonase vs Nasacort the Flonase was less expensive. Since both of these drugs are not the prescription drug and the insurance is only for the prescription drug, but the Flonase can be made a prescription drug and then the expenses of this drug can be covered by the insurance company too.

Side effects

Every drug has its side effects and same is the case here and there are some of the side effects that are same in both of these drugs and some of them are different from each other and these side effects are also one way how we can make preferences in these two drugs. Following is the list of the common side effects of Flonase as well as the Nasacort

  • A headache
  • A sore throat
  • Nosebleed
  • A cough
  • Irritation
  • Cataracts
  • Glaucoma
  • Worsening of infections


Final Words for Flonase vs Nasacort

And now coming to the comparison of the Flonase vs Nasacort the Nasacort is responsible for the pins and needles feeling in your feet and hands, trouble in breathing and sneezing while in Flonase there are only asthma-like symptoms. Interactions can also occur between these two and another medication and the only possible interaction is with the HIV drugs and alcohol and you should inform your doctor about all the previous medications so the future complication can be avoided.

There are also some medical conditions in which these drugs must be avoided completely or given the other alternative so make sure to tell your doctor all the past medication and medical history. So by this discussion and some other reviews you can so easily recognize the right drug for you to relieve the symptoms of allergic rhinitis but by far Flonase has proved itself to be a better choice as compared to the Nasacort

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