How do Dissolvable Stitches work?

If you have got hurt, or if your wound is too much deep then the best option for you is Dissolvable Stitches. Every day several people go through different kind of accidents, and as a result, some people get minor scratches and bruises, while there are others who have to face some major and open wounds. Now obviously minor wounds and scratches can be covered with bandages.

Besides such wounds do not bleed a lot as well. But as far as the major wound is being concerned they cannot be just simply covered with bandages, but instead, they have to be closed first to stop the bleeding. And for this reason, different methods are being used. First of all, there are ordinary stitches, then there are staplers and Dissolvable Stitches.

Difference between Dissolvable and Normal Stitches

As far as normal stitches and stapler pins are being concerned then they have to be removed from the wound after it has been closed to avoid any kind of infection due to them. But as far as Dissolvable Stitches are being concerned then there is no need for them to be removed. As it is obvious from the name of Dissolvable Stitches that they will automatically get dissolved with the body after some time without any harm to your body.

As Dissolvable Stitches is not a part of your body, and these stitches are usually being done on the lower side of the skin, so the immune system in your body does not accept any outer object inside your body and consider it as a threat. And as a result, the immune system will dissolve Dissolvable Stitches in your body. Because these stitches are present inside your skin so it is really necessary for them to be made from germ-free and natural products that provide no harm to your body.

Materials used in Dissolvable Stitches

So, every single Dissolvable Stitch uses two different types of material. First ones are germ-free products that keep the stitching away from any bacterial infection. These materials include Polyglycolic Acid, Polydioxanone, Polylactic Acid, and polyglycolide.

Then next ones are the herbal and natural ingredients which include collagens, intestines of Cow and sheep, and catgut. Now you might be wondering how long actually it takes for these Stitches to dissolve and disappear. First of there is not a single type of these stitches available in the market, so it depends that what type of Dissolvable Stitches you are going to use for your wounds.

Then next is how deep that wound is, and how long will it take to completely heal that wound. Then it also depends that how many stitches were done and how much was the size of that wounded joint.

Time require for These Stitches to dissolve

So, for the minimum, it might take just one week, and if your wound is a big one then, of course, it is going to take more than just one week. Further, you must know that dissolvable stitches cannot be used for all kind of wounds, and it depends on the doctor as well that if he chooses normal or Dissolvable Stitches.

Further, there is some type of wounds which are required to clean every now and then, so of course, they are required to be open as well. So here there is no way that doctors are going to use Dissolvable Stitches, because once these Stitches are being stitched then there is no way that they are going to be opened.

Use of Dissolvable Stitches

As for C-Section is being concerned, traditionally those wounds are being closed with a stapler, as they were considered as the best way to close those type of wounds. But recently in the US after several such surgeries wounds were closed by using Dissolvable Stitches. Then research was formed on the methods of closing wounds after C-Section surgery.

Well, results were really unexpected because Dissolvable Stitches were more than 55% better than those stapler pins. And they provide a safe environment for mothers with no complication in Mother’s health. Further for Oral Surgeries, there is no way normal stitches or any bandage could be used because first of all, they might create bacterial infections and secondly, they will not remain intact for longer.

So, for this reason, Dissolvable Stitches are being used here because they are completely safe for your mouth. Usually, here Dissolvable Stitches are being stitched by using a curved needle. During old age, it becomes difficult for you to get up from bed or chair, and it is all because of the weak knee joint.

Stitches for Knee Replacement Surgery

So, for this purpose Knee replacement surgery is being carried out. Here original joint is being replaced with another artificial knee joint. And for this surgery first of Dissolvable Stitches, are being used on the inner side, then normal stitches are being used.

And sometimes if the doctor is an expert and experienced then there is no need for normal stitches. As knee surgery requires some time to heal completely, so it is obvious that the type of Dissolvable Stitches used in this kind of surgery should take longer to dissolve completely with the body. So the type of Dissolvable Stitches that are being used here includes Polydioxanone.

Then for breast tumour surgery, it is really necessary that there should be no scar left behind.


If there are benefits then for sure, there are drawbacks as well for these Stitches. As you already know that these stitches are not like those normal ones, so if somehow at any point Dissolvable Stitches gets to loosen up, then instead of bleeding there will intense pain, swelling at that part, and it will remain red as well.

At this point, all you can do is just to wait and let the Dissolvable Stitches to completely dissolve the doctor can check it and stick that area once again. Well, the best thing for you is to let the doctor know about this situation. As there are some expert doctors as well who can simply snap those Stitches put pf your body, and stitch the wound once again.

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