Humalog Vs Novolog – How Humalog and Novolog are different

Let’s talk about Humalog vs Novolog for Diabetes. As You know, Diabetes is one of the disorders of the today’s world that cannot be treated permanently but still thankfully new innovations came up in the past century to at least keep it in control and keep it from interfering the lives of the people. Insulin is the only thing that attempts to normalize the life of a person suffering from diabetes and it is no doubt the best the science has done for the control of diabetes.

Insulin is of different types and these types are bad upon their release mechanism and some other factors related to diabetes. Some of the insulin are immediate acting ones while some of them have long effects for almost periods of several hours so you don’t have to go through injecting yourself with insulin again and again but they are prescribed to you by your doctor based on your condition and your medical history upon the control of your blood glucose levels.

Among these types of the insulin, there are these two insulin Humalog and Novolog which are the brand names of two different types of insulin. The Humalog is the brand name of the insulin Lispro and the Novolog is the brand name for the insulin Aspart. Both of this insulin is used for the type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Introduction to Humalog and Novolog

The Humalog and Novolog are both the same type of insulin because both of these are the rapid-acting insulin but still, both of this insulins are quite different from each other and you can understand these differences only when you see the comparison of Humalog vs Novolog. By rapid-acting, it means that both of these insulin work quicker than the other type of the insulin and when the rapid action is required for the patients that doctors prescribe these type of insulin.

Types of Insulin

But by being rapid acting it doesn’t mean that both of them have exactly same actions and what are the basic differences you will realize in the further Humalog vs Novolog discussion. Before going further into the Humalog vs Novolog discussion we should go into detail about what exactly is insulin because it will help us understand it better than anything else. Insulin is prepared in the laboratory with the help of genetic engineering and it is then injected into the subcutaneous layer of the skin which is just below the fat layer of skin.

Since in diabetes our body fails to produce the insulin so we can inject Humalog or Novolog and other such insulins and the type that your doctor prescribes is according to your body needs.

Humalog and Novolog comparison

We can only understand the Humalog vs Novolog differences when we compare both of these insulins but the thing is that these insulins are more alike than different so it’s hard to decide which one is better than the other one but on few basis, each one is for sure superior to the other one.

The similar factors about these insulins are that both of them are not available as it is in their generic form and also they are used for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes and both of them come in the form of solution for injection. The length of treatment for both of them is long term which is similar to almost any type of the drug that is used in diabetes. The storage conditions for both of them is also similar just like for any other insulin. Now coming toward the points that are different between the Humalog vs. Novolog are that the generic product in case of Humalog is the insulin Lispro and in the case of Novolog is the insulin Aspart. The other difference between them is the type of packing and application material they come in.

  • Humalog s available in 3ml cartridges, 3ml vials, 10ml vials and 3ml prefilled Kwikpen
  • While Novolog comes in 3ml FlexPen, 3ml FlexTouch, 3ml Penfill cartridges and 10ml vials.

So these were the basic similarities and the difference between the Humalog vs Novolog.

How these Humalog and Novolog are different from other insulins?

How Humalog and Novolog versus other insulins are different or what is rapid action? Well, the simple answer to this question is that Humalog and Novolog have the rapid action as compared to the long and intermediate-acting insulins. Going more into detail of rapid action you must know that they last in the body for 2 to 4 hours and achieve the peak level in just an hour. So when the peak action is required urgently then raid acting insulins like Humalog and Novolog are used.

The prescribing of Humalog vs Novolog depends upon the medical practitioner’s preference and the patient’s trust in a specific brand name.  With rapid action insulin, you should monitor the patient’s blood glucose level regularly to avoid hypoglycemia. Usually, doctors prescribe this rapid-acting in combination with the long-acting insulins.

Humalog vs Novolog

Humalog vs Novolog even though being the rapid-acting ones are quite different from each other. Novolog can be used by the patients having type 1 and type 2 diabetes while Humalog can be used by the patients suffering from the type 1 diabetes.

Novolog can be used in children above 2 years while Humalog can be used by the patients that are above the age of 3 years only. Novolog is quicker than the Humalog that makes it better than Humalog too. Humalog should be taken 15 minutes before taking the mean and Novolog should be used 5 minutes before taking a meal. Another important Humalog vs Novolog factor is that Novolog can be diluted if the lower dose is required while Humalog can’t be.

The drug costs in both the cases are same so there is no price comparison of Humalog vs. Novolog. So you can discuss it through with your doctor if you feel like switching from Humalog to Novolog or from Novolog to the Humalog and to make a better decision you should explain to the doctor all the details of your condition.

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