Daith Piercing for Anxiety

Daith piercing for anxiety is getting more popular as time passes as more people are knowing about this. People are slowly acknowledging it. However some still don’t know what it is. Daith piercing is the piercing in the inner cartilage fold of the ear and is below the rook piercing. It is believed that the daith piercing is done to ease the anxiety. It also helps to relieve other such symptoms like headaches and anxiety. According to some people there are some of the points where when pressure applied. This can help release the anxiety a little bit. There is no understanding of exactly how the daith piercing helps with the anxiety and migraine issues. But there are a few proposed mechanisms that can help us understand how the daith piercing works.

How the Daith piercing works

The ear is considered to have a few pressure points. These pressure points are how the holistic health practitioners like the acupuncturists work to relieve some of the symptoms. It helps with the treatment of a few problems. This type of mechanism of the action revolves around putting pressure on the vagus nerve. There are ten nerves extensions from the base of the brain. However the vagus nerve happens to be the largest among all. Pressure on this specific nerve has proven to help with a lot of conditions like epilepsy and depression. So, putting pressure will help the stimulation of the vagus nerve. Constant pressure on such a nerve can help you get rid of some of these health problems like the migraine and the anxiety. Even more, researches are being done to check if this can help with the other health conditions as well.

Researches about the Daith piercing

There have not ever been any clinical researches done on the clinical benefits of the Daith piercing. But there has been a lot of studies and even more, are done to understand the clinical importance and other health benefits of the Daith piercing. The studies indicate that acupuncture is a very promising treatment for panic attacks and anxiety. As you might know, the acupuncturist puts the pressure in certain pressure points in your body to alleviate the symptoms. This particular point is where the acupuncturist it’s the pressure. So having a piercing there will put a constant pressure and will help relieve the migraine.

Considering it is a placebo effect

The placebo effect is the effect where the pills that are given have no medicinal property but patient does not know that. That can heal patients who consider themselves ill psychologically only and have no real problem with them systemically. That is why some people think that daith piercing can be that. For the people who know that this type of piercing is to alleviate anxiety and migraine can be responding to this method. This is the reason why it is considered a placebo effect by some.

One expert at the Cleveland clinic has claimed that the daith piercing helps because it is a placebo effect when it comes to migraines. Whereas, as far as anxiety is concerned, this effect helps only if the migraine is one of the symptoms of the anxiety in that patient. But since acupuncture works better than other placebo treatments in patients with migraines and anxiety so it can be proven to some extent that putting pressure at that particular point by piercing can be the reason why the patients recover from migraine and anxiety after the daith piercing.

Side of Daith piercing

Basically, when people are getting the daith piercing, there has been some confusion as to which side they should get this piercing. Basically, when you are getting the daith piercing to treat your migraine, it becomes obvious that you should be getting it in the side of your head that hurts the most and where you get migraines more often. For most people, it’s just one side, but for some people, they get it on both sides. These people should get piercing where they get migraines more often. As far as the anxiety is concerned, it doesn’t matter which side of your ear, you should get the daith piercing. You can get the piercing on either side if you are getting it for the anxiety alone.

Side effects of getting daith piercing

Daith piercing is more painful than the one you get on your earlobe since the cartilage is also pierced; it can be a little bit more painful and will also take longer to heal just like any other cartilage piercings. With ear lobe piercing, even if you let it close the mark when you stop wearing earrings, it will disappear after sometime. But with the cartilage piercings like the daith piercing, if you let it close after some time, it will leave a very visible mark on your ear.

Hence make up your mind for that before you get the daith piercing. Another important thing that you need to know is that the daith piercing, just like any other piercings is more likely to get infected. The reason behind this is that it is close to hair and they can get tugged in the process. So, if you are getting an infection, make sure you consult your doctor before the infection can get worse. If you are taking any antiplatelet and other heart drugs, then you should stop it before getting your piercing. Because then you bleeding won’t stop due to that medicine.

Other things you need to consider

If you like piercings on different parts of your body, you are good to go. But there are a few things that you need to prepare yourself before the piercing.

  • You should know how daith piercing looks. Make sure you are ready to go for that kind of look and think if it’s cool or not.
  • You should consult with your doctor about this cure.
  • Talk thoroughly with the piercing professional.
  • You should also know how much this piercing cost because this type of medical treatment is not covered by insurance.

This piercing can be done to both men and women.

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